1-30 Point Guards for the 2016-2017 Season Predictions

By: Jason Gandhi


  1. Stephen Curry- GSW @StephenCurry30

No real debate for the best point guard in the league next year in my mind. His stats will not be the same as they were last year because of the free agent signing of Kevin Durant, but he will be undoubtedly the best point guard in the NBA next season. Steph’s limitless range is just one asset of his game as he is probably the second best ball-handler in the league after Kyrie as shown below. He can do so much with the ball in his hand that it makes it almost impossible to guard him.

Steph Curry

2.Russell Westbrook- OKC @russwest44

Fresh off losing Batman, Robin has to pick up the slack. As of now Russell Westbrook has not been traded so he is going to have to carry the team on his back so I think it safe to say his stat-line won’t take an off night. Maybe even in the turnover department.

KDRussRussell Westbrook

3. Chris Paul- LAC @CP3

The most consistent player of the 2010’s, but cannot find a way to get past the first round without jumping on the backs of other players…. Literally… but even that doesn’t work. That does not take away from the greatness CP3 puts on night in and night out. His passing ability is unreal and it can’t hurt having Blake and Deandre on your team… For now?

Chris Paul 1Chris Paul 2

4. Kyrie Irving- CLE @KyrieIrving

Owned Steph Curry in the playoffs, best handles in the league, but it is still hard to put him above those three because he gets overshadowed by Lebron so much that his production and usage goes down. Kyrie was 4th in PPG when comparing my top 5 as well as last in APG so that is why he is at #4


5. Damian Lillard- POR @Dame_Lillard

Damian Lillard is no doubt an up and coming star in this league. His ability to knock down any shot from anywhere as well as take it to the hoop makes him very tough to guard. This is the end of tier 1 for point guards and going into tier two.

Damian Lilliard

6. John Wall- WAS @JohnWall

He gets overlooked time and time again by people. They always fail to mention his name and he has made his case a top 5-top 7 point guard in this league. He distributes the ball beautifully as well as scores the ball at ease. He’s the best of the best of tier two of point guards no doubt.

John Wall.gif

7. Kyle Lowry- TOR @Klow7

He struggled in the playoffs last year to find his touch from the 3pt line in some of the games, but when he was on, he was ON shooting 70% (14-20) from the field in game three of the conference finals against the Cavs. He has been the PG starter for the East the last two years as well in the ASG.

Kyle Lowry

8. Kemba Walker- CHA @KembaWalker

Kemba Walker had a pretty productive season this year, averaging just under 21 PPG and 4.4 APG. He made a definite strong case to be in the top 10, and I personally think next year he will continue to rise and will solidify himself in the #8 position.

Kemba Walker

9. Reggie Jackson- DET @Reggie_Jackson

He has made more headlines with Russell Westbrook than with his game, but that doesn’t take away from how much he has improved since leaving OKC. His game has escalated to so many levels since leaving and becoming the star of the Pistons.

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson 2

10. Mike Conley- MEM @mconley11

Now the highest paid player in the NBA, Mike Conley just rounds out the top 10 of point guards. Interesting that he isn’t even the best player in his position but is getting paid more than Lebron, KD, Steph etc. He is a good point guard especially defensively but not worth that kind of cash.

Mike Conley 1Mike Conley 2


11. Isaiah Thomas- BOS Isaiah_Thomas

Isaiah Thomas played really well this year in being the “star” for the Boston Celtics. He lead the team to the playoffs when most felt they would not come close. This year getting Al Horford and possibly others, Isaiah Thomas will make a big leap in his development and will be the 11th best PG in the league at the end of the year. Not to mention his INSANE hops shown below when with the Kings!

Isaiah Thomas 1Isaiah Thomas 2

12. Jeff Teague- ATL @Teague0

New Start. New Beginning. Hometown Boy. Shooting options on the perimeter. Bigs that can score. Jeff Teague is going to a great chance to make his case to be a top-10 point guard. I think he will have an okay regular season, but assuming they make the playoffs I think that is when Jeff makes his name known as a top-10 PG. All in all I see him just outside the top 10 but on the rise

Jeff Teague.gif

13. Goran Dragic- MIA @Goran_Dragic

Now without Dwayne Wade to shoulder the load, Dragic Winslow and Whiteside will  have to step it up. All very young guys but Dragic will be the new veteran presence that will lead the team. Don’t be surprised if his numbers rise.

14. Giannis Antetokounmpo- MIL @Giannis_An34

The first debatable “point guard” of the list. I see Giannis as having to run the 1 a lot this year and there are not many people who can stop him. He will be a mismatch constantly! Ben Simmons is the only other one who can be a defensive threat to him, but he is a rookie!

Giannis Antetokounmpo.gif

15. D’Angelo Russell- LAL @Dloading

D’Angelo had one of the most interesting rookie years in a long time. Not only did his coach limit his playing time including after one game when Byron Scott benched him for “trying to take over” in a loss against the Mavericks. He also lost the trust of the older guys in the locker room for the Nick Young incident. Through all  of this, D’Angelo still showed glimpses of greatness and stardom including his 39pt performance vs. the Nets when the famous “Ice In My Veins” came out. This year he has worked rigorously to be “a bully” in the post and continue to get his teammates involved. He will make major strides this year and just round out the top 15 PG’s in the league. D'Angelo Ice in my VeinsD'Angelo Russell 2D'Angelo

16. Eric Bledsoe- PHX @EBled2

Not sure if Phoenix is planning on relocating to Kentucky or just the guards but either way with Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis they all know the same system and Ulis and Booker were teammates at UK two years ago. Bledsoe is the leader of that group and the most experienced no-doubt. As the Suns look to rebuild this year, Bledsoe might be the one star that sticks out as a definite cornerstone.

Eric Bledsoe

17. Dennis Schröder- ATL @DennisMike93

Finally being able to take on the starting PG for the Hawks he will have a lot of work to do with a young core. With him, Deandre Bembry, Taurean Prince and others the Hawks will need Schröder to step up. He will take the first step this year into being the point guard of the future.

Dennis Schröder

18.Kris Dunn- MIN @KrisDunn3

The best point guard in this draft by far could not have gone to a better situation! So many young weapons and no real threat besides Ricky Rubio for his position gives me lots of hope for Kris Dunn to succeed. The only concern is just that he is a rookie and he will take sometime to get going. He can be something really special in the league.

Kris Dunn.gif

19. Rajon Rondo- CHI @RajonRondo

Rajon Rondo used to be a no-doubt top 5 point guard in this league. Once he left the Celtics, his game never seemed to come back. After stints with the Mavericks and Kings, he hopes to regain stability and confidence in his game this year with the Bulls. His passing and willing to give his body for the ball is still unbelievable which keeps him in the top 20.

Rajon Rondo 1.gif

Rajon Rondo 2.gif

20. Emmanuel Mudiay- DEN @EmmanuelMudiay

The rookie had a solid year in 2015-2016 putting up 12.8 PPG and 5.5 APG. This year the Nuggets are guard heavy with him, Gary Harris, Jamal Murray and others his stats will drop a little but he will be productive enough to stay in the top 20.

Emmanuel Mudiay.gif

21. Derrick Rose- NYK @drose

Before the former MVP worries about being so low at #21, he needs to worry about staying on the court. I personally like D-Rose’s game, but the best ability is availability so with the uncertainty in his playing time, I have to put him just outside the top 20.

Derrick Rose 1

Derrick Rose 2.gif

22. Elfrid Payton- ORL @elfrid

Known better for his hair, Elfrid Payton has been a huge bright spot for the Magic as they continue to rebuild. He is definitely on the rise and it will take some time, but he took a major step in his development last year.

Elfrid Payton.gif

23. Tony Parker- SAS @tonyparker

Now 34, Tony Parker is nearing the end of his career. It is kind of sad to see the end of an era coming so soon with Tim Duncan retiring a few days ago and now Manu and Tony will be following in the next few years. Tony used to be a top 10 point guard and even top 5 possibly, but Father Time is undefeated.

Tony Parker.gif

24. Ben Simmons- PHI @BenSimmons25

The other questionable “point guard” on this list along with Giannis, Ben will be bringing the ball up a lot this year. Coach Brett Brown already said that Simmons will have the ball in his hand a lot, but he is a rookie and with not much shooting to complement Simmons he will struggle a little this year for the 76ers. His ball-handling and his court vision is UNREAL so there is no doubt he will be a star for the 76ers in a few years.

Ben Simmons 1

Ben Simmons 2.gif


25. George Hill- UTA @George_Hill3

A pretty solid season last year for George Hill shooting 40.8% from 3 and playing all but 8 games in the season. With him making the transition to Utah, I’m worried about the playing time with Dante Exum, the #4 pick a few years back, returning from an ACL tear.

George Hill.gif

26. Darren Collison- SAC @Darren_Collison

Finally the starter in Sacramento after Rajon Rondo left to go join the Chicago Bulls, Darren Collison hopes to make his name known as a star in this league. I just do not see it being possible with all the dysfunction in the front office and the uncertainty between the team, it will be hard for him to succeed for sure.

Darren Collison.gif

27. Jrue Holiday- NO @Jrue_Holiday11

Injuries have plagued Jrue more than anything else in his career, playing 82 games once in his career and only 65 last year.His numbers weren’t terrible last year averaging 16.8 PPG when playing, but not being able to be consistently on the floor hurts him and I do not expect anything different this year

Jrue Holiday.gif

28. Patrick Beverley- HOU @Patbev21

Patrick is like that itch on your back you want to scratch so bad but you can’t! He is a nagging defender and can knock down the open shot SOMETIMES. Everyone remembers the play that hurt Russell Westbrook in the playoffs and that is what he is mainly remembered for.

Patrick Beverely.gif

29.Jeremy Lin- BKN @JLin7

He just barely went ahead of Deron because of his improvement last year. He should still be a backup point guard. No he is no longer LinSanity.

Jeremy Lin 1Jeremy Lin 2

30. Deron Williams- DAL @DeronWilliams

He is not better than any of the other starting point guards in the league, besides MAYBE Jeremy Lin, but both should be backups instead of starters.

Deron Williams


Feel free to disagree, comment, whatever! I can take it! Tweet me @jgandhi2425 or @TheSportzSermon


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