Fantasy Football QB Rankings

By: Jason Gandhi

Before we start, I am doing rankings of the top 32 quarterbacks but only an explanation/description for the top 10. There will be hopefully day-by-day positional rankings but check our Twitter @TheSportzSermon for updates on when those will come out! The order I will do them in is as follows; QB,RB,WR,TE,D/ST,K, and then finish with sleepers and busts!

  1. Aaron Rodgers

Yes I know Cam Newton is the MVP, but when Aaron Rodgers gets Jordy Nelson back, a slimmer Eddie Lacy, and Randall Cobb all on the same team it is hard for me to go against him. I expect big things from Aaron Rodgers and the Pack this year, especially when it comes to fantasy football. He will be the MVP for most fantasy owners assuming you don’t play with a bunch of bozos!

2. Cam Newton

MVP. Super Bowl finalist. 15-1. I get that all, but Aaron Rodgers gets Jordy Nelson and basically Eddie Lacy too while Cam gets Kelvin Benjamin. I still think Cam will have a phenomenal season, just Aaron Rodgers is going to be lights-out this year. Cam’s ability to run and pass makes him VERY valuable in fantasy leagues and he will put up 20+ points on a regular basis.

3. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben, Bell, Brown. Arguably the best running back and the best wide reciever in the league, there is no reason Ben won’t have a monster year… unless one thing. Injuries. The injury bug depleted the Steelers roster last year with Big Ben, Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown all missing significant time. If they can all stay healthy, they have debateably the best offense in football.

4. Russell Wilson

Russell has really grown out of his old “game manager” nickname, and has proven himself as a top-5 quarterback. With 4,024 yards and 34 TD’s last year, he showed he is here to stay. His #1 receiver, Doug Baldwin, just got paid very nicely so I expect that combination to be roaring once again.

5. Andrew Luck

Injuries and inconsistency were the story of the Colts last year. Those two words suit him perfectly for last year. This year he looks to get back on track with T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief as the leaders of the WR core. He will definitely bounce back from last year but his one downfall is his turnovers. Those will continue to rise, but so will his touchdowns so he rounds out the top 5.

6. Tom Brady

If not for Deflategate and the 4-game suspension, Tom Brady would be at #4 for me. He is the best quarterback to play the game ever in my opinion, but as he ages he will obviously decline. For fantasy owners, I would draft him rounds 4-6. Get a solid QB for the first 4 weeks maybe a 15-20 guy to hold down the fort until he returns against the BROWNS. So yeah you definitely want him especially for week 5.

7. Drew Brees

Not a huge fan of the Saints roster, but Brees is gonna be Brees and he will have his typical 4,000+yd season. I just don’t love his roster around him. Brandin Cooks and Willie Snead are his targets this year, and his running backs can’t find a way to stay healthy, but with all that being said Brees will probably still put up 30+ TD’s and 4500 yards. Would not look at many other Saints besides Brees in your draft.

8. Carson Palmer

He was my MVP last year as well as led me to the championship victory, and his team is locked and loaded once again. Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, Michael Floyd and others are going to definitely help Palmer’s numbers. Palmer is 36 so he has probably two good years left max. He will have a solid season, but I would get a decent backup in case of injury.

9. Blake Bortles

I love Blake Bortles as a steal later in the draft for a QB. Allen Robinson is the real deal, and the Jags finally have something that looks like a running game! There is a lot to be excited about if you’re a Jags fan, and if you’re an owner of Bortles this upcoming season!

10.Eli Manning

Say what you want about the Giants, but OBJ and Eli are gonna be special. OBJ is arguably the best WR in the league, and Eli just got another weapon in 2nd-rounder Sterling Shepard. Eli will put up better than Eli numbers and definitely will make his case for the top-10.

11-32 are below:

11. Tony Romo

12. Kirk Cousins

13. Derek Carr

14. Philip Rivers

15. Jameis Winston

16. Tyrod Taylor

17. Marcus Mariota

18. Andy Dalton

19. Matt Ryan

20. Ryan Tannehill

21. Jay Cutler

22. Matthew Stafford

23. Teddy Bridgewater

24. Joe Flacco

25. Geno Smith

26. Jared Goff

27. Alex Smith

28. Brock Osweiler

29. Colin Kaepernick

30. Sam Bradford

31. Paxton Lynch

32. RG3


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