MLB Trade Deadline

By: Dan Magers

The MLB trade deadline is coming up on August 1st and teams are looking to find whatever they can to make their team better. There has already been a couple of deals made, and there are many more to come.

Chapman to Chicago

The New York Yankees traded away their flame throwing left hander, Aroldis Champman, to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for prospects on Monday. Both teams should be benefiting from this trade, one maybe better than the other. The Yankees are in 4th place and eight games back of Baltimore. They haven´t done anything special in a while now, and they could use some solid prospects to build for the future. Chicago on the other hand kicked off the season going 27-8 and have gone 32-30 since then. They have been struggling of late but most think that they will figure it out in time for the playoffs, and Chapman can really help that cause. Aroldis is one of the best closers in the game today and he will give Chicago a big boost in a struggling bullpen.

Chris Sale

Chris Sale this past week, believe it or not, decided to cut up his own jersey because he did not want to wear the White Sox thowback uniforms, saying they are ¨uncomfortable and unorthodox.¨ So if you can´t tell, Chris Sale is not happy in Chicago. If this guy is not traded by the deadline, then something is wrong. He is obviously not happy there. The dodgers have shown some interest in the twenty-seven year old left hander that has one of the nastiest breaking balls in the game. Los Angeles says they are willing to give up top prospect, Willio Urias, in exchange for Sale. Others have given interest, but wherever he lands, they might want to think about getting rid of any throwback uniforms that are ¨uncomfortable and unorthodox.¨

Wade Davis

It looks like the most likely landing spot for Wade Davis will be in Washington. The Nationals have some of the best pitching prospects in the league including arguably the top one right now, Lucas Giolito. So if Washington is looking for pitching, it looks like they have the best to offer.

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller is another guy the Yankees are looking to give away. Again, the Nationals are a team that could use him if they do not get Davis. Washington has one of the best records in baseball, and they are doing it with the second worst ERA. That means that an Andrew Miller or even a Wade Davis could make this team a real World Series contender.


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