Greatness Measured by Championships… Not So Fast

By: Jason Gandhi

Many sports debates, when debating which player was better, have the quote “Well he has more championships” thrown in the mix somewhere. Think about it. Kobe vs. MJ, Brady vs. Montana, Magic vs. Bird, and so many others! The debates will never cease, but the argument about championships definitely should.

Championships are important. There is no denying that championships are the ultimate goal for every team every year. With that being said it cannot be the benchmark for individual success. Look at some of the NBA players and how they stack up if it were purely based on championships. Allen Iverson has 0 rings, while Ron Harper has 3 rings and Derek Fisher has 5 rings. Is Derek Fisher better than Allen Iverson? Common sense can tell you that one. This is just one example of how individual success cannot be measured by championships. Here are the top 10 players of all time based on championships.


  1. Bill Russell
  2. Sam Jones
  3. Tom Heinsohn
  4. K.C. Jones
  5. Tom Sanders
  6. John Havlicek
  7. Jim Loscutoff
  8. Frank Ramsey
  9. Robert Horry
  10. Bob Cousy


No Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Shaq etc. Championships are important for teams, but not for individual success.



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