Biggest Risers and Fallers from the Senior Bowl

By: Jason Gandhi

The Senior Bowl was this Saturday, but the game is not where the prospects impress. It is the week of practices, interviews, etc that really matter. Last year, Dak Prescott was on the South team last year coached by the Dallas Cowboys. The week he spent with the Cowboys coaching staff had a lot to do with why they chose him in the 4th round… We know how that worked out.

So the Senior Bowl really can boost or plummet your draft stock. It is a week-long job interview where everything you do is watched by NFL scouts and GM’s. It is a stressful week for sure, but now that it is over, who made their way up the draft boards and who saw their stock fall after the week in Mobile, Alabama?



Davis Webb, QB California:

One of the two quarterbacks who looked like they could have a future in the NFL. He looked comfortable in the pocket but he still has some question marks. His accuracy is a major one. It is easy to look at his game compared to Jared Goff from a year ago at Cal and notice their stats are similar. Webb has definitely got the better arm, but his accuracy is something to watch. Webb’s stock is on the rise after finishing the Senior Bowl with 11/16 165 yards and a TD. He seems to be an intriguing prospect to keep an eye on and someone who could be a sleeper in the 2nd or 3rd round.

HIGHLIGHTS of Davis Webb

Zay Jones, WR East Carolina:

Zay Jones had the best non-counting plays of the Senior Bowl. He finished with 6 rec 68 yds and a touchdown, but he should have had two more touchdowns and 47 more yards. A 43-yard touchdown that was called back for holding as well as a 4-yard touchdown that was ruled out of bounds, but the replay showed he was in bounds. Although it didn’t show up in the box score, it shows up on tape and that’s really all that matters. Jones had a phenomenal week of practice and a great outing during the game. There were question marks about him coming from a little school, but he shattered the question marks this past week. Now he needs to impress at the combine, and this kid’s stock is definitely trending up.


Haason Reddick LB/DE Temple:

Reddick had a rough start to his college athletic career. He got into trouble with a teammate in March 2015, and there was not much else on him. This year, he showed a different kind of explosiveness and could really rush the passer. He had one of the best weeks for a defensive player and really impressed the coaches. Reddick will probably become an inside linebacker in the NFL and have to get better dropping back. He struggled to be able to diagnose the play and smell out some screens but that can be taught at the next level. He can play on the edge but will probably be inside. He is an intriguing prospect to see how he tests at the combine. I have a high grade on him, and I could see him going anywhere from late 1st to early 3rd.



This quarterback class is not on the same level as past classes. They don’t have the Andrew Luck’s or the Jameis Winston’s of the class, instead, the teams are hoping to find the next Dak Prescott. Even the top guys that were not at the Senior Bowl like Deshaun Watson, Deshone Kizer and Mitch Trubisky are not on that same level as the previous top guys. At the Senior Bowl, we saw a lot of inconsistency and inaccuracy. Besides Webb and Peterman, the quarterback class was less than stellar. Antonio Pipkin out of Tiffin College looked out of sorts against big school athletes, and CJ Beathard threw two passes. Josh Dobbs and Nate Peterman both showed flashes but were very inconsistent. Davis Webb was the best of the ones there but is by no means a first round QB.


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