NFL Week 2 Takeaways

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Dylan- Same as last week- Patriots win the rest of their games

Dan- New England proved Week 1 was a total fluke. I have no doubt that they win the AFC.

Jason- Devante Parker has emerged as Cutler’s #1 target and has forgotten about Jarvis Landry.

Munson- Jay Cutler is competent enough to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Dylan- The Bengals look lost on offense and the defense is old. They might have a top 5 pick.

Dan- Kareem Hunt fumbled early in the New England game, but they decided to keep him in and look what happened. John Ross fumbles on his first touch and barely sees the field prior to it. That is a great way to waste a top 10 pick.

Jason- Deshone Kizer will have ups and downs as any typical rookie QB will have. The Browns need to give him more than 16 games (or 5 in Manziel’s case) to find out if he is the guy.

Munson- Andy Dalton is a terrible quarterback and AJ McCarron will start within the next couple weeks.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Dylan- The Colts season isn’t over yet. With the Browns and Niners in 2 out of the next 3 weeks, Jacoby Brissett should be able to keep the Colts afloat until Andrew Luck comes back

Dan- Deshaun Watson will end up being the 2nd best QB out of this draft class.

Jason- The Jaguars had one good game and then one bad game. That will be the definition of this season for the Jags.

Munson- Jacoby Brissett might keep the Colts from getting a top 8 pick. Also, where the heck is DeMarco Murray? The Titans organization hates him for some reason.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Dylan- The Broncos will go as far as their offense takes them. They are for real.

Dan- This division is the best in the league and it will be a crazy race for it.

Jason- The Raiders should still win this division, but the defense needs to be consistent.

Munson- The AFC West could easily have 3 teams make the playoffs.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Dylan- This division is wide open. We could be in for a tight NFC East race that comes down to the last couple of weeks.

Dan- Dallas will miss Free and Leary more than a lot of people thought.

Jason- Once the most hyped up division this year, now all four teams are struggling and looking to just stay afloat.

Munson- The Giants’ offensive line struggles will keep them out of relevance. Brandon Marshall is washed up and should be demoted to 3rd string behind Shepard.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Dylan- The Lions are legit. They will have a shot at the division

Dan- A couple years ago I never thought I’d say this, but Minnesota really needs Sam Bradford.

Jason- The Vikings just need Teddy to come back.

Munson- Trubisky needs to start sooner rather than later.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Dylan- The Falcons are back! No more blown leads!

Dan- The Falcons and Packers will most likely find each other again in the NFC Championship.

Jason- It will be a 3-man race for the division.

Munson- Cam Newton is not a good quarterback and is a below average pocket passer. His MVP year was a fluke.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Dylan- Seattle is struggling. They need to figure out the RB situation and O Line problems quickly or it could get out of hand.

Dan- I think San Francisco is happy they didn’t cut Carlos Hyde.

Jason- The Cardinals are on the steady decline… they need Slammin Sammy Darnold.

Munson- The Seahawks are going to dominate the division…and they aren’t even very good right now.

Player of the Week

Dylan- Trevor Siemian/Kareem Hunt

Dan- CJ Anderson

Jason- Michael Crabtree

Munson- Tom Brady

Surprise Player of the Week

Dylan- Derrick Henry

Dan- Chris Thompson

Jason- Trevor Siemian

Munson- Trevor Siemian

Bold Prediction for the Season

Dylan- Andrew Luck comes back in Week 6 with a 2-3 record and leads the Colts to the playoffs!

Dan- Cincy goes 2-14 and picks up Sam Darnold in the draft.

Jason- Doug Martin returns week 6 and leads the Bucs to the AFC Championship.

Munson- The Jets will go 0-16.


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