NFL Takeaways Week 6

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- What can we expect from this division? The Jets are competitive. The Dolphins defeated the reigning NFC champs. The Bills are winning. And the Patriots almost lost to the Jets… We have a good end of the season brewing.

Dylan- Everyone in this division has 3 wins at least- this is much better than expected

Dan- The Jets competed with the Patriots… The NFL is almost as inconsistent as targeting.

Zach- Jay Ajayi is the key to the Dolphins’ success.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- The Steelers have an abundance of talent. They just need to put it all together.

Dylan- Steelers get a big, but lucky win. They need another one vs. the Bengals this week.

Dan- Deshone Kizer is proving that the Browns were the worst fit for him. He obviously needed a year to sit out.

Zach- The Browns will lose no matter if they play Kizer or Hogan. So, they need to continue to play Kizer to see if he develops into a promising prospect.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- Jacksonville will win the division. None of the teams are consistent but when playing well, they are the best team in the division.

Dylan- The Colts blew their chance to seize 1st place without Andrew Luck. Chuck Pagano needs to go. If they can’t beat the Jags at home, they should throw this season away and tank

Dan- I stand by my prediction of Houston finishing 9-7. Jacksonville will also finish 9-7.

Zach- Will Fuller adds a whole new dimension to the Texans offense.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Raiders can’t blame the defense when they hold the Chargers to 17 points. The offense is sputtering.

Dylan- With the Chiefs and Broncos losing, the Raiders blew their opportunity to get back in the division race. They need a win vs. the Chiefs to have any hopes for the playoffs.

Dan- Get Melvin Gordon the ball… Good things happen.

Zach- The Chiefs are not the best team in the NFL.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- Carson Wentz is a legitimate MVP candidate.

Dylan- The Eagles could be 8-1 going into the bye with 3 home games coming up.

Dan- Carson Wentz is the most improved player from last year.

Zach- The Eagles are something special. They will beat the Redskins next week to control the division.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- Don’t sleep on Brett Hundley.

Dylan- With 2 home games vs. the Ravens and Bears coming up, the Vikings can take control of this division with a 6-2 record.

Dan- Get ready for the Brett Hundley coming out party.

Zach- The Packers’ season is done with the injury of Aaron Rodgers.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- No team is grabbing the division. This will be up for grabs the entire season.

Dylan- This division is extremely competitive. It will go down to the last few weeks with all teams still in the race.

Dan- The loss of Kyle Shanahan was the biggest move of the offseason.

Zach- Cam Newton’s turnover problem is a serious problem.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- The Cardinals have an offense again!

Dylan- The Rams win again. They are taking control of the division!

Dan- The Rams are the surprise team of the year so far (or NYJ).

Zach- Adrian Peterson is back!!

Player of the Week

Jason- Adrian Peterson

Dylan- Carson Wentz

Dan- Harrison Smith

Zach- Carson Wentz

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Taywan Taylor

Dylan- Orleans Darkwa

Dan- Ryan Fitzpatrick

Zach- Adrian Peterson

Bold Prediction

Jason- The Raiders fall off the cliff and finish 6-10.

Dylan- The Steelers begin to turn things around and finish with the best record in the league.

Dan- 1. Brett Hundley turns into the Dak Prescott of last year and leads Green Bay to the best record in the league. 2. Green Bay will be the only team with a record of 12-4 or better.

Zach- The Eagles win the NFC East by 5 games.


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