NBA Week 2

Biggest Takeaway in the Atlantic Division

Jason- Ben Simmons finally showed why he was the #1 pick a year ago.

Dan- There have been a lot of surprises so far, but the Nets being 3-2 is by far the biggest except to Jason.

Zach- The Raptors’ bench is playing amazing and will be a problem for other teams.

Biggest Takeaway in the Central Division

Jason- It’s time to jump on the Giannis train!

Dan- Cleveland goes through this every year trying to figure things out in the regular season… Just wait till the playoffs.

Zach- Andre Drummond is actually making free throws.

Biggest Takeaway in the Southeast Division

Jason- Don’t buy the John Collins hype… it’s early.

Dan- John Collins might’ve been the steal of the draft.

Zach- Frank Kaminsky’s contribution off the bench has been very impressive. The Hornets will need that moving forward.

Biggest Takeaway in the Pacific Division

Jason- If the Lakers lock in on defense consistently, they could be a playoff team

Dan- Great week for Lonzo! He is now 4th in the league in assists.

Zach- The Suns are a complete mess. Hopefully Bledsoe’s trade value hasn’t already been decimated. It was time for them the Suns to move on from Earl Watson.

Biggest Takeaway in the Southwest Division

Jason- I couldn’t tell you how… but the Grizzlies are clicking on all cylinders

Dan- Marc Gasol is single handedly winning games for Memphis with a little help from Conley.

Zach- Lamarcus Aldridge has been a BEAST this year. He has stepped up in the absence of Kawhi.

Biggest Takeaway in the Northwest Division

Jason- The Thunder seem to have no issues as to who gets the ball when… YET

Dan- Melo is learning to take his role and that should scare Warriors fans.

Zach- Russell Westbrook has adjusted very nicely to the addition of PG and Melo. He is still getting triple doubles while taking around 8 less shots per game.

Player of the Week

Jason- Demarcus Cousins

Dan- Giannis Antetokounmpo

Zach- Lamarcus Aldridge

Game of the Week

Jason- Rockets vs 76ers

Dan- Thunder vs Timberwolves

Zach- Rockets vs 76ers

Bold Prediction

Jason- Demarcus Cousins finishes top 5 in MVP voting.

Dan- Ben Simmons averages a double-double on the season.

Zach- Victor Oladipo will win Most Improved Player of the Year.


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