Jason’s Hits and Misses–NFL

By: Jason Gandhi

Everyone made their preseason picks and thought they would be right. So, when the 2017 NFL season came to a close, I went and looked back at what predictions I had for each team. All of my predictions are below from the preseason, but above that, I have highlighted my 3 biggest hits and misses on the predictions. Check it out!


1. Jaguars

I was all in on the Jags this offseason. The Calais Campbell signing turned out to be as crucial as I predicted, but the part I was spot on about, was the Blake Bortles improvement. Lowest INT’s of his career and looked comfortable FINALLY. Sacksonville was definitely my biggest hit!  Predicted: 11-5 Actual: 10-6

2. Chargers

Although the Chargers missed the playoffs, they still had a much improved season. Rivers got his weapons to stay healthy and Bosa and Ingram locked down opponents. I thought they would finish 2nd in the division and that’s exactly what they did. I had them just missing the playoffs, so the new LA Chargers were a big hit for my preseason prediction. Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 9-7

3. Panthers

People were unsure of the Panthers this season coming in. No one knew if they would put it all together and win. I was buying the McCaffrey hype and he brought a different flair to the Panthers offense. Steve Wilks has got the D rolling, and they are in the playoffs, just like I predicted. Predicted: 10-6 Actual: 11-5


1. Eagles

So now the part comes where everyone loves to read when I was wrong. Well, it was an UGLY NFC for me. 3 of the 4 division winners I was wrong about. But first the Eagles. Carson Wentz accelerated his development but the offseason additions of LeGarrette Blount and Alshon Jeffrey seemed to work when I was not so sure. Fly Eagles Fly, 3 words I didn’t think I would be saying this time of the year. Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 13-3

2. Rams

Goff surprised me. I’ll just say it. Partner of the group, Dylan Stagge will be quick to tell you that I said I don’t know how the Rams can win more than 4 games this year. Todd Gurley returned to stardom, Goff was fantastic and Sean McVay is providing hope for every young aspiring coach. The bright lights of LA blinded me this year. Predicted: 3-13 Actual: 11-5

3. Saints

Alvin Kamara. They played defense FINALLY. Those two things woke up New Orleans and led them to win the division. I didn’t buy the defense, I didn’t see it working out, but WOW was I wrong? Kamara and Ingram ran all over defenses, and Brees was Brees. Now, they take on my 3rd hit so it will be a battle of was it a bigger hit or miss in the NFC South? Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 11-5

Hits and Misses NFL My projected record Actual record Mine/Actual finish in division
AFC East
Patriots 13-3 13-3 1/1
Dolphins 9-7 6-10 2/3
Bills 5-11 9-7 3/2
Jets 1-15 5-11 4/4
AFC North
Steelers 12-4 13-3 1/1
Bengals 8-8 7-9 2/3
Ravens 6-10 9-7 3/2
Browns 4-12 0-16 4/4
AFC South
Jaguars 11-5 10-6 1/1
Titans 10-6 9-7 2/2
Colts 7-9 4-12 3/3
Texans 4-12 4-12 4/4
AFC West
Raiders 11-5 6-10 1/3
Chargers 8-8 9-7 2/2
Chiefs 8-8 10-6 3/1
Broncos 6-10 5-11 4/4
NFC East
Cowboys 10-6 9-7 1/2
Giants 9-7 3-13 2/4
Redskins 9-7 7-9 3/3
Eagles 8-8 13-3 4/1
NFC North
Packers 11-5 7-9 1/3
Vikings 9-7 13-3 2/1
Lions 8-8 9-7 3/2
Bears 4-12 5-11 4/4
NFC South
Panthers 10-6 11-5 1/2
Falcons 10-6 10-6 2/3
Buccaneers 10-6 5-11 3/4
Saints 8-8 11-5 4/1
NFC West
Cardinals 11-5 8-8 1/3
Seahawks 10-6 9-7 2/2
Rams 3-13 11-5 3/1
49ers 1-15 6-10 4/4



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