NBA Season Preview


  • The Philadelphia 76ers over/under is set at 40.5 wins this season and is one of the most heavily debated ones in the NBA. Which one are you picking and why?
    • Gandhi- Under. The 76ers future is bright, but is only one year removed from winning 28 games, I don’t buy the Sixers hype yet. Their core or the “FEDS” have played 112 games combined and 81 of those are by, in my opinion, the weakest link of the FEDS, Dario Saric. Simmons and Fultz are still a rookie and EVERY rookie has growing pains despite how well the media covers them up. The Sixers take a jump up in wins and definitely got better, but I am rolling with 32-35 wins and confident in taking the under.
    • Stagge- Although the future of the Sixers is extremely bright, I still think they have a long way to go and will struggle against better teams this year. I think they are comparable to last year’s Timberwolves, a young, inexperienced team who finished 31-51 with a -1.1 point differential. That is what happens to extremely talented, young teams. For a counterexample, last year’s Hawks, dominated by veterans, finished with a -0.9 point differential, but a 43-39 record and a 5 seed in the East. I think the Sixers have a season similar to last year’s Timberwolves and struggle to finish games. I’ll still inflate the win total to about 38 though because they are in the East (that’s how bad the East is). Still, bet on a playoff spot because of the atrocious East, but I’m taking the under.


  • Cavs vs Celtics? Who finishes with the better record and who makes it to the Finals?
    • Gandhi- Celtics. Call it blasphemy or an overreaction but could this be the end of Lebron James’ run to the finals? Kyrie is gone. Isaiah Thomas is out for a while so that means Derrick Rose is the starting point guard. I’m confident the Celtics have the better record in the regular season. The debate comes to the finals part of it. I’m not sold on Thomas’ fit in Cleveland and if he doesn’t come back until the new year that gives them limited time to mesh. We can’t discount Boston also. I’m not a huge Hayward believer but he is no question an upgrade over Jae Crowder. Kyrie Irving is a better offensive finisher and believe it or not defender. If Tatum can produce efficiently, Jaylen Brown makes up for the lack of defense of Irving, and Hayward is a 20+ point scorer, I like the Boston Celtics to upset the Cleveland Cavaliers and go to their first NBA Finals since 2010.
    • Stagge- I think the Celtics finish with a better record in the regular season, but the Cavs make it to the Finals. The young guns for the Celtics will be running all season long, and it will be a fun regular season for them. With IT out until Christmas and a roster full of old guys that will need rest, the Cavs will be saving their energy for the playoffs. I’ll take the Cavs in the playoffs because they will be well rested, play better defense, and have more experience.


  • Are the Timberwolves real contenders for the title this year? If not, how much longer until they will be?
    • Gandhi- No, 2-4 years. The title is between four teams. The Warriors (obviously), the Celtics, the Cavaliers and the Rockets. 2-4 years is the timeline because the Warriors will be together for a few more years and the Timberwolves cannot compete with the Warriors. Karl Anthony-Towns, Jimmy Butler, and Andrew Wiggins are all top 100 players and Towns and Butler are top 20. The core is fantastic and I am a believer of Jeff Teague. The bench is what concerns me. Gorgui Dieng is an average big man. Justin Patton is RAW. Tyus Jones flashes potential but isn’t the ideal backup point guard. Don’t get me wrong, the Timberwolves will be successful this season but the Warriors are still together and until they break up or the Wolves get another star, it is a waiting game.
    • Stagge- The Timberwolves are on a perfect timeline to peak once the Cavs, Warriors, Rockets, Spurs, and Thunder have run their course. The Warriors, Rockets, and Thunder will run out of money soon and the Cavs and Spurs will be too old very soon. I’m not sold on the Timberwolves this year. Jeff Teague is not an elite PG, they will have trouble shooting the three, and have major defensive holes in Wiggins and KAT. They have over $47 million of their salary wrapped up in Teague, Taj Gibson, and Gorgui Dieng. The Timberwolves are definitely a playoff team, but still years away from a title contender.


  • Are the Pelicans a playoff team? If not, what happens to Demarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis before next year?
    • Gandhi- No. Both stay and Cousins leaves in FA the following offseason.The Pelicans will contend all year but they will lack late-game production from their guards. Rondo is out, and besides Jrue Holiday, the backcourt for the Pelicans is thin. They will be fighting for a spot all year where New Orleans won’t be willing to part with them. The only way I see a trade is if the Cavs dangle their pick from Brooklyn. Davis and Cousins are two of the best big men in the league, but it’s a guard’s league now and the Pelicans don’t have enough to take them to the next level.
    • Stagge- Not even close. If the Pelicans are in the East, this is a different story. In the West, the Pelicans have virtually no shot of making the playoffs with the kind of wing players they have put around Boogie and AD. Cousins should and probably will be gone, but might have limited options in free agency with money dry across the league for next summer. The trade market is probably a wiser place for him to go. If I’m the Pelicans, I leave it up to Davis to decide whether he wants to be there. There is still plenty of time in his career to build a team around him, but I don’t want to be a part of another rebuild if I’m AD, which I believe the Pelicans will be forced to start this offseason.


  • Can the Rockets and Thunder put all of their ball-dominant players together to be successful or will it be a dumpster fire?
    • Gandhi- Rockets = success. Thunder = disastrous. The Rockets have enough other pieces to rely upon through the growing pains of learning to share the ball. Chris Paul is known as a deadly pick and roll player and Harden is known for his driving ability. The Rockets and Coach D’Antoni will have to work out the rotation but if they get it right guys like Ariza, Gordon, Anderson etc. will step up enough to help them contend. The Thunder are a different story. Melo is a ball-dominant player and an iso scorer. The only time in his career we have seen anything different is in the Olympics every four years. Russell Westbrook averaged 10 assists so yes he shares the ball, but he doesn’t like being second fiddle. Just ask KD… Paul George to me is the X-Factor. What is the role of Paul George? Does he get the ball enough to stay happy? He didn’t when he was the only star in Indy so why would he now (@ CJ Miles)? They don’t have enough bench playmakers to produce and make up for the looming question of “who gets the last shot”? I don’t see this Thunder experiment working.
    • Stagge- The Rockets will be able to figure this thing out. Harden and CP3 are different types of ball handlers, with Harden liking to drive and dish and Paul more of a keep the ball in his hands for an entire possession kind of guy. Harden also has versatility as a spot up shooter for when he and CP3 play together, but most of their minutes should be staggered. The Rockets have loads of wing depth of guys that can spot up and shoot the ball, which will make life easy for both ball handlers. I think the Rockets have a great season. The Thunder will be able to figure things out between their three guys by passing the ball more and should be able to keep ⅔ of Westbrook, PG, and Melo out there for almost the entire game if they play their cards right. The problem with the Thunder is the pieces around Russ, PG, and Melo. The Thunder don’t have anyone else to knock down a consistent three with any sort of volume outside of their Big 3, and PG and Melo aren’t great facilitators anyway. When the Big 3 are on the floor, they will be able to work things out. The lack of depth and the need to rely on Westbrook, PG, and Melo to score every single game will be the bigger issue.


  • Which team of the Mavericks, Lakers, Suns or Kings are the closest to contending for a playoff spot in the West?
    • Gandhi- Lakers. Maybe this is because the other teams don’t have a big market or the hype, maybe this is because all of these teams only have 1-2 young core members besides the Lakers. None of these teams will make the playoffs this year. But in the next two or three, I think the Lakers get back. Lonzo Ball is the face of Los Angeles. Brandon Ingram is progressing, Brook Lopez is a 20 point scorer. Lonzo, KCP, Ingram, Randle, and Lopez is the best starting five of these teams and that’s not a question. The rumors are swirling about Paul George, Demarcus Cousins, Lebron James and every other half decent player. I believe at least one star comes to join the Purple and Gold in the offseason, and the Mavericks, Suns, and Kings won’t be able to sign a star in the near future.
    • Stagge- This year, I’m taking the Mavericks, but only by a little. Don’t get me wrong though, none of these teams are sniffing the playoffs. The Mavs are a veteran team who underperformed last season and have a great coach and owner committed to winning. DSJ/Yogi, Wes Matthews, Barnes, Dirk, and Noel still form the best starting five in this group. The team that will make the playoffs next is the Lakers though. They are still probably a couple years away, but should soon pass up playoff teams from last year such as the Grizzlies, Jazz, Clippers if they decide to blow things up, and Spurs if they age quicker than expected.


  • Which team of the Bulls, Pacers, Nets, or Magic are the closest to contending for a playoff spot in the East?
    • Gandhi- Nets. This is really between the Pacers and the Nets. The Bulls and the Magic don’t have their young star yet, and that’s the first step. I’m taking the Nets because they have potential to take the eight seed. D’Angelo Russell has untapped potential and still can be a star. Allen Crabbe was the Nets’ guy last year and now they have him. Demarre Carroll is a solid 3 and D player. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is still a great defender and has improved his shot this offseason. This team has playmakers and in the East that is so depleted there is a chance the Brooklyn Nets steal a playoff spot and crush the Cavs dreams of having a lottery pick to replace Lebron.
    • Stagge- The Pacers are the closest to contending for a playoff spot. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s how bad the East is. One thing the Pacers have that no other team has in this group is depth. The wing talent is a little depleted, especially with Glenn Robinson III out for a few months, but a starting lineup of Collison/Oladipo/Bojan/Thad Young/Turner is better than any other one in this group. Also, this roster wasn’t completely blown up in the offseason as much as the Bulls or Nets were. There is still veteran presence on this team and will be the best of these awful teams this season.


  • Who is the most intriguing team this year?
    • Gandhi- Denver. The Nuggets have one of the most underrated teams in the league. Millsap and Jokic lead a frontcourt that is top 10 in the NBA. Gary Harris is a borderline top 10-top 15 shooting guard and the only thing they lack is a true point guard. I am interested to watch Mudiay/Murray handle the point and I’m very intrigued by Millsap and Jokic. They have potential to really take this league by storm.
    • Stagge- So many teams made huge changes this offseason, but none more intriguing than the Celtics. A scrappy team focused on defense and rallied their ringleader Isaiah Thomas just last year, Danny Ainge moved all of his chips into the middle of the table for Kyrie, including the Nets pick. The Celtics are now a younger team ready to take control of the East. The question is: Is Kyrie ready for his own team and ready to dethrone Lebron for his own shot at the Warriors?





2017-2018 Los Angeles Lakers Season Preview

By: Jason Gandhi 10/15/17


#2 Lonzo Ball, PG
#66 Andrew Bogut, C
#3 Corey Brewer, SG/SF
#31 Thomas Bryant, C
#1 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG
#6 Jordan Clarkson, PG/SG
#9 Luol Deng, SF
#10 Tyler Ennis, PG
#5 Josh Hart, SG
#14 Brandon Ingram, SF
#0 Kyle Kuzma, PF
#11 Brook Lopez, C
#7 Larry Nance, Jr., PF
#30 Julius Randle, PF
#40 Ivica Zubac, C

Offseason Additions:

Lonzo Ball (2nd overall pick, UCLA)

Andrew Bogut (free agent, Cleveland Cavaliers)

Thomas Bryant (42nd overall pick, Indiana)

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (free agent, Detroit Pistons)

Josh Hart (30th overall pick via Utah via Golden State, Villanova)

Kyle Kuzma (27th overall pick via Brooklyn via Boston, Utah)

Brook Lopez (traded from Brooklyn Nets)

Offseason Departures:

Tarik Black (free agent, Houston Rockets)

Timofey Mozgov (traded to Brooklyn Nets)

David Nwaba (waived, Chicago Bulls),

Thomas Robinson (free agent, unsigned)

D’Angelo Russell (traded to Brooklyn Nets)

Metta World Peace (free agent, unsigned)

Nick Young (free agent, Golden State Warriors)


There is a new feeling around the Lakers this year than in the recent years. With Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka at the helm, there is finally realistic optimism. On June 20, the Lakers shipped D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez and the #27 pick in the upcoming 2017 draft. As noted above, that was the first of many moves! From getting Lopez, to drafting Ball and Kuzma, to signing KCP and Bogut, change was imminent.

Looking forward to this season, it is going to be about two things. Lonzo Ball and the 2018 offseason. For Lakers fans that are reading this, remember that Lonzo is still just a rookie. He is going to struggle at times and that’s okay. A similar mindset on Brandon Ingram. Ingram is 20 years old. Yes, it is reasonable to expect an increase in points but if he isn’t averaging 18-20 points per game, do not freak out. This team is young and there are growing pains.

The front office is focused on the development of the young core but staying financially flexible for the upcoming free agency. The coaching staff is focused on seeing growth from the young guys and taking the next step, and the players are focused on winning NOT TANKING.

Even if the wins don’t pile up, I can promise you one thing. This Los Angeles Lakers team will be fun to watch!

Projected Starting 5:

PG- Lonzo Ball

SG- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

SF- Brandon Ingram

PF- Julius Randle

C- Brook Lopez

3 Storylines to Watch:

1. Will the Lakers contend for a playoff spot? It is possible. If Ball and Ingram progress like Magic believes they have and Lopez is at the same level there is a chance. It isn’t very realistic as three of the five projected starters are new to the team and Brandon Ingram is only 21. I said it earlier and I want to emphasize this again. THERE WILL BE GROWING PAINS.

2. Julius Randle’s Contract Extension- Everyone knows the Lakers are swinging for the fences this upcoming offseason, but that does not stop their current roster. Julius Randle is available for a contract extension. Even if he earns it this year, will he get it? We will have to wait and see!

3. How does EVERYONE grow this year? The obvious two are Ball and Ingram. Their progression is crucial. But with a young team, growth needs to be prevolent everywhere. From Coach Walton, only in his second year as a head coach, all the way to Andrew Bogut and growing into his role. Kyle Kuzma’s development will be also be important to watch as he has caught fire during summer league/training camp. Watch the young team agrow and then worry about next year!


MVP: Lonzo Ball- If Paul George, Demarcus Cousins or even the mighty King James have any chance to come to LA, it will be because of Mr. Ball. His style of play is infectious and no matter what his stats may be, he is the future and the face of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Points Leader: Brook Lopez- The Lakers traded for him, yes to dump cap, but also because he provides value to a young team. He fits perfectly into Coach Walton’s system as a post that can also shoot. Lopez hit 134 3’s last year and I expect that number to be just as high this year!

Best Case Scenario: 40-42- Ball balls out (I had to do it), Ingram is an 18-20 point scorer, Kuzma stays hot… if all of these things come together and the Lakers learn some defense, a 40-win season is possible.

Worst Case Scenario: 23-59- The growing pains are evident and the “process” back to success is slower than expected. It isn’t crazy to think the Lakers will struggle due to their youth.


The season is only 4 days away Laker fans!!! The Ball Era begins!


Jason Gandhi

NBA Players to Start a Franchise With

NBA Players to Start a Franchise With Jason Dylan Dan Munson
Kevin Durant Lebron James Lebron James LeBron James
2. Karl Anthony-Towns Giannis Antetokounmpo Kevin Durant Kevin Durant
3. Lebron James Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Stephen Curry
4. Kawhi Leonard Kawhi Leonard Anthony Davis Kawhi Leonard
5. Stephen Curry Anthony Davis Giannis Antetokounmpo Giannis Antetokounmpo
6. Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook Karl Anthony-Towns Karl Anthony-Towns
7. Anthony Davis Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Russell Westbrook
8. Giannis Antetokounmpo James Harden Russell Westbrook Anthony Davis
9. James Harden Karl Anthony-Towns John Wall James Harden
10. Nikola Jokic Joel Embiid Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving

NFL Predictions Week 6

Thursday, October 12th

Eagles @ Panthers

Jason- Panthers 31-28

Dan- Eagles 38-35

Dylan- Panthers 27-20

Zach- Eagles 31-28

Sunday, October 15th

Dolphins @ Falcons

Jason- Falcons 29-13

Dan- Falcons 42-34

Dylan- Falcons 30-10

Zach- Falcons 31-20

Packers @ Vikings

Jason- Packers 34-23

Dan- Packers 31-21

Dylan- Packers 28-13

Zach- Packers 30-23

Lions @ Saints

Jason- Saints 31-27

Dan- Lions 34-28

Dylan- Lions 35-31

Zach- Lions 28-27

Patriots @ Jets

Jason- Patriots 27-19

Dan- Patriots 38-17

Dylan- Patriots 31-14

Zach- Patriots 35-17

49ers @ Redskins

Jason- 49ers 13-7

Dan- Redskins 28-24

Dylan- Redskins 31-17

Zach- Redskins 27-17

Bears @ Ravens

Jason- Ravens 27-10

Dan- Ravens 31-21

Dylan- Ravens 21-13

Zach- Bears 20-17

Browns @ Texans

Jason- Texans 24-21

Dan- Texans 38-27

Dylan- Texans 38-20

Zach- Texans 34-17

Rams @ Jaguars

Jason- Rams 22-16

Dan- Jaguars 28-24

Dylan- Rams 26-19

Zach- Jaguars 28-13

Buccaneers @ Cardinals

Jason- Buccaneers 34-21

Dan- Buccaneers 31-27

Dylan- Bucs 34-17

Zach- Buccaneers 30-20

Chargers @ Raiders

Jason- Chargers 17-13

Dan- Raiders 35-31

Dylan- Raiders 27-17

Zach- Chargers 24-21

Steelers @ Chiefs

Jason- Steelers 37-17

Dan- Chiefs 35-34

Dylan- Chiefs 34-20

Zach- Chiefs 31-24

Giants @ Broncos

Jason- Broncos 13-6

Dan- Broncos 24-13

Dylan- Broncos 20-3

Zach- Broncos 24-14


Monday, October 16th

Colts @ Titans

Jason- Titans 31-10

Dan- Titans 28-21

Dylan- Titans 24-20

Zach- Colts 27-24




Player of the Week:

    Jason- Ben Roethlisberger

Dan- Tom Brady

Dylan- Matt Ryan

Zach- DeShaun Watson

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Mike Evans

Dan- Isaiah Crowell

Dylan- Kirk Cousins

Zach- TY Hilton

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Kirk Cousins

Dan- Le’veon Bell

Dylan- Carson Wentz

Zach- Jared Goff

NFL Takeaways Week 5

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- The Patriots and the Bills are the only contenders. Let’s not get too high on the Jets.

Dylan- In any other division, I’d be worried about the Patriots. Not in the AFC East.

Dan- Out of all the surprises, the Jets being 3-2 and tied with New England is by far the biggest.

Zach- Jay Cutler robbed the Dolphins of $10 million.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- The Steelers have some major holes… one might be their QB.

Dylan- The Bengals are right back in the race. Only 1 GB and the Steelers and Ravens have major holes

Dan- The Steelers have way too much talent to not win this division. These early season hiccups won’t affect much.

Zach- Ben Roethlisberger should have retired last offseason. As they say, once you think about retirement, you are already retired.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- The Jaguars defense is good off and on paper. (@Dylan… check out our podcasts on YouTube)

Dylan- This division is a crazy. I don’t believe the Jags are a playoff team. Deshaun Watson has a couple of tough games @Seattle and @LA coming up. The Titans and Colts are hanging on.

Dan- I don’t see the Colts winning the division even with Luck.

Zach- DeShaun Watson is going to give Kareem Hunt a run for his money for Rookie of the Year.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Raiders are one more game (before the bye) away from threatening to fail to make the playoffs.

Dylan- The Raiders are falling behind but should still be able to secure a playoff spot. No other team besides the division leaders and the Broncos are more talented.

Dan- Kansas City is for real but don’t be surprised to see them lose in the next few weeks. No NFL team is consistent.

Zach- The Raiders are not making the playoffs this year.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- The Cowboys are from out of it. They are playing well and it’s just a matter of time. They have a ton more talent than the Eagles.

Dylan- The Eagles are pulling away. If they beat the Panthers Thursday, they are here to stay.

Dan- Carson Wentz is proving why he is the best QB from his draft class.

Zach- Welcome to New York Josh Rosen!

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- Trubisky was shaky… but optimism is there in Chicago and that’s more than they’ve had in a while

Dylan- A big road win for the Packers and loss for the Lions has the Packers pulling away. The Vikings are lucky to be in the race. Expect them to fall off quickly.

Dan- Trubisky wasn’t terrible and that is normally good enough for Chicago when it comes to quarterbacks. They haven’t had a solid one in forever.

Zach- Although Trubisky didn’t play the best and threw a bad interception late in the game, there were definitely positives to pull away from it.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- The Bucs are playing good, but cannot wait much longer to start piling up wins.

Dylan- A couple of tough road wins put the Panthers at the top of the NFC South. If they can survive the next 4 weeks (Eagles, @Bears, @Bucs, Falcons), it’s easy riding for the rest of the way.

Dan- There were many flashbacks to MVP Cam these past two weeks.

Zach- I was hating on Cam earlier in the season, but the way he continues to win games is impressing me.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- I’m still not certain the Rams are for real.

Dylan- The Rams lose a tough one that would have gave them a huge cushion in the NFC West. With the Jags, Cardinals, and Giants next, they should bounce back quickly.

Dan- Peterson is still washed up. He will not come close to making up for Johnson.

Zach- It’s about time we see a little regression from Jared Goff’s amazing start to the season. He’s played unreal this year.

Player of the Week

Jason- Aaron Rodgers

Dylan- AJ Green

Dan- Leonard Fournette

Zach- Carson Wentz

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Ben Roethlisberger

Dylan- Aaron Jones

Dan- Marlon Mack

Zach- Davante Adams (played amazing after a horrific injury last week)

Bold Prediction

Jason- The Texans and Jags battle it out and take 2 playoff spots while the Raiders, Ravens, Bills etc. look on from the outside

Dylan- None of the current AFC Division leaders win their division

Dan- Houston finishes 9-7.

Zach- The Eagles finish 13-3.

CFB Takeaways Week 6

Biggest Takeaway in the SEC

Dan: Georgia will give Bama a run for their money in the SEC Championship.

Jason: After Alabama and Georgia, there is a significant gap in talent. Yes I know Auburn is ranked #10.

Biggest Takeaway in the Pac-12

Dan: The Washington and Washington State game at the end of the year might be the biggest game in the history of Cougar football.

Jason: Bryce Love will lead this team whether it be in success or not. He is their offense.

Biggest Takeaway in the ACC + ND

Dan: Notre Dame has a crazy final 6 games. Five out of the six are ranked and all combine for a 27-6 record.

Jason: Once Francois went down, FSU’s chances of contending were slim to none. It’s taken 6 weeks for people to realize.

Biggest Takeaway in the Big 10

Dan: Nobody believed me that Michigan wouldn’t be good this year with only 5 returning starters. I’ll keep my prediction at 8-4.

Jason: Michigan State is yet to play their best football.

Biggest Takeaway in the Big 12

Dan: TCU is for real and there is no way they don’t make the Big 12 Championship.

Jason: Despite the Oklahoma loss, they are still the best team in the Big 12

Player of the Week

Dan: Joel Lanning

Jason: Khalil Tate

Surprise Player of the Week

Dan: Khalil Tate

Jason: Joe Bachie

Bold Prediction for the Season

Dan: NC State beats Clemson, makes the ACC championship, and loses to Miami.

Jason: Michigan sputters and finishes 7-5


Heisman Prediction

Dan: Saquon Barkley

Jason: Saquon Barkley

College Football Playoff Bracket


  1. Alabama
  2. Washington
  3. Penn State
  4. Georgia

First Two Out: TCU and Miami




  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Penn State
  4. Washington

First Two Out: Georgia and Ohio State


NBA Top 5 Up and Coming Teams

NBA Top 5 Up and Coming Jason Dan Dylan Zach
1. Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves
2. Denver Nuggets Milwaukee Bucks Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers
3. Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers
4. Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns Denver Nuggets Phoenix Suns
5. Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns Sacramento Kings