College Football Takeaways Week 7

Biggest Takeaway in the SEC

Jason- Tennessee needs to change something if not EVERYTHING

Dan- With a heartbreaking loss to UCLA and only an 8 point loss to Alabama, Texas A&M is the most underrated team in the nation.

Zach- After Tennessee’s loss to South Carolina, Butch Jones needs to be fired ASAP.


Biggest Takeaway in the Pac-12

Jason- QB’s can’t win you games and it’s evident from Falk, Rosen, Browning etc.

Dan- With no Pac 12 team in the top 10, it’s looking like we won’t see this conference represented in the Playoff.

Zach- Bryce Love is the best player in College Football.


Biggest Takeaway in the ACC + ND

Jason- Clemson is still the 2nd best team in the nation

Dan- I never thought I’d say this but Virginia might be 9-1 heading to Miami in November.

Zach- Clemson is fine. Kelly Bryant played injured the entire game until he left the game with a concussion. They never really had a quarterback. With a bye next week, they will rest up and bounce back.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 12

Jason- I’m still not buying the TCU hype

Dan- Oklahoma has a tough road ahead of them with maybe 4 ranked teams to finish the year. I don’t see the Playoff in their future.

Zach- Kenny Hill is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the nation.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 10

Jason- Michigan State is legit… they just need to put it all together

Dan- These next two weeks will prove if Penn State belongs with the best of college football.

Zach- Michigan is terrible. They are not a fun team to watch at all.


Bold Prediction for the Season

Dan: Wisconsin finishes with an undefeated regular season and loses to Penn State in the Big Ten Title.

Jason: Clemson wins the National Championship.

Zach: Washington finishes the season 8-4.


Player of the Week

Dan: LJ Scott

Jason: Eric Dungey

Zach: Will Grier


Surprise Player of the Week

Dan: AJ Dillon

Jason: LJ Scott

Zach: Eric Dungey


Heisman Prediction

Dan: Saquon Barkley

Jason: Saquon Barkley

Zach: Saquon Barkley


College Football Playoff Bracket


  1. Alabama
  2. Penn State
  3. Miami
  4. Georgia

First Two Out:  TCU and Wisconsin




  1. Alabama
  2. Penn State
  3. Clemson
  4. Oklahoma

First Two Out: Wisconsin and Georgia




  1. Alabama
  2. Penn State
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia

First Two Out: Oklahoma and Wisconsin



NFL Predictions Week 6

Thursday, October 12th

Eagles @ Panthers

Jason- Panthers 31-28

Dan- Eagles 38-35

Dylan- Panthers 27-20

Zach- Eagles 31-28

Sunday, October 15th

Dolphins @ Falcons

Jason- Falcons 29-13

Dan- Falcons 42-34

Dylan- Falcons 30-10

Zach- Falcons 31-20

Packers @ Vikings

Jason- Packers 34-23

Dan- Packers 31-21

Dylan- Packers 28-13

Zach- Packers 30-23

Lions @ Saints

Jason- Saints 31-27

Dan- Lions 34-28

Dylan- Lions 35-31

Zach- Lions 28-27

Patriots @ Jets

Jason- Patriots 27-19

Dan- Patriots 38-17

Dylan- Patriots 31-14

Zach- Patriots 35-17

49ers @ Redskins

Jason- 49ers 13-7

Dan- Redskins 28-24

Dylan- Redskins 31-17

Zach- Redskins 27-17

Bears @ Ravens

Jason- Ravens 27-10

Dan- Ravens 31-21

Dylan- Ravens 21-13

Zach- Bears 20-17

Browns @ Texans

Jason- Texans 24-21

Dan- Texans 38-27

Dylan- Texans 38-20

Zach- Texans 34-17

Rams @ Jaguars

Jason- Rams 22-16

Dan- Jaguars 28-24

Dylan- Rams 26-19

Zach- Jaguars 28-13

Buccaneers @ Cardinals

Jason- Buccaneers 34-21

Dan- Buccaneers 31-27

Dylan- Bucs 34-17

Zach- Buccaneers 30-20

Chargers @ Raiders

Jason- Chargers 17-13

Dan- Raiders 35-31

Dylan- Raiders 27-17

Zach- Chargers 24-21

Steelers @ Chiefs

Jason- Steelers 37-17

Dan- Chiefs 35-34

Dylan- Chiefs 34-20

Zach- Chiefs 31-24

Giants @ Broncos

Jason- Broncos 13-6

Dan- Broncos 24-13

Dylan- Broncos 20-3

Zach- Broncos 24-14


Monday, October 16th

Colts @ Titans

Jason- Titans 31-10

Dan- Titans 28-21

Dylan- Titans 24-20

Zach- Colts 27-24




Player of the Week:

    Jason- Ben Roethlisberger

Dan- Tom Brady

Dylan- Matt Ryan

Zach- DeShaun Watson

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Mike Evans

Dan- Isaiah Crowell

Dylan- Kirk Cousins

Zach- TY Hilton

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Kirk Cousins

Dan- Le’veon Bell

Dylan- Carson Wentz

Zach- Jared Goff

College Football Predictions Week 7

Friday October 13th

  • #2 Clemson @ Syracuse
    • Jason- Clemson 37-13
    • Dan- Clemson 48-17
    • Zach- Clemson 45-18
  • #8 Washington State @ Cal
    • Jason- Washington State 27-10
    • Dan- Washington State 35-20
    • Zach- Washington State 31-13

Saturday October 14th

  • #24 Texas Tech @ West Virginia
    • Jason- West Virginia 27-21
    • Dan- West Virginia 49-48
    • Zach- West Virginia 31-28
  • South Carolina @ Tennessee
    • Jason- Tennessee 13-7
    • Dan- South Carolina 28-20
    • Zach- Tennessee 20-17
  • Rutgers @ Illinois
    • Jason- Illinois 24-13
    • Dan- Rutgers 20-17
    • Zach- Illinois 21-17
  • #6 TCU @ Kansas State
    • Jason- TCU 41-10
    • Dan- TCU 38-31
    • Zach- TCU 38-21
  • Florida State @ Duke
    • Jason- Florida State 34-10
    • Dan- Florida State 38-21
    • Zach- Florida State 28-21
  • #17 Michigan @ Indiana
    • Jason- Indiana 21-17
    • Dan- Michigan 13-10
    • Zach- Indiana 27-24
  • #20 NC State @ Pitt
    • Jason-Pitt 31-24
    • Dan- NC State 38-17
    • Zach- NC State 35-23
  • #10 Auburn @ LSU
    • Jason- Auburn 17-10
    • Dan- Auburn 31-21
    • Zach- Auburn 27-21
  • Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss
    • Jason- Ole Miss 21-17
    • Dan- Ole Miss 24-20
    • Zach- Vanderbilt 17-13
  • Northwestern @ Maryland
    • Jason- Maryland 13-10
    • Dan- Northwestern 31-27
    • Zach- Maryland 27-14
  • Baylor @ #14 Oklahoma State
    • Jason- Oklahoma State 47-37
    • Dan-Oklahoma State 49-20
    • Zach- Oklahoma State 38-24
  • #12 Oklahoma @ Texas
    • Jason- Texas 27-21
    • Dan- Oklahoma 38-28
    • Zach- Oklahoma 34-21
  • Purdue @ #7 Wisconsin
    • Jason- Wisconsin 63-17
    • Dan- Purdue 28-27
    • Zach- Wisconsin 33-17
  • Georgia Tech @ #11 Miami
    • Jason- Miami 34-17
    • Dan- Miami 42-13
    • Zach- Miami 31-27
  • #25 Navy @ Memphis
    • Jason- Navy 31-20
    • Dan- Memphis 35-31
    • Zach- Navy 24-20
  • Texas A&M @ Florida
    • Jason- Texas A&M 32-28
    • Dan- Florida 21-17
    • Zach- Texas A&M 21-20
  • East Carolina @ #22 UCF
    • Jason- ECU 10-0
    • Dan-UCF 45-13
    • Zach- UCF 31-14
  • Arkansas @ #1 Alabama
    • Jason- Alabama 37-3
    • Dan- Alabama 38-13
    • Zach- Alabama 42-7
  • Missouri @ #4 Georgia
    • Jason- Georgia 34-10
    • Dan- Georgia 41-6
    • Zach- Georgia 38-3
  • #9 Ohio State @ Nebraska
    • Jason- Ohio State 53-18
    • Dan- Ohio State 42-21
    • Zach- Ohio State 38-14
  • Cincinnati @ #18 USF
    • Jason- USF 59-37
    • Dan- USF 41-24
    • Zach- USF 45-28
  • Utah @ #13 USC
    • Jason- USC 35-23
    • Dan- USC 41-38
    • Zach- USC 31-27
  • #21 Michigan State @ Minnesota
    • Jason- Minnesota 27-21
    • Dan- Minnesota 20-16
    • Zach- Michigan State 24-21
  • UCLA @ Arizona
    • Jason- UCLA 74-10
    • Dan- Arizona 31-21
    • Zach- UCLA 38-27
  • Boise State @ #19 San Diego State
    • Jason- SDSU 41-17
    • Dan- Boise State 34-28
    • Zach- SDSU 31-28
  • #5 Washington @ Arizona State
    • Jason- Washington 34-10
    • Dan- Washington 45-20
    • Zach- Washington 38-13
  • Oregon @ #23 Stanford
    • Jason- Oregon 27-10
    • Dan- Stanford 31-20
    • Zach- Stanford 38-35


Upset of the Week

Dan- Purdue over Wisconsin

Jason- Minnesota over Michigan State

Zach- Indiana over Michigan


Player of the Week

Dan- Justin Jackson

Jason- Josh Rosen

Zach- Baker Mayfield

NFL Takeaways Week 5

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- The Patriots and the Bills are the only contenders. Let’s not get too high on the Jets.

Dylan- In any other division, I’d be worried about the Patriots. Not in the AFC East.

Dan- Out of all the surprises, the Jets being 3-2 and tied with New England is by far the biggest.

Zach- Jay Cutler robbed the Dolphins of $10 million.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- The Steelers have some major holes… one might be their QB.

Dylan- The Bengals are right back in the race. Only 1 GB and the Steelers and Ravens have major holes

Dan- The Steelers have way too much talent to not win this division. These early season hiccups won’t affect much.

Zach- Ben Roethlisberger should have retired last offseason. As they say, once you think about retirement, you are already retired.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- The Jaguars defense is good off and on paper. (@Dylan… check out our podcasts on YouTube)

Dylan- This division is a crazy. I don’t believe the Jags are a playoff team. Deshaun Watson has a couple of tough games @Seattle and @LA coming up. The Titans and Colts are hanging on.

Dan- I don’t see the Colts winning the division even with Luck.

Zach- DeShaun Watson is going to give Kareem Hunt a run for his money for Rookie of the Year.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Raiders are one more game (before the bye) away from threatening to fail to make the playoffs.

Dylan- The Raiders are falling behind but should still be able to secure a playoff spot. No other team besides the division leaders and the Broncos are more talented.

Dan- Kansas City is for real but don’t be surprised to see them lose in the next few weeks. No NFL team is consistent.

Zach- The Raiders are not making the playoffs this year.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- The Cowboys are from out of it. They are playing well and it’s just a matter of time. They have a ton more talent than the Eagles.

Dylan- The Eagles are pulling away. If they beat the Panthers Thursday, they are here to stay.

Dan- Carson Wentz is proving why he is the best QB from his draft class.

Zach- Welcome to New York Josh Rosen!

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- Trubisky was shaky… but optimism is there in Chicago and that’s more than they’ve had in a while

Dylan- A big road win for the Packers and loss for the Lions has the Packers pulling away. The Vikings are lucky to be in the race. Expect them to fall off quickly.

Dan- Trubisky wasn’t terrible and that is normally good enough for Chicago when it comes to quarterbacks. They haven’t had a solid one in forever.

Zach- Although Trubisky didn’t play the best and threw a bad interception late in the game, there were definitely positives to pull away from it.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- The Bucs are playing good, but cannot wait much longer to start piling up wins.

Dylan- A couple of tough road wins put the Panthers at the top of the NFC South. If they can survive the next 4 weeks (Eagles, @Bears, @Bucs, Falcons), it’s easy riding for the rest of the way.

Dan- There were many flashbacks to MVP Cam these past two weeks.

Zach- I was hating on Cam earlier in the season, but the way he continues to win games is impressing me.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- I’m still not certain the Rams are for real.

Dylan- The Rams lose a tough one that would have gave them a huge cushion in the NFC West. With the Jags, Cardinals, and Giants next, they should bounce back quickly.

Dan- Peterson is still washed up. He will not come close to making up for Johnson.

Zach- It’s about time we see a little regression from Jared Goff’s amazing start to the season. He’s played unreal this year.

Player of the Week

Jason- Aaron Rodgers

Dylan- AJ Green

Dan- Leonard Fournette

Zach- Carson Wentz

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Ben Roethlisberger

Dylan- Aaron Jones

Dan- Marlon Mack

Zach- Davante Adams (played amazing after a horrific injury last week)

Bold Prediction

Jason- The Texans and Jags battle it out and take 2 playoff spots while the Raiders, Ravens, Bills etc. look on from the outside

Dylan- None of the current AFC Division leaders win their division

Dan- Houston finishes 9-7.

Zach- The Eagles finish 13-3.

CFB Takeaways Week 6

Biggest Takeaway in the SEC

Dan: Georgia will give Bama a run for their money in the SEC Championship.

Jason: After Alabama and Georgia, there is a significant gap in talent. Yes I know Auburn is ranked #10.

Biggest Takeaway in the Pac-12

Dan: The Washington and Washington State game at the end of the year might be the biggest game in the history of Cougar football.

Jason: Bryce Love will lead this team whether it be in success or not. He is their offense.

Biggest Takeaway in the ACC + ND

Dan: Notre Dame has a crazy final 6 games. Five out of the six are ranked and all combine for a 27-6 record.

Jason: Once Francois went down, FSU’s chances of contending were slim to none. It’s taken 6 weeks for people to realize.

Biggest Takeaway in the Big 10

Dan: Nobody believed me that Michigan wouldn’t be good this year with only 5 returning starters. I’ll keep my prediction at 8-4.

Jason: Michigan State is yet to play their best football.

Biggest Takeaway in the Big 12

Dan: TCU is for real and there is no way they don’t make the Big 12 Championship.

Jason: Despite the Oklahoma loss, they are still the best team in the Big 12

Player of the Week

Dan: Joel Lanning

Jason: Khalil Tate

Surprise Player of the Week

Dan: Khalil Tate

Jason: Joe Bachie

Bold Prediction for the Season

Dan: NC State beats Clemson, makes the ACC championship, and loses to Miami.

Jason: Michigan sputters and finishes 7-5


Heisman Prediction

Dan: Saquon Barkley

Jason: Saquon Barkley

College Football Playoff Bracket


  1. Alabama
  2. Washington
  3. Penn State
  4. Georgia

First Two Out: TCU and Miami




  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Penn State
  4. Washington

First Two Out: Georgia and Ohio State


NFL Week 5

Thursday, October 5th

Patriots @ Bucs

Jason- Bucs 27-23

Dylan- Patriots 41-30

Dan- Patriots 35-31

Zach- Patriots 31-27

Sunday, October 8th

Jags @ Steelers

Jason- Steelers 27-7

Dylan- Steelers 31-17

Dan- Steelers 34-31

Zach- Steelers 31-21

Bills @ Bengals

Jason- Bills 21-17

Dylan- Bengals 30-20

Dan- Bengals 28-13

Zach- Bengals 20-17

Jets @ Browns

Jason- Jets 24-13

Dylan- Browns 24-17

Dan- Browns 28-20

Zach- Jets 17-14

Panthers @ Lions

Jason- Lions 26-18

Dylan- Lions 28-14

Dan- Panthers 38-35

Zach- Lions 28-27

49ers @ Colts

Jason- 49ers 31-23

Dylan- Colts 28-19

Dan- 49ers 27-21

Zach- Colts 34-21

Titans @ Dolphins

Jason- Dolphins 37-13

Dylan- Titans 31-10

Dan- Dolphins 34-28

Zach- Titans 35-24

Chargers @ Giants

Jason- Chargers 24-21

Dylan- Giants 23-14

Dan- Giants 35-31

Zach- Giants 27-24

Cardinals @ Eagles

Jason- Cardinals 30-17

Dylan- Eagles 34-14

Dan- Cardinals 28-17

Zach- Eagles 30-24

Seahawks @ Rams

Jason- Seahawks 13-9

Dylan- Rams 26-20

Dan-Seahawks 20-17

Zach- Seahawks 31-27

Ravens @ Raiders

Jason- Ravens 34-14

Dylan- Raiders 13-12

Dan- Ravens 31-10

Zach- Ravens 28-17

Packers @ Cowboys

Jason- Cowboys 27-23

Dylan- Packers 38-24

Dan- Packers 38-34

Zach- Packers 31-28

Chiefs @ Texans

Jason- Texans 21-17

Dylan- Chiefs 27-21

Dan- Chiefs 45-42

Zach- Chiefs 34-24

Monday, October 9th

Vikings @ Bears

Jason- Bears 24-21

Dylan- Bears 20-17

Dan- Bears 28-24

Zach- Vikings 27-17

Player of the Week

Jason- Dak Prescott

Dylan- Aaron Rodgers

Dan- Odell Beckham Jr

Zach- Aaron Rodgers

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Joe Flacco

Dylan- Frank Gore

Dan- Doug Martin

Zach- Carlos Hyde

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Entire Raiders offense

Dylan- Joe Flacco

Dan- Lesean McCoy

Zach- Amari Cooper

NFL Takeaways Week 4

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- Josh McCown will continue to put the Jets in games where they have a chance to win games. That’s what he does… He’s been doing it since Chicago

Dan- Jay Cutler should’ve never come out of retirement.

Dylan- The Bills might just be for real- as long as they have enough offense they should be able to compete for a playoff spot.

Zach- The Patriots defense is a serious problem.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- Deshone Kizer is playing BAD football right now… he needs to turn it around before they bench him for good and he is just another Cleveland QB

Dan- Cincy is looking a lot better than we thought. Two close losses to 2 very solid teams in Houston and Green Bay and a blowout over a lowly rival.

Dylan- Man the Ravens’ offense is bad. Their defense will have to carry them if they want to see the playoffs.

Zach- Cincy…just because you beat the Browns does not mean you are good. A real test will be next against the Bills.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- The Colts defense is horrible. Whether or not Andrew Luck comes back in the near future, it can’t save their season.

Dan- Tennessee is going to need Mariota if they want a shot at the division.

Dylan- This is the most inconsistent division of all time. Jags nearly put up 50 in London and then lose to the Jets? Texans are embarrassed by the Jags and then put up 57 on the Titans? (By the way Jason the Colts have had much worse defenses, if Andrew Luck is at full strength soon, the way this division is playing the Colts can still compete)

Zach- I knew Deshaun Watson would be good in the future…but not this good this quick.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Raiders playoff hopes are slim to none. They better pray for an injury. Also Dan… let’s not get carried away

Dan- Hopefully Derek Carr doesn’t turn into the next Andrew Luck.

Dylan- LET’S QUIT OVERREACTING! The Chiefs always get off to a fast start and the Raiders will be fine. This division will come down to the wire.

Zach- Alex Smith is the best QB in the AFC West…never thought I would say that.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- The Cowboys had a bad week, they are still the clear favorites to win the division

Dan- The two most unexpected winless teams play next week and it will prove almost nothing.

Dylan- The tides have turned. This division is now controlled by the Eagles, and maybe the Redskins too.

Zach- The NFC East is the Eagles’ to lose.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- Minnesota has no shot at the playoffs without Dalvin Cook or a miracle.

Dan- Minnesota needs to get healthy or else they will have no shot at the playoffs.

Dylan- The Lions and Packers are rolling, but the Vikes and Bears seasons are probably done.

Zach- It’s about time the Bears fire up Mitchell Trubisky for next week. Bring on the future.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- The Saints surprised me… still not a believer yet

Dan- There are A LOT of inconsistent teams in the NFL this year, but Carolina might be the worst.

Dylan- The Panthers win was a fluke. They’ll be under .500 by November.

Zach- Cam Newton had a good week…but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s an average starting quarterback in the NFL right now.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- The Rams was a team I was wrong on. This offense is scary

Dan- As Gurley takes more of a Leveon Bell type roll he becomes more and more dangerous.

Dylan- Rams vs. Seahawks this week! The winner is the clear division favorite.

Zach- Jared Goff is the real deal. Another lesson to not judge a QB after his rookie season.

Player of the Week

Jason- Cam Newton

Dan- Deshaun Watson

Dylan- Greg Zuerlein

Zach- Cam Newton

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Deshaun Watson

Dan- Tyler Kroft

Dylan- Deshaun Watson

Zach- Deshaun Watson

Bold Prediction

Jason- The Chiefs win the division by a 4 game margin.

Dan- Green Bay finishes with the best record in the league.

Dylan- Draft order:

  1. Niners
  2. Browns
  3. Bears
  4. Dolphins
  5. Chargers

Zach- After week 8, the Dolphins bench Jay Cutler and insert Matt Moore into the lineup.