NBA Top 5 Up and Coming Teams

NBA Top 5 Up and Coming Jason Dan Dylan Zach
1. Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves
2. Denver Nuggets Milwaukee Bucks Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers
3. Los Angeles Lakers Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers
4. Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns Denver Nuggets Phoenix Suns
5. Sacramento Kings Los Angeles Lakers Phoenix Suns Sacramento Kings

NFL Week 1 Predictions!

Thursday September 7th

  1. Chiefs @ Patriots
    1. Dylan- Patriots 31-10
    2. Jason- Patriots 27-10
    3. Munson- Patriots 31-20
    4. Dan- Patriots 28-13

Sunday September 10th

  1. Raiders @ Titans
    1. Dylan- Titans 38-30
    2. Jason- Titans 31-27
    3. Munson- Titans 35-31
    4. Dan- Raiders 34-31
  2. Jets @ Bills
    1. Dylan- Bills 14-9
    2. Jason- Bills 17-10
    3. Munson- Bills 17-13
    4. Dan- Bills 20-7
  3. Falcons @ Bears
    1. Dylan- Falcons 35-17
    2. Jason- Falcons 34-10
    3. Munson- Falcons 38-10
    4. Dan- Falcons 41-20
  4. Ravens @ Bengals
    1. Dylan- Bengals 20-14
    2. Jason- Bengals 24-14
    3. Munson- Bengals 27-21
    4. Dan- Bengals 28-27
  5. Steelers @ Browns
    1. Dylan- Steelers 27-10
    2. Jason- Steelers 38-3
    3. Munson- Steelers 38-10
    4. Dan- Steelers 48-13
  6. Cardinals @ Lions
    1. Dylan- Lions 31-28
    2. Jason- Cardinals 24-21
    3. Munson- Lions 35-28
    4. Dan- Cardinals 31-27
  7. Jaguars @ Texans
    1. Dylan- Texans 24-20
    2. Jason- Jaguars 21-10
    3. Munson- Texans 17-14
    4. Dan- Texans 28-24
  8. Eagles @ Redskins
    1. Dylan- Eagles 34-24
    2. Jason- Eagles 24-20
    3. Munson- Redskins 28-24
    4. Dan- Redskins 21-20
  9. Colts @ Rams
    1. Dylan- Rams 24-19
    2. Jason- Rams 21-6
    3. Munson- Rams 24-9
    4. Dan- Rams 13-7
  10. Seahawks @ Packers
    1. Dylan- Packers 30-27
    2. Jason- Packers 35-31
    3. Munson- Packers 38-35
    4. Dan- Packers 34-21
  11. Panthers @ 49ers
    1. Dylan- Panthers 34-10
    2. Jason- Panthers 34-13
    3. Munson- Panthers 38-13
    4. Dan- Panthers 48-17
  12. Giants @ Cowboys
    1. Dylan- Cowboys 27-17
    2. Jason- Cowboys 17-14
    3. Munson- Cowboys 27-24
    4. Dan- Giants 16-14

Monday September 11th

  1. Saints @ Vikings
    1. Dylan- Vikings 30-24
    2. Jason- Saints 24-17
    3. Munson- Saints 24-20
    4. Dan- Vikings 17-13
  2. Chargers @ Broncos
    1. Dylan- Broncos 21-14
    2. Jason- Chargers 24-20
    3. Munson- Broncos 20-17
    4. Dan- Broncos 28-13



  1. Player of the Week:
    1. Dylan- Cam Newton
    2. Jason- Ben Roethlisberger
    3. Munson- Marcus Mariota
    4. Dan- Antonio Brown
  2. Fantasy Stud:
    1. Dylan- Julio Jones
    2. Jason- Todd Gurley
    3. Munson- Marcus Mariota
    4. Dan- LeGarrette Blount
  3. Fantasy Dud:
    1. Dylan- Anyone on the Bills or Jets (besides Lesean McCoy)
    2. Jason- Davante Adams
    3. Munson- Dak Prescott
    4. Dan- Melvin Gordon

NFL Season Predictions!

By:  Jason Gandhi

The NFL is back baby!! I’m here to predict all 32 teams record and give my Super Bowl prediction. Remember this is barring major injuries and trades! Enjoy


AFC East

  1. Patriots 13-3

  2. Dolphins 9-7

  3. Bills 7-9

  4. Jets 1-15

AFC North

  1. Steelers 12-4

  2. Bengals 10-6

  3. Ravens 9-7

  4. Browns 3-13

AFC South

  1. Titans 11-5

  2. Jaguars 9-7

  3. Texans 7-9

  4. Colts 7-9

AFC West

  1. Raiders 11-5

  2. Chargers 9-7

  3. Chiefs 9-7

  4. Broncos 6-10


NFC East

  1. Cowboys 10-6

  2. Giants 9-7

  3. Eagles 9-7

  4. Redskins 6-10

NFC North

  1. Packers 10-6

  2. Lions 8-8

  3. Vikings 6-10

  4. Bears 4-12

NFC South

  1. Falcons 11-5

  2. Buccaneers 11-5

  3. Panthers 11-5

  4. Saints 7-9

NFC West

  1. Seahawks 11-5

  2. Cardinals 10-6

  3. Rams 6-10

  4. 49ers 4-12



Packers over Raiders




Final 2017 NBA Mock Draft

Check out Dylan and Jason’s final mock drafts before the NBA Draft tonight!

Check out our Live Mock Draft on our YouTube channel:

Team Dylan’s Pick Jason’s Pick
1. Philadelphia 76ers Markelle Fultz Markelle Fultz
2. Los Angeles Lakers Lonzo Ball Lonzo Ball
3. Boston Celtics Jayson Tatum Jayson Tatum
4. Phoenix Suns Josh Jackson Josh Jackson
5. Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox De’Aaron Fox
6. Orlando Magic Johnathan Isaac Johnathan Isaac
7. Minnesota Timberwolves Malik Monk Lauri Markkanen
8. New York Knicks Dennis Smith Jr. Malik Monk
9. Dallas Mavericks Frank Ntilikina Frank Ntilikina
10. Sacramento Kings Zach Collins Zach Collins
11. Charlotte Hornets Donovan Mitchell Luke Kennard
12. Detroit Pistons Lauri Markkanen Dennis Smith Jr.
13. Denver Nuggets OG Anunoby Donovan Mitchell
14. Miami Heat Luke Kennard Justin Jackson
15. Portland Trail Blazers Harry Giles John Collins
16. Chicago Bulls John Collins Harry Giles
17. Milwaukee Bucks Jarrett Allen Jarrett Allen
18. Indiana Pacers TJ Leaf TJ Leaf
19. Atlanta Hawks Justin Patton OG Anunoby
20. Portland Trail Blazers Ike Anigbogu Justin Patton
21. Oklahoma City Thunder Justin Jackson Terrance Ferguson
22. Brooklyn Nets Terrance Ferguson Ike Anigbogu
23. Toronto Raptors Tyler Lydon Bam Adebayo
24. Utah Jazz DJ Wilson Tony Bradley
25. Orlando Magic Jawun Evans Jordan Bell
26. Portland Trail Blazers Isaiah Hartenstein Isaiah Hartenstein
27. Brooklyn Nets Anzejs Pasecniks DJ Wilson
28. Los Angeles Lakers Ivan Rabb Derrick White
29. San Antonio Spurs Bam Adebayo Jawun Evans
30. Utah Jazz Derrick White Kyle Kuzma

This Better Work– The Latest Lakers Edition

One month later and Laker fans are saying the same thing, “This better work”.


It started off mid-season last year when Jeanie Buss fired her brother and Mitch Kupchak, for the glamorous Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka. The 2nd half of the season gave fans reason to hope.

D’Angelo Russell made a game winner and scored 40 on the defending champs, Brandon Ingram put up new career highs on a nightly basis along with a poster dunk, Ivica Zubac showed flashes of potential to be the next Lakers center of the future, Jordan Clarkson looked prime to be the sixth man of the year, and the list goes on and on.

The offseason consisted of questions about Lonzo Ball and D’Angelo Russell’s fit and questions about whether or not Paul George would be a Laker. The season couldn’t start soon enough.

The only knock on Magic Johnson as the new president of basketball operations was could he be patient enough to let the young guys develop? He seems to love Brandon Ingram, as he has stated multiple times he is untouchable. D’Angelo Russell didn’t get much praise since the new regime came in.

On June 20, 2017, the Lakers future and plans changed drastically. No longer would the Lakers be developing young talent and turning into “the next Warriors”. Magic and Pelinka shipped D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez and pick 27 in the draft.

D’Angelo was the first player to bring the Lakers out of the Kobe era. His “Ice in my veins” and flashy plays, brought Laker fans excitement. The front office didn’t think Russell was a good enough leader, so they shipped him off for an expiring deal above average center and a deep 1st rounder. Lakers Outsiders put it best, “He gave the Lakers Ice in His Veins and they responded with the cold shoulder.”

Mozgov was also traded and that part of the trade shows the Lakers new focus. Get stars to come back to La La Land. By getting rid of the god-awful Mozgov, the Lakers cleared up 56 million dollars in cap. They can now sign one and possibly two max deals in 2018. LaMarcus Aldridge, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant didn’t make it clear enough. The Lakers don’t have the appeal they used to anymore. Yes, Paul George’s situation is different because he has publicly told the Lakers and Pacers he wants to go there. But is the Lebron scenario that much different?

These type of moves were the ones that us, as Laker fans, were worried about. Magic pulled the trigger on a two-year removed #2 overall pick, to HOPE that the Lakers can get Lebron. The new gameplan is sign stars, but let’s hope Magic and Pelinka have a different way of doing it than Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss. We know how that worked out.

This better work. Because if not, it could be a LONG process back to the top.

Dan Magers’ NBA Big Board

Markelle Fultz (1)
In this loaded draft class, Markelle still stands out as the number one player. He is very athletic, can shoot, can handle the ball, and has great playmaking ability. Fultz is arguably the most complete player in the draft.
Lonzo Ball (2)
Lonzo has the most potential out of anyone in this draft, but he is a little more of a risk than Markelle. His shot is a little funky and there are questions on the defensive side of the ball, but he makes everyone around him better and that will be hard to pass on for many teams.
Josh Jackson (3)
Jackson can do it all on a basketball court… except shoot. This man plays great defense, can drive the lane, and finish at the rim. If he can figure out a jump shot, Jackson could be the next big thing in the NBA.
De’aaron Fox (4)
Fox has been rising up draft boards of late. He is a very fast guard that is explosive at getting to the rim. The only question is if he can develop a jump shot.
Jayson Tatum (5)
Tatum is one of the most athletic players in the draft. He can generate offense and create spce very well. One problem I see with him is standing around when the ball isn’t in his hands. His upside though will give him many looks on draft day.
Malik Monk (6)
Kentucky had the best shooter in college basketball this past year. Monk is an athletic pure shooter. He could be a future all star, but his development could take a little more time because he played a different role at Kentucky than what a lot of teams want at the next level.
Frank Ntilikina (7)
Frank is an athletic player that can finish at the rim and plays outstanding defense. The thing that stands out though is his length. He is a 6’5 PG with an almost 7 foot wingspan.
Dennis Smith (8)
Smith is a very powerful point guard that can finish well at the rim. He is a typical athletic point guard. John Wall is a great comparison in my opinion.
Jonathan Isaac (9)
There are many great athletes in this draft, but Isaac is probably the most athletic of any. He plays great defense where he exceeds in his shot blocking. Isaac has a lot of the tools to be a great player in the future.
Lauri Markkanen (10)
The 7 footer from Arizona is a great shooter. And right now that might be it. He needs to improve in many parts of his game, but having the ability to shoot the ball standing at 7 feet tall could give him a great career in the NBA.
Luke Kennard (11)
Watching this man at Duke had me thinking why mock drafts didn’t have him in the lottery early on in the draft process. But all of these predraft workouts have changed the minds of many. Kennard is a great scorer and can handle the ball very well. He isn’t as athletic or powerful as the players in front of him. That is why he will not go top 10.
Donovan Mitchell (12)
Mitchell has been rising up draft boards a lot of late. His height doesn’t show the way he plays his game. His 6’10 wingspan along with great athletic ability will give a great chance to thrive at the next level.
Zach Collins (13)
Collins is one of the best two-way players in the draft. He can finish at the rim while also having a great defensive understanding on the other end. This Gonzaga big man will hear his name called pretty early on in the draft.
OG Anunoby (14)
Anunoby suffered a season ending injury last year at IU. Although that hasn’t stopped teams from considering him in the lottery. He is 6’8 with a 7’2 wingspan and can guard almost every position on the court. His potential will make teams think twice about passing on him.
Jarrett Allen (15)
Jarrett Allen is one of the biggest projects in the draft. He has a lot of issues with on court awareness and where to be at the right time. Although scouts are optimistic about his future in becoming a legitimate center.
Justin Patton (16)
Here is another player that will need a lot of time to develop. He is efficient on the offensive side of the ball. The questions are in his rebounding and all around game. Patton could be a future starting center in this league.
John Collins (17)
Collins finished 2nd in ACC Player of the Year voting, and that was with a lot of great company. His shooting was very productive this year along with great rebounding. Maybe his greatness in college will transfer well into the NBA.
Harry Giles (18)
Giles is the biggest risk in the draft. This is a man that was the projected number one overall pick after his senior year in high school. Although his knee would have a different plan for him. He injured his knee and was never the same in his freshman year at Duke. If he can somehow get back to his potential in high school, then we have something to really look forward to.
Ike Anigbogu (19)
Anigbogu doesn’t have much offensive firepower, but he can defend really well. He is one of the youngest players in the draft, so he will be a great project for a team. But if he can develop, then he might be a great rim protector in the future.
Justin Jackson (20)
Justin has one of the best jump shots in all of the draft and can score the basketball at will. He has a great offensive mind, but his weight could scare some teams as he is too thin to get through defenders. But if his jump shot sticks then some team could have a great offensive weapon.
TJ Leaf (21)
When Leaf gets drafted, teams will have to decide what position they want him to play. He goes back forth defending positions, but his offensive game reflects more of a wing where he can catch and shoot. So we will have to see what this team decides to do with him.
Terrance Ferguson (22)
Ferguson, at 185 lbs, could struggle at the next level with being so thin. But his shooting ability could make up for a lot. If he can develop a way to create his own shot, then we’ll have something cooking.
Bam Adebayo (23)
Teams will have to figure out the kind of role they want with Adebayo. He works hard at throughout a whole game especially rebounding, but there are many question about his defensive ability. There are different paths he could take as maybe a shooter or a rim protector, but teams will have to figure that out when they pick him.
DJ Wilson (24)
I really like DJ Wilson and I think a team will find a gem with him late in the draft. He is very athletic, has great size, and can defend very well. The only problems I could find are his streakiness and rebounding, but other then that he could be a great player at the next level.
Derrick White (25)
This is another player that has risen up draft boards of late. Many have him getting picked at 30 to Utah, but he could actually get picked up sooner. All of this has mainly come from his combine and predraft workouts. He can score really well and there are minor improvements to be made in his passing.
Anzejs Pasecniks (26)
Pasecniks is a great shooter and has some mobility at a height of 7’2. He has a lot to learn at the next level, but he has some great offensive and physical tools to get there.
Ivan Rabb (27)
Rabb made the wrong decision moneywise last year by coming back for his sophomore year at California. The 6’10 forward would’ve been a lottery pick last year. His physical tools look good along with his mid-range shooting and finishing ability. But he didn’t “wow” anybody with his play last year.
Isiah Hartenstein (28)
Hartenstein is probably the definition of a project. He’s can rebound and pass well, but his defense and inconsistent shot raise questions.
Tony Bradley (29)
Bradley has potential of being something great on defense. He is very mobile on the court and has a 7’5 wingspan. This could help him translate well to the NBA.

Caleb Swanigan (30)
Swanigan has two main problems. One is that he is 6’9; the other is that isn’t always in great shape. His 7’3 wingspan makes up for his height though and he has great talent with rebounding and scoring. Swanigan played great in college, but scouts do not see that game translating at all into the NBA.

Dylan Stagge’s NBA Big Board

  1. Markelle Fultz

Fultz is an elite offensive weapon. His ability to make tough shots and get to the rim with his height is amazing. Many of his weaknesses came from lack of effort, which I believe will improve leaving the terrible situation in Washington. His offensive skillset and defensive potential are unmatched by any other prospect in the draft.

Player Comparison: James Harden

  1. Lonzo Ball

Ball’s height, defense, transition, and range makes him one of the best PG prospects to come out in a while. However, I don’t see the quickness, and the lack of a mid range game along with some baggage in his dad (especially if he doesn’t go to the Lakers) pushes him below Markelle Fultz.

Player comparison: Jason Kidd

  1. Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson has a lot of versatility and athleticism in his game. He can score from anywhere inside the 3 point line and excels in making explosive plays. However, he is undersized to be able to truly be a defensive stopper at 207 lbs. Lebron James and big 4s will dominate him. Once Jackson fills out and improves the 3 point shooting, he will be an all-around great 3.

Player Comparison: Justice Winslow

  1. Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum reminds me of Melo, and I think that is exactly what he becomes in the NBA. He doesn’t have elite athleticism, but doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses either. Mid range game is strong and can continue to improve on defense.

Player Comparison: Melo

  1. De’Aaron Fox

In the time it took me to write this sentence, De’Aaron Fox just ran around Lonzo Ball again. Fox is speedy and is nearly unstoppable in transition and is a defensive stopper at PG with a 6’3.5 height. Once he fills out and develops a consistent jump shot, it won’t be the last time he drops 39 on Lonzo.

Player Comparison: Dennis Schroeder

  1. Dennis Smith Jr.

Smith is a great all around player and could be a top 3-5 pick in many drafts, but continues to fall down mock drafts. He is a great, explosive scorer, but an average passer and defensive player. With NBA players around him, he will become a better passer. Smith may not be picked until the end of the top 10 or even outside though.

Player Comparison: D-Wade

  1. Malik Monk

Monk has one of the most complete offensive games in the draft. He can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court, but is also streaky. Another downside to Monk is his size, only a 6’4 SG. I compare his game to CJ McCollum, another undersized SG that shoots from everywhere. I think Monk can be just as good in the NBA.

Player Comparison: CJ McCollum

  1. Jonathan Isaac

Isaac is a project, but has the tools to be an elite defender against positions 1-4. He shows flashes on offense, but still has a lot of work. He has a high ceiling that could go as high as Giannis, but could end up being a complete bust.

Player Comparison: Brandon Ingram

  1. Frank Ntilikina

Ntilikina is very raw, especially on offense. He can come in and contribute right away on defense with a 6’5 height and 7’0 wingspan. His offense is a work in progress, but his defensive potential alone gives him a floor of a defensive PG off the bench.

Player Comparison: Dante Exum

  1. Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell has risen quickly up draft boards with his combine performance and athleticism. He does it all: scores from all three levels, is explosive, and is solid on D. His ceiling would be Dwyane Wade and a floor would be Trey Burke.

Player Comparison: Avery Bradley

  1. John Collins

John Collins a a bouncy 4 that also shoots the ball well. He did it all for a bad Wake Forest team last year, so his numbers are a bit inflated. He is not polished defensively but has the body to guard both 3s and 4s. Overall solid late lottery pick with Blake Griffin potential

Player Comparison: Blake Griffin

  1. OG Anunoby

OG is a defensive stopper. With his quickness and 7’6 wingspan, he will be lockdown in the NBA. On offense, he finishes well and his jumper has potential. He will never be able to lead a team on the offensive side though, and his knee injury raises some concerns.

Player Comparison: Luc Mbah a Moute

  1. Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen is the Dirk/Porzingis stretch 4 type. He shoots the ball extremely well, and that opens up driving lanes for him. However, I believe Markkanen struggles greatly on the defensive side in the NBA. He can’t guard smaller, quicker stretch fours and big centers bully him. I think Markkanen has a role in the NBA, but won’t be a star.

Player Comparison: Ryan Anderson

  1. Harry Giles

Giles could have been the #1 pick in this draft if not for injuries. However, 3 knee surgeries limited his time at Duke and plummeted his draft stock. He still showed flashes post-injuries but if he can get back to what he was before, he will be the steal of the draft.

Player Comparison: Joel Embiid

  1. Luke Kennard

Kennard=JJ Redick- white guys from Duke that shoot the lights out. They also have the same weaknesses though. Kennard lacks athleticism (see: white guy) and only has a 6’5 wingspan. Kennard definitely has a role in the NBA as a shooter with all the 3s teams throw up these days.

Player Comparison: JJ Redick

  1. Zach Collins

Collins is a solid offensive player. He is good around the basket and shot the 3 efficiently when he (rarely) stepped out behind the line. However, he doesn’t do anything exceptional and his defense is below average. I wouldn’t spend a lottery pick on him

Player Comparison: Nicola Vucevic

  1. Jarrett Allen

Long, rangy, athletic rim protector. Not great yet on offense and is a bit of a project, but lots of potential.

Player Comparison: Tristan Thompson

  1. Justin Jackson

He shoots the ball well and went back to work on his shooting. He can also guard 3s and 4s in the NBA. He has average athleticism but could become at least a good 3 and D guy.

Player comparison: Matt Barnes

  1. Bam Adebayo

He tested well at the combine and is extremely athletic. He can provide a major impact on defense, but his offensive versatility does not match with the modern NBA big man. His athleticism and defensive potential could turn him into Deandre Jordan though.

Player Comparison: Deandre Jordan

  1. Semi Ojeleye

Ojeleye is big and extremely versatile. He can play 3 positions in the NBA (SG, SF, PF) and his shooting stroke and toughness will find him a role somewhere.

NBA Comparison: Jimmy Butler

  1. Terrance Ferguson

Ferguson decided to go overseas, and gained lots of experience playing against bigger guys at only 18 years old. He could end up being a great scorer in the NBA.

NBA Comparison: Terrence Ross

  1. Justin Patton

Good offensive versatility and scores well as a big man. He is limited defensively though as he is not super quick. Lots of potential though and could be a steal

Player Comparison: Jahlil Okafor

  1. TJ Leaf

Laef is a great, versatile scorer who will have a role somewhere as a stretch 4. However, his defense is limited and I don’t believe he ever develops into more than a bench shooter.

Player Comparison: Josh McRoberts

  1. DJ Wilson

Wilson is a bouncy 4 that can also shoot the ball. He does a little bit of everything and could probably play the 3 too. He isn’t very strong yet, though, and is not a great rebounder. If he continues to improve, he could find a Draymond Green type role in the NBA.

NBA Comparison: Aaron Gordon

  1. Ike Anigbogu

Anigbogu has the tools to become a solid offensive player and a defensive anchor. However, he didn’t play a lot at UCLA and struggled with much of his looks not at the basket. Lots of potential but is definitely a boom or bust prospect.

Player Comparison: Ed Davis

  1. Anzejs Pasecniks

Pasecniks is still underweight for an NBA center, but shows lots of potential to turn into a versatile big man who can step out and shoot the rock. Draft and stash candidate.

NBA Comparison: Myles Turner

  1. Ivan Rabb

Rabb is another guy with stretch 4 potential. He shoots it well and still grabs 10 reb a game. He didn’t do much to improve his stock (in fact dropped it) between freshman and sophomore year, but it could be due to a bad Cal team.

NBA Comparison: Andrew Nicholson

  1. Derrick White

White is a combo guard that can do a little bit of everything (18 ppg/4 rpg/4 ast/1 blk/1 stl). He can come off the bench right away to play either guard spot in the NBA.

NBA Comparison: E’twaun Moore

  1. Isaiah Hartenstein

Hartenstein has a body that can translate to the NBA. He is a good rebounder and is solid defensively. However, he struggles to finish and does not have the jump shot down yet. He has potential as a draft and stash candidate.

NBA comparison: Donatas Montejunas

  1. Tyler Lydon

Lydon does a little bit of everything, and will be a solid 3 and D prospect. He shoots it well and can defend other 3s pretty solidly.

NBA Comparison: Sam Dekker