NFL Mock Draft 2.0

1. Browns Sam Darnold QB USC
2. Giants Josh Rosen QB UCLA
3. Colts Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
4. Browns (via Texans) Minkah Fitzpatrick CB Alabama
5. Broncos Josh Allen QB Wyoming
6. Jets Denzel Ward CB Ohio State
7. Buccaneers Bradley Chubb DE NC State
8. Bears Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame
9. 49ers Tremaine Edmunds LB Virginia Tech
10. Raiders Roquan Smith LB Georgia
11. Dolphins Arden Key DE LSU
12. Bengals Derwin James S Florida State
13. Redskins Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma
14. Packers Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame
15. Cardinals Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
16. Ravens Calvin Ridley WR Alabama
17. Chargers Courtland Sutton WR SMU
18. Seahawks Da’Ron Payne DT Alabama
19. Cowboys Josh Jackson CB Iowa
20. Lions Derrius Guice RB LSU
21. Bills Maurice Hurst DT Michigan
22. Bills (via Chiefs) Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
23. Rams Isaiah Oliver CB Colorado
24. Panthers Conor Williams OT Texas
25. Titans Vita Vea DT Washington
26. Falcons Marcus Davenport DE UTSA
27. Saints Harold Landry DE Boston College
28. Steelers Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State
29. Jaguars James Washington WR Oklahoma State
30. Vikings Billy Price OG Ohio State
31. Patriots Kolton Miller OT UCLA
32. Eagles Will Hernandez OG UTEP

NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Top 20 Picks only)

By: Jason Gandhi


Here is my first NFL mock draft of the year! I will be doing these throughout the next couple of months up until draft day. This first one is only the top 20 because those are the only picks that are finalized for the order. Also, before I begin, I would like to apologize for the long delay in posting. The five of us have been swamped with schoolwork, but we will try to put more out for you guys, as much as we can.

Here is the NFL Mock Draft 1.0 by Jason Gandhi:

1. Browns Sam Darnold QB USC
2. Giants Josh Rosen QB UCLA
3. Colts Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
4. Browns (via Texans) Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama
5. Broncos Josh Allen QB Wyoming
6. Jets Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
7. Buccaneers Bradley Chubb DE NC State
8. Bears Calvin Ridley WR Alabama
9. 49ers Denzel Ward DB Ohio State
10. Raiders Roquan Smith LB Georgia
11. Dolphins Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma
12. Bengals Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame
13. Redskins Derwin James S Florida State
14. Packers Arden Key DE/OLB LSU
15. Cardinals Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
16. Ravens Courtland Sutton WR SMU
17. Chargers Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame
18. Seahawks Josh Jackson DB Iowa
19. Cowboys Da’Ron Payne DT Alabama
20. Lions Derrius Guice RB Alabama

Jason’s Hits and Misses–NFL

By: Jason Gandhi

Everyone made their preseason picks and thought they would be right. So, when the 2017 NFL season came to a close, I went and looked back at what predictions I had for each team. All of my predictions are below from the preseason, but above that, I have highlighted my 3 biggest hits and misses on the predictions. Check it out!


1. Jaguars

I was all in on the Jags this offseason. The Calais Campbell signing turned out to be as crucial as I predicted, but the part I was spot on about, was the Blake Bortles improvement. Lowest INT’s of his career and looked comfortable FINALLY. Sacksonville was definitely my biggest hit!  Predicted: 11-5 Actual: 10-6

2. Chargers

Although the Chargers missed the playoffs, they still had a much improved season. Rivers got his weapons to stay healthy and Bosa and Ingram locked down opponents. I thought they would finish 2nd in the division and that’s exactly what they did. I had them just missing the playoffs, so the new LA Chargers were a big hit for my preseason prediction. Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 9-7

3. Panthers

People were unsure of the Panthers this season coming in. No one knew if they would put it all together and win. I was buying the McCaffrey hype and he brought a different flair to the Panthers offense. Steve Wilks has got the D rolling, and they are in the playoffs, just like I predicted. Predicted: 10-6 Actual: 11-5


1. Eagles

So now the part comes where everyone loves to read when I was wrong. Well, it was an UGLY NFC for me. 3 of the 4 division winners I was wrong about. But first the Eagles. Carson Wentz accelerated his development but the offseason additions of LeGarrette Blount and Alshon Jeffrey seemed to work when I was not so sure. Fly Eagles Fly, 3 words I didn’t think I would be saying this time of the year. Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 13-3

2. Rams

Goff surprised me. I’ll just say it. Partner of the group, Dylan Stagge will be quick to tell you that I said I don’t know how the Rams can win more than 4 games this year. Todd Gurley returned to stardom, Goff was fantastic and Sean McVay is providing hope for every young aspiring coach. The bright lights of LA blinded me this year. Predicted: 3-13 Actual: 11-5

3. Saints

Alvin Kamara. They played defense FINALLY. Those two things woke up New Orleans and led them to win the division. I didn’t buy the defense, I didn’t see it working out, but WOW was I wrong? Kamara and Ingram ran all over defenses, and Brees was Brees. Now, they take on my 3rd hit so it will be a battle of was it a bigger hit or miss in the NFC South? Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 11-5

Hits and Misses NFL My projected record Actual record Mine/Actual finish in division
AFC East
Patriots 13-3 13-3 1/1
Dolphins 9-7 6-10 2/3
Bills 5-11 9-7 3/2
Jets 1-15 5-11 4/4
AFC North
Steelers 12-4 13-3 1/1
Bengals 8-8 7-9 2/3
Ravens 6-10 9-7 3/2
Browns 4-12 0-16 4/4
AFC South
Jaguars 11-5 10-6 1/1
Titans 10-6 9-7 2/2
Colts 7-9 4-12 3/3
Texans 4-12 4-12 4/4
AFC West
Raiders 11-5 6-10 1/3
Chargers 8-8 9-7 2/2
Chiefs 8-8 10-6 3/1
Broncos 6-10 5-11 4/4
NFC East
Cowboys 10-6 9-7 1/2
Giants 9-7 3-13 2/4
Redskins 9-7 7-9 3/3
Eagles 8-8 13-3 4/1
NFC North
Packers 11-5 7-9 1/3
Vikings 9-7 13-3 2/1
Lions 8-8 9-7 3/2
Bears 4-12 5-11 4/4
NFC South
Panthers 10-6 11-5 1/2
Falcons 10-6 10-6 2/3
Buccaneers 10-6 5-11 3/4
Saints 8-8 11-5 4/1
NFC West
Cardinals 11-5 8-8 1/3
Seahawks 10-6 9-7 2/2
Rams 3-13 11-5 3/1
49ers 1-15 6-10 4/4


NFL Week 13

Sunday, December 3rd

Colts @ Jaguars

Jason- Jaguars 17-14

Dan- Jaguars 31-10

Dylan- Jaguars 27-14

Zach- Jaguars 38-17

Vikings @ Falcons

Jason- Vikings 28-27

Dan- Vikings 28-17

Dylan- Falcons 27-20

Zach- Falcons 31-27

Patriots @ Bills

Jason- Patriots 31-10

Dan- Patriots 24-21

Dylan- Patriots 34-24

Zach- Patriots 35-21

49ers @ Bears

Jason- 49ers 20-17

Dan- Bears 20-10

Dylan- Bears 17-14

Zach- 49ers 21-17

Bucs @ Packers

Jason- Bucs 27-14

Dan- Packers 27-24

Dylan- Bucs 31-27

Zach- Packers 24-14

Texans @ Titans

Jason- Texans 34-20

Dan- Titans 31-20

Dylan- Titans 41-30

Zach- Titans 34-17

Broncos @ Dolphins

Jason- Broncos 13-3

Dan- Broncos 21-17

Dylan- Dolphins 24-14

Zach- Broncos 28-27

Chiefs @ Jets

Jason- Chiefs 30-24

Dan- Jets 24-21

Dylan- Chiefs 20-17

Zach- Chiefs 30-27

Lions @ Ravens

Jason- Ravens 21-10

Dan- Lions 34-14

Dylan- Lions 31-23

Zach- Lions 33-27

Browns @ Chargers

Jason- Chargers  20-13

Dan- Chargers 35-20

Dylan- Chargers 27-13

Zach- Chargers 31-10

Panthers @ Saints

Jason- Panthers 31-28

Dan- Panthers 28-20

Dylan- Saints 30-21

Zach- Saints 35-31

Rams @ Cardinals

Jason- Rams 30-24

Dan- Rams 27-24

Dylan- Rams 31-17

Zach- Rams 30-23

Giants @ Raiders

Jason- Raiders 31-27

Dan- Raiders 31-7

Dylan- Raiders 24-14

Zach- Raiders 24-0

Eagles @ Seahawks

Jason- Eagles 37-17

Dan- Eagles 31-28

Dylan- Eagles 34-14

Zach- Eagles 38-35

Monday, December 4th

Steelers @ Bengals

Jason- Bengals 20-13

Dan- Steelers 34-13

Dylan- Bengals 24-20

Zach- Steelers 38-20

Player of the Week

    Jason- Carson Wentz

Dan- Antonio Brown

Dylan- Marcus Mariota

Zach- Le’Veon Bell

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Brandin Cooks

Dan- Keenan Allen

Dylan- Leonard Fournette

Zach- Alvin Kamara

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Alex Collins

Dan- Devonta Freeman

Dylan- Josh McCown

Zach- Adrian Peterson

NFL Takeaways Week 12

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- The Bills don’t need to win but they got a HUGE win against the Chiefs.

Dan- Not many teams go from getting blown out by a team with a losing record to beating a pretty solid team. Start Tyrod!

Zach- Tom Brady is in a league of his own right now.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- The Ravens got a crucial to BARELY stay in the playoff race.

Dan- Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers the league has ever seen.

Zach- FINALLY Joe Mixon has his coming out party. I’ve been waiting on this for the entire season.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- The Jags gave away a game they NEEDED to win… now they have to beat the Titans down the road to get even.

Dan- The Titans and Jags will fight for the division until the last week

Zach- Once again, the best case scenario for the Colts. They competed and lost in a close game. One more step to a higher draft pick.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Chiefs are known for starting slow and then rattling off a ton of wins… now they flipped it. Started off FAST but are not slowing down…

Dan- The Chargers have an easy end of the year schedule. They are making the playoffs.

Zach- Another classic Chiefs season. Start out super hot, then cool down to become an average team.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- The Redskins might be the most average team in the NFL.

Dan- The Giants benching Manning is very disrespectful.

Zach- The loss of Sean Lee was huge, but it does not excuse the poor play from Dak Prescott. Losing one player should not destroy a season.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- The Vikings should win this division by 2-3 games.

Dan- Minnesota is one of the few consistent teams this year.

Zach- The Vikings have established themselves as a serious championships contender.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- The Bucs have continued to disappoint me week in and week out.

Dan- Alvin Kamara’s breakout game wasn’t enough for New Orleans this week.

Zach- The Saints finally lost a game. They are still one of the NFL’s most dangerous teams.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- The Rams just prove me wrong every week and now it is almost must-watch TV.

Dan- Another great game for Goff… another win for the Rams.

Zach- The Rams picked up a huge win over the Saints. They surprised me with how great they played. Cooper Kupp is needed for Rams to continue to be great.

Player of the Week

Jason- Julio Jones

Dan- Antonio Brown

Zach- Julio Jones

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Sammy Watkins

Dan- Alvin Kamara

Zach- Joe Mixon

Bold Prediction

Jason- I said this in the preseason. The NFC South get 3 teams in the playoffs.

Dan- The Vikings win the NFC.

Zach- The NFC South gets three teams in the playoffs.

NFL Week 12

Thursday, November 23rd

Vikings @ Lions

Jason- Vikings 31-23

Dan- Vikings 28-20

Zach- Vikings 27-24

Chargers @ Cowboys

Jason- Chargers 23-16

Dan- Chargers 31-21

Zach- Cowboys 30-24

Giants @ Redskins

Jason- Redskins 27-16

Dan- Redskins 34-17

Zach- Giants 34-31

Sunday, November 26th

Buccaneers @ Falcons

Jason- Falcons 27-10

Dan- Falcons 31-10

Zach- Falcons 35-17

Browns @ Bengals

Jason- Bengals 29-21

Dan- Bengals 28-24

Zach- Bengals 33-14

Titans @ Colts

Jason- Titans 33-17

Dan- Titans 27-13

Zach- Titans 31-24

Bills @ Chiefs

Jason- Chiefs 31-27

Dan- Chiefs 31-20

Zach- Chiefs 28-27

Dolphins @ Patriots

Jason- Patriots 37-23

Dan- Patriots 35-20

Zach- Patriots 38-21

Panthers @ Jets

Jason- Panthers 24-15

Dan- Panthers 34-28

Zach- Panthers 31-27

Bears @ Eagles

Jason- Eagles 35-18

Dan- Eagles 31-10

Zach- Eagles 38-13

Seahawks @ 49ers

Jason- 49ers 17-9

Dan- Seahawks 35-10

Zach- Seahawks 34-14

Saints @ Rams

Jason- Rams 31-19

Dan- Saints 28-17

Zach- Saints 35-31

Broncos @ Raiders

Jason- Raiders 21-14

Dan- Broncos 21-13

Zach- Raiders 30-27

Jaguars @ Cardinals

Jason- Jaguars 24-17

Dan- Cardinals 24-20

Zach- Jaguars 31-17

Packers @ Steelers

Jason- Steelers 35-24

Dan- Steelers 31-24

Zach- Steelers 35-20

Monday, November 27th

Texans @ Ravens

Jason- Texans 31-17

Dan- Texans 28-17

Zach- Ravens 31-21

Player of the Week

    Jason- Leonard Fournette

Dan- Antonio Brown

Zach- Todd Gurley

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Vernon Davis

Dan- Chris Thompson

Zach- Alvin Kamara

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- CJ Anderson

Dan- Marvin Jones

Zach- Isaiah Crowell

NFL Week 11

Sunday, November 19

Jaguars @ Browns

Jason- Jaguars 27-17

Dan- Jaguars 31-10

Dylan- Jaguars 24-10

Zach- Jaguars 30-10

Lions @ Bears

Jason- Bears 17-13

Dan- Lions 28-20

Dylan- Lions 34-21

Zach- Lions 31-21

Ravens @ Packers

Jason- Ravens 33-17

Dan- Packers 31-28

Dylan- Packers 21-17

Zach- Packers 24-21

Buccaneers @ Dolphins

Jason- Bucs 28-20

Dan- Dolphins 21-13

Dylan- Dolphins 28-17

Zach- Dolphins 28-27

Rams @ Vikings

Jason- Rams 38-33

Dan- Vikings 31-27

Dylan- Rams 31-27

Zach- Rams 34-31

Redskins @ Saints

Jason- Saints 41-37

Dan- Saints 31-20

Dylan- Saints 31-17

Zach- Saints 35-24

Chiefs @ Giants

Jason- Chiefs 31-10

Dan- Chiefs 24-10

Dylan- Chiefs 38-17

Zach- Chiefs 31-27

Cardinals @ Texans

Jason- Texans 20-13

Dan- Cardinals 21-20

Dylan- Cardinals 19-13

Zach- Cardinals 20-17

Bills @ Chargers

Jason- Bills 23-17

Dan- Bills 24-20

Dylan- Chargers 27-14

Zach- Chargers 27-20

Patriots @ Raiders

Jason- Raiders 37-24

Dan- Patriots 28-14

Dylan- Patriots 34-20

Zach- Patriots 38-31

Bengals @ Broncos

Jason- Bengals 24-13

Dan- Broncos 17-10

Dylan- Bengals 20-10

Zach- Broncos 20-17

Eagles @ Cowboys

Jason- Eagles 35-10

Dan- Eagles 31-16

Dylan- Eagles 34-30

Zach- Eagles 34-28

Monday, November 20

Falcons @ Seahawks

Jason- Falcons 31-23

Dan- Falcons 28-20

Dylan- Falcons 30-24

Zach- Falcons 31-28

Player of the Week

    Jason- Drew Brees

Dan- Carson Wentz

Dylan- Kareem Hunt

Zach- Tom Brady

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Ted Ginn Jr.

Dan- Kareem Hunt

Dylan- Julio Jones

Zach- Melvin Gordon

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Dak Prescott

Dan- Demarco Murray

Dylan- Kirk Cousins

Zach- CJ Anderson