College Football Week 2 Predictions

Game Jason (9-7 LW) Dan (12-4 LW) Dylan (9-7 LW)
UCLA @ Oklahoma Oklahoma 37-7 Oklahoma 49-10 Oklahoma 40-20
Iowa St @ Iowa Iowa 17-14 Iowa 21-17 Iowa State 27-21
Clemson @ Texas A&M Texas A&M 21-17 Clemson 31-24 Clemson 38-20
Michigan State @ Arizona State Michigan St 34-20 Michigan State 20-14 Michigan State 31-17
Mississippi St @ Kansas St Mississippi State 43-13 Mississippi State 38-20 Mississippi State 28-10
Arizona @ Houston Houston 27-13 Houston 20-13 Arizona 34-20
Duke @ Northwestern Northwestern 21-17 Northwestern 34-14 Northwestern 34-18
Georgia @ South Carolina Georgia 31-21 South Carolina 28-24 Georgia 35-17
Virginia @ Indiana Virginia 23-17 Indiana 20-14 Indiana 34-17
Colorado @ Nebraska Nebraska 31-14 Nebraska 21-10 Nebraska 24-21
Penn St @ Pittsburgh Penn State 38-10 Penn State 28-21 Penn State 30-24
USC @ Stanford Stanford 21-16 Stanford 35-31 Stanford 38-20

College Football Week 1 Predictions

COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!! And so are we, the group puts together their picks for week 1 of college football. Make sure you check out our podcast on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify @TheSportzSermon. We will have weekly NFL and CFB coverage including reactions, picks and more!

Week 1:

Game Jason Dan Dylan
#21 UCF at Connecticut UCF 41-10 UCF 42-17 UCF 49-24
Northwestern at Purdue Purdue 21-17 Northwestern 28-17 NW 31-20
San Diego St. at #13 Stanford San Diego St 31-27 Stanford 41-20 Stanford 31-13
Colorado at Colorado St. Colorado 20-17 Colorado St 27-24 Colorado St 30-20
FAU at #7 Oklahoma Oklahoma 47-42 Oklahoma 35-34 Oklahoma 45-17
Ole Miss at Texas Tech Texas Tech 28-13 Ole Miss 28-20 Texas Tech 27-17
Oregon St. at #5 Ohio St. Ohio State 35-3 Ohio State 62-7 Ohio State 56-10
#23 Texas at Maryland Texas 24-10 Texas 35-20 Texas 42-24
#6 Washington vs #9 Auburn Washington 31-23 Auburn 24-21 Washington 35-30
Washington St. at Wyoming Washington St 17-13 Washington St 21-10 Wyoming 27-20
#17 West Virginia vs Tennessee West Virginia 34-17 West Virginia 45-10 WV 38-14
North Carolina at California Cal 27-13 Cal 31-17 Cal 27-17
Cincinnati at UCLA UCLA 36-31 UCLA 42-10 UCLA 31-17
#14 Michigan at #12 Notre Dame Notre Dame 23-20 Notre Dame 20-17 Notre Dame 24-20
Louisville vs #1 Alabama Alabama 24-14 Alabama 28-24 Alabama 38-17
BYU at Arizona Arizona 38-23 Arizona 38-21 Arizona 45-24
#8 Miami (Fla.) vs #25 LSU Miami 17-13 Miami 24-10 Miami 21-20
#20 Virginia Tech at #19 Florida St. FSU 38-23 FSU 31-24 FSU 28-14

Jason Gandhi NBA Mock Draft 1.2


  1. Phoenix Suns- Deandre Ayton
  2. Sacramento Kings- Marvin Bagley III
  3. Atlanta Hawks- Luka Doncic
  4. Memphis Grizzlies- Jaren Jackson Jr
  5. Dallas Mavericks- Mohamed Bamba
  6. Orlando Magic- Trae Young
  7. Chicago Bulls- Wendell Carter Jr
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers- Michael Porter Jr
  9. New York Knicks- Kevin Knox
  10. Philadelphia 76ers- Mikal Bridges
  11. Charlotte Hornets- Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  12. Los Angeles Clippers- Collin Sexton
  13. Los Angeles Clippers- Robert Williams
  14. Denver Nuggets- Miles Bridges
  15. Washington Wizards- Lonnie Walker IV
  16. Phoenix Suns- Zhaire Smith
  17. Milwaukee Bucks- Jerome Robinson
  18. San Antonio Spurs- Kevin Huerter
  19. Atlanta Hawks- Troy Brown
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves- Donte Divincenzo
  21. Utah Jazz- Aaron Holiday
  22. Chicago Bulls- Dzanan Musa
  23. Indiana Pacers- De’Anthony Melton
  24. Portland Trail Blazers- Josh Okogie
  25. Los Angeles Lakers- Grayson Allen
  26. Philadelphia 76ers- Mitchell Robinson
  27. Boston Celtics- Elie Okobo
  28. Golden State Warriors- Keita Bates-Diop
  29. Brooklyn Nets- Chandler Hutchison
  30. Atlanta Hawks- Jalen Brunson



Dylan Stagge NBA Mock Draft 1.0

  1. Phoenix Suns- Deandre Ayton
  2. Sacramento Kings- Marvin Bagley III
  3. Atlanta Hawks- Jaren Jackson Jr.
  4. Memphis Grizzlies- Luka Doncic
  5. Dallas Mavericks- Mohamed Bamba
  6. Orlando Magic- Michael Porter Jr
  7. Chicago Bulls- Wendell Carter Jr
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers- Collin Sexton
  9. New York Knicks- Kevin Knox
  10. Philadelphia 76ers- Mikal Bridges
  11. Charlotte Hornets- Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  12. Los Angeles Clippers- Trae Young
  13. Los Angeles Clippers- Lonnie Walker IV
  14. Denver Nuggets- Miles Bridges
  15. Washington Wizards- Robert Williams
  16. Phoenix Suns- Zhaire Smith
  17. Milwaukee Bucks- Jerome Robinson
  18. San Antonio Spurs- Donte DiVincenzo
  19. Atlanta Hawks- Kevin Huerter
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves- Troy Brown
  21. Utah Jazz- Elie Okobo
  22. Chicago Bulls- Chandler Hutchison
  23. Indiana Pacers- Aaron Holiday
  24. Portland Trail Blazers- De’Anthony Melton
  25. Los Angeles Lakers- Mitchell Robinson
  26. Philadelphia 76ers- Grayson Allen
  27. Boston Celtics- Dzanan Musa
  28. Golden State Warriors- Josh Okogie
  29. Brooklyn Nets- Moritz Wagner
  30. Atlanta Hawks- Anfernee Simons

Dan Magers NBA Mock Draft 1.0

  1. Suns- Deandre Ayton
  2. Kings- Marvin Bagley III
  3. Hawks- Luka Doncic
  4. Grizzlies- Jaren Jackson Jr
  5. Mavericks- Mohamed Bamba
  6. Magic- Michael Porter Jr
  7. Bulls- Wendell Carter
  8. Cavaliers- Trae Young
  9. Knicks- Mikal Bridges
  10. 76ers- Miles Bridges
  11. Hornets- Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  12. Clippers- Collin Sexton
  13. Clippers- Kevin Knox
  14. Nuggets- Lonnie Walker
  15. Wizards- Robert Williams
  16. Suns- Zhaire Smith
  17. Bucks- Jerome Robinson
  18. Spurs- Kevin Huerter
  19. Hawks- Elie Okobo
  20. Timberwolves- Troy Brown
  21. Jazz- Donte DiVincenzo
  22. Bulls- Chandler Hutchison
  23. Pacers- Aaron Holiday
  24. Trail Blazers- Khyri Thomas
  25. Lakers- Keita Bates-Diop
  26. 76ers- Mitchell Robinson
  27. Celtics- Dzanan Musa
  28. Warriors- Gary Trent Jr
  29. Nets- Jacob Evans
  30. Hawks- Jerome Robinson

Dan Magers NBA Big Board 1.0

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  1. Deandre Ayton
    1. Has the potential to be one of the best players in the league at some point in his career. He’s a freak of nature and reminds me of Joel Embiid physically. The man can rebound very well especially on offense. One of the only few question marks is his pick and roll defense. The NBA might not be ready for this once in a decade kind of player.
    2. Karl Anthony Towns
  2. Marvin Bagley III
    1. I fell in love with Bagley ever since his sophomore year of high school when I watched him dominate teenagers. His potential is through the roof. He is one of the most athletic players in the draft and with his size that makes him extremely dangerous. He struggles on defense some with instincts but can really make up for that with his athletic ability.
    2. Amare Stoudemire
  3. Mohamed Bamba
    1. This is another very interesting prospect that has been rising up draft boards of late and I’m starting to believe the hype. His defensive impact is a huge feature for him. He’s got some speed with that length of his which he uses in transition to finish at the rim. There is no doubt that he has one of the highest ceilings in the draft with his length. One thing he needs to work on is his toughness, but his physical attributes will be very hard to pass on.
    2. Rudy Gobert
  4. Luka Doncic
    1. Luka is the most unique and intriguing player in the draft. He can play multiple positions at his 6’8 230 frame. His passing and finishing abilities are insane. Every time I watch him I see a Ben Simmons that can shoot. He is a very intriguing prospect that could potentially help turn a franchise around. But lately, his workouts have been hurting his draft stock so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I still believe in him because I’ve liked him for awhile now, but if NBA teams are starting to question him then I’m going to start to question him. High-risk high reward
    2. Ben Simmons
  5. Jaren Jackson
    1. Jackson is no doubt the best defensive player in the draft. He has great athletic ability that he can use to size up guys and take them to the rim on offense. The main question mark I see with him is his offensive impact because he really is just a defensive minded guy. He could use some work in the shooting department but it will be interesting to see if it translates. If someone were to take Jaren Jackson and stick him in Mo Bamba’s body, that would be one dangerous player.
    2. Myles Turner
  6. Michael Porter Jr
    1. If you’re looking for high-risk high reward then this is your guy. He would be at basically the top of my board if he didn’t have health concerns. He’s an extremely athletic player that score in a lot of different ways. I keep going back and forth as to whether or not put him in tier one with the top 5 guys I have, but if not he is right up there.
    2. Otto Porter
  7. Trae Young
    1. Trae is not only the best shooter in the draft but also the most fun to watch. The kid can flat out shoot the ball. Jason said earlier this year that this is the first player that Curry has really had a real impact on. He’s not only a shooter though. He has great court vision and can finish at the rim. I don’t think he will ever be that great of a defensive player and also needs to work on taking better shots. I think that will also come with a better team and having NBA players by his side.
    2. Steph Curry/ Trey Burke
  8. Wendell Carter Jr
    1. This is a guy who was overlooked at Duke with Bagley and Allen as the main storylines. Carter is a modern NBA big that can really stretch the floor with his driving ability as a 6’10 center. What he lacks in a little height, he makes up for in his 7’4.5 wingspan. This will be a starter in the league for a long time.
    2. Al Horford
  9. Kevin Knox
    1. Knox is one of the most athletic players in the draft at his 6’9 size with a 7’ wingspan. He is a great scorer that can shoot and get to the rim pretty well. I’m not sure he has totally found his identity, but he has a lot of potential.
    2. Jeff Green
  10. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    1. Here is a very intriguing player who is a PG at 6’6 180. He is a very physical player that works well off the pick n roll and can finish at the rim easily. If I’m looking for a guy that still has good potential and can still play a solid role on the team, I’m going to look for him.
    2. Shaun Livingston
  11. Collin Sexton
    1. You will not find a more intense and aggressive player than Collin Sexton in this draft. He is one of the most athletic guards and can finish at the rim with his quickness at getting to the rim. His defensive intensity is crazy, especially on the ball. The three areas of concern are his shooting, his off-ball defense where he can get lazy at times, and his size. Two of those things he can work on, and there are players like an Eric Bledsoe that have been fine in this league with that kind of size. His coach, Avery Johnson, has been quoted saying, “”Here’s a kid we basically have to turn the lights out on in the gym … (b/c) he wants to live in the gym.” I do not want to pass on a work ethic like that.
    2. Eric Bledsoe
  12. Mikal Bridges
    1. If Bridges was an 18-year-old coming out, then he’d be ranked higher on a lot of lists. He is a prototypical 3 and D and has a lot of potential with his physical attributes. His athleticism along with his creating, shooting, and defensive abilities make him an intriguing prospect that has great potential.
    2. Robert Covington
  13. Miles Bridges
    1. Bridges is a guy who can do it all on both sides of the ball. He is thick 6’7 220 that can put the ball on the ground at times and get to the rim. He could use some work on his ball handling and needs to figure out his identity. I think he and Kevin Knox are very relatable in their games, but Knox has much better size and length.
    2. Tobias Harris
  14. Robert Williams
    1. I’m a big fan of Robert Williams. He played the 4 at Texas A&M which should change in the NBA as he will play the 5. A&M didn’t run much pick n roll but when they did with Williams, he excelled. He is also a great shot blocker, especially on the weak side. I see a lot of Clint Capela in him, and I’m a huge fan of Capela. These are two guys that play a really important role but can go unnoticed at times.
    2. Clint Capela
  15. Donte DiVincenzo
  16. Zhaire Smith
  17. Lonnie Walker IV
  18. Aaron Holiday
  19. Troy Brown Jr
  20. Keita Bates-Diop
  21. Kevin Huerter
  22. Gary Trent Jr
  23. Khyri Thomas
  24. Elie Okobo
  25. Jerome Robinson
  26. Mitchell Robinson
  27. Jalen Brunson
  28. Grayson Allen
  29. Jevon Carter
  30. Chandler Hutchison

Zach Munson NBA Big Board 1.0

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  1. Deandre Ayton
    1. Player Comp: David Robinson
    2. Ayton is one of the most dominant big men I have seen in college basketball. His huge size and strength combined with his skill set is scary. What makes him so intriguing is his ability to stretch the floor and hit the outside shot. He is going to be dominant in this league for a long time.
  2. Marvin Bagley
    1. Player Comp: Chris Bosh
    2. Bagley is easily one of my top 2 favorite prospects in this draft. His ability to dribble drive, post up, and shoot is what makes him so special. Not to mention his 6’11”. There is literally ZERO chance that Bagley is a bust. He will be a longtime All-Star in this league. I’ll take it a step further and say that he will be a Hall of Famer.
  3. Michael Porter Jr.
    1. Player Comp: Kevin Durant
    2. My second favorite prospect in this draft is Michael Porter Jr. He was the #1 player in the nation in High School. It is too bad he suffered an injury because he would have been special in college. I am not overly worried about his injury. He says that his back has been feeling the best that it has. I think he will turn back into the dominant player that he was. However, I do have a little concern about his back. He can do everything on the court. He acts as a point guard when he dribbles. He is very special.
  4. Jaren Jackson
    1. Player Comp: Kristaps Porzingis
    2. Jackson has one of the highest upsides in this draft class. He is a giant who can also stretch the floor and knock down the three. He isn’t as raw as Bamba, which is why I have him ahead.
  5. Mohamed Bamba
    1. Player Comp: Rudy Gobert
    2. Bamba is a complete mammoth. He is 7’1” with an 8’0” wingspan. That’s insane. He will instantly be a rim protector. If he can develop his shot, he will be scary for opposing teams.
  6. Luka Doncic
    1. Manu Ginobili
    2. I have not seen Doncic play, which is why I am a little weary about him. I know that he is very skillful and can shoot, however, his lack of athleticism is what scares me. I am not all in on Doncic yet. I prefer to take the Blue-blood college players instead of European players that I do not know much about.
  7. Trae Young
    1. Player Comp: Steph Curry
    2. Everyone knows he is a knockdown shooter who can pull up from anywhere. He will instantly bring shooting to any team he plays for. His shot selection and defense need to improve. He has the ceiling of Steph Curry. However, he also has a huge bust factor.
  8. Collin Sexton
    1. Player Comp: Eric Bledsoe
    2. Sexton is the ULTIMATE competitor, which is why I really like him. He has a great attitude and is all about winning. He nearly won in a 3v5 game. His shot selection isn’t the best and he tends to dominate the ball too much.
  9. Mikal Bridges
    1. Player Comp: Otto Porter Jr.
    2. Bridges put on a show in March. He was one of the biggest reasons they won the National Championship. He can shoot it and dribble to the rack. He also has sneaky athleticism. He can be very solid in the NBA.
  10. Wendell Carter Jr.
    1. Player Comp: Al Horford
    2. Why is there so much hype around Wendell Carter Jr? What is so special about him? I saw him play a lot at Duke and all I saw was a big man who only has a post game. He can only back his down guy in the post. He does have sweet post moves, but today’s NBA doesn’t favor post guys. He can’t really shoot. He is athletic, but I am not sure how he is going to fit in with today’s NBA.
  11. Kevin Knox
    1. Player Comp: Gordon Hayward
    2. He is a very skilled wing who can shoot and dribble drive. However, I just wish he had a ‘dawg’ attitude and took over more games. He tended to sit back and be passive. If he can turn that around, he will be a perennial all-star in this league.
  12. Miles Bridges
    1. Player Comp: Jabari Parker
    2. Everyone knows he is SUPER athletic. He’s also a pretty good dunker too…okay he’s an insane dunker. However, I am worried about his ability to shoot the three and take his guy off the dribble. He needs to develop his guard game. However, he will be an instant impact player for any team.
  13. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    1. Player Comp: Jrue Holiday
    2. Shai really came alive late in the season for the Wildcats. What I like most about Shai is the way that he took over games and put the team on his back late in the game. He is super competitive and has the chance to be a very solid guard in the NBA.
  14. Robert Williams
    1. Player Comp: DeAndre Jordan or Clint Capela
    2. Robert Williams should have stayed in the draft last year. Although he might still be a lottery pick, he lost a few spots. He is a nightmare on pick and rolls. He can rise up in an instant and slam it home. If he develops a shot and his handles, he will be scary.
  15. Donte DiVincenzo
  16. Lonnie Walker IV
  17. Zhaire Smith
  18. Aaron Holiday
  19. Gary Trent Jr.
  20. Troy Brown
  21. Mitchell Robinson
  22. Khyri Thomas
  23. Keita Bates-Diop
  24. Grayson Allen
  25. Jerome Robinson
  26. Omari Spellman
  27. Chandler Hutchison
  28. De’Anthony Melton
  29. Kevin Huerter
  30. Moritz Wagner


Jason Gandhi NBA Big Board 1.0

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  1. Deandre Ayton C Arizona


I really like his game. He has the perfect body for an NBA center. His shot is what is so intriguing to me. He is a consistent mid-range shooter, but he almost opts to shoot the jumper when he could use his 7’0” 260 lb body and get a much easier shot. He is the clear cut #1 choice for me, but I want to see the “dominating” trait that most star centers have. Defensively, he can alter the shot consistently. He is pretty mobile for a 7’0” and can switch onto guards if necessary. If Ayton develops the aggressor mentality, he could be the best center in the league for a long time. Player Comparison: Patrick Ewing


2. Marvin Bagley III


Bagley’s energy and intensity he brings is one of the best in the draft. He will continuously battle in the paint for offensive boards and out jumps people consistently. My knock on him is the lack of a right hand and a terrible defender. He struggled mightily on the defensive end and looked lost at times. I think Coach K recognized his lack of defense and was the main reason they only played zone instead of going back and forth. He also tries to force his left hand on shots to overcompensate for his lack of polish with his right. He might be the best offensively dominant players in the draft who can run like a gazelle in the open court, but defensively, he is a work in progress. Player Comparison: More explosive Zach Randolph


3. Jaren Jackson Jr.


Jackson was the 2nd guy I scouted most throughout the year. I watched a lot of game tape and his defense really impressed me. He is so long and has a knack for finding the ball. His defense is what will keep him on the floor in big-game situations. Offensively, his shot is what got all of the attention, shooting 39% from 3, but his post game needs some work. He is very one-dimensional in regards to moves in the paint. He doesn’t have a sweeping hook or really much else besides the drop step or the spin when moving downhill. If he fixes up some of the lack of polish and discipline in his game, he could be the best player out of this draft, because of his incredible defense and ability to stretch the floor. Player Comparison: Myles Turner with better defense


4. Mohamed Bamba


Mo Bamba has the most intrigue in regards to his body. If he can bulk up, he will be incredible. He is a little soft on both ends of the floor and shies away from contact, but he is 7’0” with a 7’10” wingspan. He can absolutely tantalize defenders and driving guards with his size. He has been working on his jump shot throughout the entire summer, and while that is well-documented, I need to see it in a real game situation. If he adds that to his game, he can be one of the best players in this league. He is just missing the toughness that the NBA demands. He is definitely a top-5 prospect, but where he is on that 1-5 scale really just depends on the team’s opinion on his boom or bust potential. Player Comparison: Rudy Gobert


5. Luka Doncic


This one is tough just because it is hard to find game tape on Doncic. I watched his FIBA game versus Marc Gasol and Spain, as my only tape on him. After really diving into him and seeing what others said, and watching highlights, the first thing that jumps off the page is his ability to do it all. He is 6’8”, but has handles like a point guard, rebounds like a forward, and can shoot like a pure shooter. I have some concerns in regards to the number of dribbles it takes him to get comfortable, as well as his tendency to settle when a lane is available. He is by far the most balanced prospect, but his offensive game needs some crafting so that he is comfortable driving and breaking down players 1-on-1 to get to the rim. Defensively, he is average. In order to guard top NBA players, he has a lot of work to do, but that is for 95% of all prospects. His wingspan is my only real concern defensively because it doesn’t give him the safety net in case he does get beat. Player Comparison: Lamar Odom


6. Wendell Carter Jr.


Carter is the first prospect where the draft falls off on. 1-5 is very strong and then 6-9 are the guys who can either settle for being role players or boom into studs. Carter’s biggest strength, in my opinion, is his ability to fit alongside anyone. If he needs to be a bruiser, he will. If he needs to hit the midrange and deep jumpers, he can. Versatility and adaptability are huge. He reminds me of a Jayson Tatum prospect, a guy who comes in and is definitely NBA ready with a high-floor to make an immediate impact. He is not an elite athlete, and won’t outjump guys or put them on posters. He is a very low-key guy who can come in and fill a need. I really like Wendell Carter and he could be the difference-maker on a team trying to make a push for the playoffs. Player Comparison: Al Horford


7. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander


Shai is one of the prospects who had a fantastic second half of the season and is the reason he is even in the lottery discussion. This is one of my favorite prospects that isn’t a Spartan because of his length and craftiness to score. He is a 6’6” point guard with a 7’0” wingspan. The only major concern I have is physicality, but as he develops, I think that will come with it as well. At Kentucky, he seemed to shy away from contact and use flair to get his shot off. Gilgeous-Alexander has the potential to be the best point guard out of this class, and although he isn’t there yet, I see him doing that by the end of year 2 in the league. Player Comparison: More explosive Michael Carter-Williams


8. Trae Young


Young is the ultimate boom-or-bust prospect. As mentioned earlier, this year’s draft class has a lot of those type prospects, especially in the 6-9 range. Trae lit up the college scene and even had his own stat tracker on ESPN. This is the first “star” we’ve seen model their game off of Steph Curry, instead of the traditional Lebron, Shaq, MJ, Kobe etc. His shooting ability is unbelievable but question marks arise when you look at efficiency. His defense is where the major concerns come. He looks lazy and as if he doesn’t care, but he also is not a big body and isn’t quick enough to stay with the star point guards in the league. Offensively, he can get hot in a minute, but the jury is still out on if he can be efficient in the NBA. Player Comparison: Less skilled Steph Curry


9. Kevin Knox


Knox is another prime example of Calipari limiting everyone’s ability in order to make the team better. He was limited to being almost a spot-up shooter with limited driving chances. When he did drive, he was pretty effective. He has some awkwardness with him when it comes to his polish on offense, but I think when he can display his entire arsenal, he will be more comfortable. His floor is a 3-and-D prospect, but I see him being able to do more off the dribble. Player Comparison: Brandon Ingram


10. Michael Porter Jr.


Porter’s college campaign was underwhelming due to injury. He played 2 minutes before getting hurt, and then he returned in March, he was clearly out of shape. That makes it hard to scout him because now I had to revert back to high school. In high school, he was a prolific scorer who could shoot from anywhere. If that remains true, he will be an incredible stretch-4 who can create his own shot from 3. One major concern I have is his toughness and grit. He looks complacent at times and doesn’t show the tenacity of other guys above him. He severely lacks in basketball IQ, but his talent is unquestionable. The injury concerns/durability makes sense but for me, the pause comes at the lack of IQ and complacency. Player Comparison: Harrison Barnes

11. Miles Bridges



Bridges, along with Jackson, I have watched a lot of. I am higher on him because of the potential I saw at 2 years at MSU. He can shoot the ball efficiently and has no problem firing from anywhere. The concern I see a lot is the “fit” in the NBA. Partly due to the fact that Coach Izzo played him at the 4 at times when Bridges is more natural at the 3. He can play the small 4, but he needs to be the #2 or #3 option. Bridges is not going to be the #1 player on a championship team, but I don’t think you look for that at 8-12. Bridges will come in and if he goes to Philadelphia, which I think is the best fit in the draft, he could be the 3rd option on a team that makes it out of the Eastern Conference. Player Comparison: Tobias Harris

12. Mikal Bridges



I’m lower on Bridges than most, and that is because of his limited ceiling. While I am low, I could also see him win ROTY depending on where he goes. He is very pro-ready but I don’t think he has much more potential to develop into. I could see his best year in the league being like Kyle Kuzma, and while most teams would love that, I just don’t see the potential. He is the definition of a 3-and-D prospect and he has a winning pedigree to him. I’m worried about his potential and his fire. He looks lazy or complacent at times. Player Comparison: Robert Covington


13. Collin Sexton


Sexton is one of those guys I just love watching. I am a sucker for passion and energy and Sexton is all about that. His hustle and will to win is so impressive, where it makes up for his lack of pure talent. This is one of my favorite developmental prospects to keep an eye on. His shot still needs work, but he did connect on free throws at a pretty good clip. I’m worried about his decision-making and his tendency to force it, more than I am about the shot. In my opinion, he is one of the guys who it is vital he goes to a good fit for his style of play. Player Comparison: Patrick Beverley


14. Robert Williams


Robert Williams is another great example of boom or bust. His pure talent gives us a lot to like about him, but his motor and willingness to get better is concerning. He just seems very awkward when doing anything but dunking. I think he could be a very good 4 if he can get smoother offensively, but right now his game is more fit for a 5. At only 6’10” that is a little concerning. Williams’ success will be heavily dependent on the place he goes. ESPN compared him to Clint Capela, but I don’t think he will be as effective defensively. Player Comparison: Deandre Jordan


15. Lonnie Walker IV


16. Zhaire Smith


17. Troy Brown


18. Kevin Huerter

19. Donte DiVincenzo


20. Grayson Allen

21. Dzanan Musa


22. Aaron Holiday


23. Mitchell Robinson

24. Jerome Robinson

25. Elie Okobo

26. De’Anthony Melton

27. Keita Bates-Diop

28. Josh Okogie

29. Khyri Thomas

30. Jalen Brunson


Dylan Stagge NBA Big Board 1.0

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  1. Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic has the full package. He has size, can pass the ball, and can shoot; everything you want from a modern NBA guard. He has an array of stepbacks and dribble moves that allow him to get open. His game is insanely smooth and has the potential to be an offensive superstar in a league that continues to move toward positionless basketball. Doncic has proven himself in professional basketball over the past few years, winning Euroleague MVP, Liga ACB MVP, the Euroleague championship, and is working on the Liga ACB championship. Keep in mind both of these leagues have better quality competition than college basketball. He also has the drive, passion, and leadership to become a leader for an NBA team very quickly. The biggest question with Doncic is his explosiveness. Even if he is not able to develop that in the NBA, Doncic still has enough passing and shooting skills to make him a good offensive player. He may not be the most physically gifted player in this class, but Doncic certainly has the highest floor. Player Comparison: James Harden

2. Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba has the highest ceiling in the draft, which is why he is my #2 prospect. With a 7’0” height and a 7’10” wingspan, he already has the tools to be an elite rim protector. But the parts of Bamba’s game that make him so intriguing are his raw ability to put the ball on the floor and to shoot it, along with his quickness. He has shown flashes of all of these modern NBA big traits. With the right franchise to develop those traits and add some pounds to his frame, Bamba should become an absolute beast. Player Comparison: Myles Turner

3. Deandre Ayton

Ayton has all the physical tools to be an NBA center, and if this was 5-6 years ago, Ayton would be #1 on my big board. However, times have changed in the NBA, and traditional centers like Ayton are on the way out. If you are selecting at #1, you want a player who has a chance to be the best player on a championship team. The last time a traditional center won a Finals MVP? 2005 (Tim Duncan). The last time one was even a top 4 player on a championship team? 2014 (Tim Duncan). Ayton can bully guys in the paint like Shaq, but the future of the NBA says big men have to either shoot the 3 or create their own shot. Player Comparison: Shaquille O’Neal

4. Marvin Bagley III

Marvin Bagley is an offensive superstar. He can score inside and outside and looked unstoppable on offense during his short time at Duke. He has the capability to take over games, can put it on the floor, and can develop a 3 point jumper. The biggest question for Bagley is whether his offensive skills will develop enough to make up for his lack of defense. He has the body and quickness to become a decent defender, but he needs to show some effort first. Player Comparison: Zach Randolph

5. Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jackson has been called the first true 3 and D big man prospect. Like Bamba, he also needs to fill out his frame. If he does, he could easily grab 10+ rebounds a game. However, Jackson’s biggest downside is his offensive versatility. Can he score inside? It definitely does not look natural for him. Is he a good enough scorer to take over a game? It doesn’t look like he can right now. Jackson will have a role on any team because of his promising shot, but if he can become a better all-around scorer, Jackson could be the best big man in this class. Player Comparison: Nerlens Noel (but can shoot)

6. Michael Porter Jr.

Michael Porter would be in the top 3 conversation if not for this season’s injury and the back problems of late. Porter is can do it all on the offensive side, and at 6’11, he can fit at either the 3 or the 4. MPJ is the best pure scorer and shot creator in the class. However, the injuries have come up again lately and Porter struggled in his one game back from injury in the NCAA tournament. Teams will be taking a risk drafting MPJ, but they could find themselves the best scorer in the 2018 draft class. Player Comparison: Jayson Tatum

7. Trae Young

Trae Young can also fill up the basket. Averaging 30 a game, he carried Oklahoma to the tournament. His range is definitely not an issue, and he also showed his passing abilities with about 8 assists per game. His production fell off near the end of the season, but that was because more because of the great guard play in the Big 12 and opponents focusing more on him. The biggest problem for Young in the NBA will be his size, especially as PGs only continue to get bigger. I still believe Young can find a role because of his shooting and playmaking, but he will have to get quicker to overcome his lack of size and take his game to the next level. Player Comparison: Steph Curry

8. Wendell Carter Jr.

Carter gives you everything you want from a modern NBA big. He can dribble, has post moves, and has potential shooting the ball. His physicality and athleticism are lacking compared to the top 4 bigs though. Carter will be able to find himself a role on any team, but it is hard to say he can be even a top 3 option on a good team anytime soon. Player Comparison: Al Horford

9. Mikal Bridges

Bridges is probably the most well-rounded prospect in the draft, and a lot of that credit should go to Villanova coach Jay Wright. Bridges is the perfect 3 and D wing. He can shoot, and with his 7’2” wingspan, his defense is already very good. Bridges can also create his own shot. The biggest downside of Bridges, though, is that it is likely he has already hit his ceiling at 22 years old. He can help right away, but Mikal Bridges does not scream sky-high potential. Player Comparison: Robert Covington

10. Lonnie Walker IV

Lonnie Walker has risen quickly up draft boards this offseason, and for good reason. He is a combo guard with insane explosiveness. As a prospect, Walker is pretty raw. He needs his jumper to become more consistent. Walker also has the potential to be a great defender with a 6’10” wingspan. If a team wants a risk that could pay off with potential Donovan Mitchell type rewards, Lonnie Walker is that guy. Player Comparison: Donovan Mitchell

11. Kevin Knox

Knox has plenty of potential as a scoring forward. He is basically a poor man’s Michael Porter Jr. if he is off the board. This seems like a broken record, but Knox also has the tools to become a high-level defender. He is very smooth and loves to settle for jumpers, but the question is whether he can be effective in the NBA in the mid-range. Player Comparison: Tobias Harris

12. Miles Bridges-

Miles Bridges offers a little bit of everything for an NBA team. He is a solid shooter and has some potential to create his own shot and be a solid defender. He’s not great at any one thing though. He will still be able to find a role on an NBA team though. Player Comparison: Draymond Green

13. Collin Sexton

Sexton is a score first point guard that plays like he is the best player on the floor. Sometimes, that leads him to bad shots, but he was good enough to do it in college and needed to for Alabama. The biggest question for him is whether he is good enough to play the same way in the NBA. He has the speed, quickness, and length to at least become a great defender though. Player Comparison: Eric Bledsoe

14. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

SGA has the potential to become an absolute monster in the NBA. Standing at 6’6 with a 6’11 wingspan as a PG, he is physically ready to take on any PG matchup. He also has some great skills getting to the basket on the offensive side. However, his jumper is very bad and he almost looks lazy and slow when he has the ball in his hands. If he had the intensity of a Collin Sexton or Luka Doncic, he would be much higher on my board. Player Comparison: Shaun Livingston

15. Zhaire Smith

16. Robert Williams

17. Aaron Holiday

18. Chandler Hutchison

19. Mitchell Robinson

20. Elie Okobo

21. Donte Divencenzo

22. Khyri Thomas

23. Kevin Huerter

24. Troy Brown

25. Grayson Allen

26. Jacob Evans

27. Dzanan Musa

28. Moritz Wagner

29. Jalen Brunson

30. Jerome Robinson

NBA Mock Draft 4.0 Post-Finals

First mock draft since the NBA Finals are over! Congratulations to the 2018 NBA Champion: Golden State Warriors!

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  1. Suns- Deandre Ayton, C Arizona
  2. Kings- Marvin Bagley III, PF/C Duke
  3. Hawks- Jaren Jackson Jr. PF/C Michigan State
  4. Grizzlies-  Luka Doncic, SF Slovenia
  5. Mavericks- Mohamed Bamba, PF/C Texas
  6. Magic- Trae Young, PG Oklahoma
  7. Bulls- Michael Porter Jr, SF Missouri
  8. Cavaliers (via Nets)- Mikal Bridges, SF Villanova
  9. Knicks- Collin Sexton, PG Alabama
  10. 76ers (via Lakers)-  Wendell Carter, PF Duke
  11. Hornets- Miles Bridges, SF Michigan State
  12. Clippers (via Pistons)- Kevin Knox, SF Kentucky
  13. Clippers- Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG Kentucky
  14. Nuggets- Lonnie Walker, SG Miami
  15. Wizards- Zhaire Smith, SF Texas Tech
  16. Suns (via Heat)- Robert Williams, PF/C Texas A&M
  17. Bucks- Donte DiVincenzo, SG Villanova
  18. Spurs-  Troy Brown, SG Oregon
  19. Hawks- Keita Bates-Diop, SF Ohio State
  20. Timberwolves- Kevin Huerter, SG Maryland
  21. Jazz- Elie Okobo, PG France
  22. Bulls- Khyri Thomas, SG Creighton
  23. Pacers- Chandler Hutchison, SF Boise State
  24. Trail Blazers- De’Anthony Melton, SF USC
  25. Lakers (via Cavaliers)- Grayson Allen, SG Duke
  26. 76ers- Dzanan Musa, SF Bosnia
  27. Celtics- Aaron Holiday, PG UCLA
  28. Warriors- Jerome Robinson, PG Boston College
  29. Nets (via Raptors)- Mitchell Robinson, C USA
  30. Hawks (via Rockets)- Jacob Evans, SG Cincinnati