NFL Mock Draft 2.0

1. Browns Sam Darnold QB USC
2. Giants Josh Rosen QB UCLA
3. Colts Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
4. Browns (via Texans) Minkah Fitzpatrick CB Alabama
5. Broncos Josh Allen QB Wyoming
6. Jets Denzel Ward CB Ohio State
7. Buccaneers Bradley Chubb DE NC State
8. Bears Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame
9. 49ers Tremaine Edmunds LB Virginia Tech
10. Raiders Roquan Smith LB Georgia
11. Dolphins Arden Key DE LSU
12. Bengals Derwin James S Florida State
13. Redskins Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma
14. Packers Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame
15. Cardinals Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
16. Ravens Calvin Ridley WR Alabama
17. Chargers Courtland Sutton WR SMU
18. Seahawks Da’Ron Payne DT Alabama
19. Cowboys Josh Jackson CB Iowa
20. Lions Derrius Guice RB LSU
21. Bills Maurice Hurst DT Michigan
22. Bills (via Chiefs) Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
23. Rams Isaiah Oliver CB Colorado
24. Panthers Conor Williams OT Texas
25. Titans Vita Vea DT Washington
26. Falcons Marcus Davenport DE UTSA
27. Saints Harold Landry DE Boston College
28. Steelers Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State
29. Jaguars James Washington WR Oklahoma State
30. Vikings Billy Price OG Ohio State
31. Patriots Kolton Miller OT UCLA
32. Eagles Will Hernandez OG UTEP

NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (Top 20 Picks only)

By: Jason Gandhi


Here is my first NFL mock draft of the year! I will be doing these throughout the next couple of months up until draft day. This first one is only the top 20 because those are the only picks that are finalized for the order. Also, before I begin, I would like to apologize for the long delay in posting. The five of us have been swamped with schoolwork, but we will try to put more out for you guys, as much as we can.

Here is the NFL Mock Draft 1.0 by Jason Gandhi:

1. Browns Sam Darnold QB USC
2. Giants Josh Rosen QB UCLA
3. Colts Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
4. Browns (via Texans) Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Alabama
5. Broncos Josh Allen QB Wyoming
6. Jets Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
7. Buccaneers Bradley Chubb DE NC State
8. Bears Calvin Ridley WR Alabama
9. 49ers Denzel Ward DB Ohio State
10. Raiders Roquan Smith LB Georgia
11. Dolphins Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma
12. Bengals Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame
13. Redskins Derwin James S Florida State
14. Packers Arden Key DE/OLB LSU
15. Cardinals Lamar Jackson QB Louisville
16. Ravens Courtland Sutton WR SMU
17. Chargers Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame
18. Seahawks Josh Jackson DB Iowa
19. Cowboys Da’Ron Payne DT Alabama
20. Lions Derrius Guice RB Alabama

Jason’s Hits and Misses–NFL

By: Jason Gandhi

Everyone made their preseason picks and thought they would be right. So, when the 2017 NFL season came to a close, I went and looked back at what predictions I had for each team. All of my predictions are below from the preseason, but above that, I have highlighted my 3 biggest hits and misses on the predictions. Check it out!


1. Jaguars

I was all in on the Jags this offseason. The Calais Campbell signing turned out to be as crucial as I predicted, but the part I was spot on about, was the Blake Bortles improvement. Lowest INT’s of his career and looked comfortable FINALLY. Sacksonville was definitely my biggest hit!  Predicted: 11-5 Actual: 10-6

2. Chargers

Although the Chargers missed the playoffs, they still had a much improved season. Rivers got his weapons to stay healthy and Bosa and Ingram locked down opponents. I thought they would finish 2nd in the division and that’s exactly what they did. I had them just missing the playoffs, so the new LA Chargers were a big hit for my preseason prediction. Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 9-7

3. Panthers

People were unsure of the Panthers this season coming in. No one knew if they would put it all together and win. I was buying the McCaffrey hype and he brought a different flair to the Panthers offense. Steve Wilks has got the D rolling, and they are in the playoffs, just like I predicted. Predicted: 10-6 Actual: 11-5


1. Eagles

So now the part comes where everyone loves to read when I was wrong. Well, it was an UGLY NFC for me. 3 of the 4 division winners I was wrong about. But first the Eagles. Carson Wentz accelerated his development but the offseason additions of LeGarrette Blount and Alshon Jeffrey seemed to work when I was not so sure. Fly Eagles Fly, 3 words I didn’t think I would be saying this time of the year. Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 13-3

2. Rams

Goff surprised me. I’ll just say it. Partner of the group, Dylan Stagge will be quick to tell you that I said I don’t know how the Rams can win more than 4 games this year. Todd Gurley returned to stardom, Goff was fantastic and Sean McVay is providing hope for every young aspiring coach. The bright lights of LA blinded me this year. Predicted: 3-13 Actual: 11-5

3. Saints

Alvin Kamara. They played defense FINALLY. Those two things woke up New Orleans and led them to win the division. I didn’t buy the defense, I didn’t see it working out, but WOW was I wrong? Kamara and Ingram ran all over defenses, and Brees was Brees. Now, they take on my 3rd hit so it will be a battle of was it a bigger hit or miss in the NFC South? Predicted: 8-8 Actual: 11-5

Hits and Misses NFL My projected record Actual record Mine/Actual finish in division
AFC East
Patriots 13-3 13-3 1/1
Dolphins 9-7 6-10 2/3
Bills 5-11 9-7 3/2
Jets 1-15 5-11 4/4
AFC North
Steelers 12-4 13-3 1/1
Bengals 8-8 7-9 2/3
Ravens 6-10 9-7 3/2
Browns 4-12 0-16 4/4
AFC South
Jaguars 11-5 10-6 1/1
Titans 10-6 9-7 2/2
Colts 7-9 4-12 3/3
Texans 4-12 4-12 4/4
AFC West
Raiders 11-5 6-10 1/3
Chargers 8-8 9-7 2/2
Chiefs 8-8 10-6 3/1
Broncos 6-10 5-11 4/4
NFC East
Cowboys 10-6 9-7 1/2
Giants 9-7 3-13 2/4
Redskins 9-7 7-9 3/3
Eagles 8-8 13-3 4/1
NFC North
Packers 11-5 7-9 1/3
Vikings 9-7 13-3 2/1
Lions 8-8 9-7 3/2
Bears 4-12 5-11 4/4
NFC South
Panthers 10-6 11-5 1/2
Falcons 10-6 10-6 2/3
Buccaneers 10-6 5-11 3/4
Saints 8-8 11-5 4/1
NFC West
Cardinals 11-5 8-8 1/3
Seahawks 10-6 9-7 2/2
Rams 3-13 11-5 3/1
49ers 1-15 6-10 4/4


What Kobe Meant to Me

By: Jason Gandhi


Mamba Mentality.


The words that could motivate the 10-year-old like nothing else. Those two words drove him further than any person he had ever met. That kid was me.


Kobe Bryant was my idol. I stayed up countless nights as a little kid, past my bedtime, just to get a glimpse of what he did that night. I didn’t know I loved basketball until he left the game. I knew I loved Kobe, but I thought that was it. Kobe made me fall in love with the game.


When I was younger, it was all about trying to replicate his every move. I was never into legos or those kinds of things. My toy was the “Mamba Mentality”. I would go outside and work on the infamous turnaround jumper from the elbow or reenact the game-winning shot Kobe hit the night before.  It was what I loved.


The obsession didn’t end with his moves on the floor. Kobe influenced my life off the floor. I bought eleven of his jerseys, from high school to Christmas games, and had countless shirts and shorts of Kobe apparel. I could not get enough of it. I went to every game for the past 5 years when Kobe came to Indy and idolized him right behind the bench every single time.


But, I grew up. I realized 5’10”, skinny and average talent doesn’t get you to the NBA. But that didn’t stop the love of basketball. I turned the mentality from trying to master Kobe’s moves to try to pick his brain and WHY he made the move he made, as he was one of the smartest people I have ever seen.  I listened to every postgame press conference, every interview, just to try and understand a glimpse of what the Mamba Mentality was.


I continued to watch every game and study. But then “Dear Basketball” came out. I remember sitting on my couch shocked that Kobe was finally calling it quits. This season would be the last time I could watch my idol take the floor. When he came to Indiana, that was the best game I have ever been to. The atmosphere and the way Kobe willed his team back in the game one last time in person left me starstruck. He threw me his water bottle that night, and I use that as a symbol to go forward. I have it on my desk to push me along with that “Mamba Mentality”.


On Mamba Day, April 13th, 2016, it was the final time. I was up until 4:24 AM that night. It was the perfect culmination. It was just like my childhood days. Staying up past my bedtime… to get a glimpse of what he did that night.


Kobe Bryant pushed me and will continue to push me to wherever my life takes me. He has no idea the impact he had, and since we have never had a conversation, he never will know. But, I didn’t have to meet him… it was the way he carried himself and how I was shaped because of it.


It was and always will be the Mamba Mentality.



10 Questions–Football (NFL Week 14)

This is my new series “10 Questions” that I will be doing ideally every week! Dylan joins me this week. There will be a football and a basketball one each week. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you want to see anything else!


    1. Which bowl before the new year will be the best game?
      1. Jason– USC vs. Ohio State. Two teams that believed they were worthy to be in the 4th spot in the CFP. Now they get to square off! This could be the final game for Sam Darnold in a Trojan uniform… As for JK Dobbins on the Buckeyes side, this could be a game to have momentum rolling into his sophomore season. I’m rolling with Darnold and the Trojans in a PHENOMENAL game!
      2. Dylan– The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. This is not a debate. This should be close- it’s a Pick-Em game at some places. Future NFL QB Josh Allen will be slinging it against the Chippewas of Central Michigan on a blue field. What could be better?
    2. Who should be the Heisman Trophy Winner?


  • Jason- Baker Mayfield. He has been the only consistent force and the only guy to truly will his team to victory. Dan, a member of the Sportz Sermon, would argue there would not be too much of a drop off with Kyler Murray at the helm, but I can’t get behind it. Lamar Jackson and Bryce Love do not have the wins as Dylan also mentioned, so it has to be Baker.


      1. Dylan- Baker Mayfield. Every other playoff team has a top 6 defense. Oklahoma does not. Baker Mayfield carried this team to the playoff behind 4340 yards, 46 total TDs, and only 5 INTs. Saquon Barkley fell off after September and Stanford and Louisville weren’t good enough for Bryce Love or Lamar Jackson to win.
    1. Which January 1st bowl will be the best?


  • Jason- Georgia vs. Oklahoma. I had to go with the 2-3 matchup. Jake Fromm and Nick Chubb will have to get going FAST in order to keep up with Baker Mayfield and the high-flying Sooners offense. Georgia’s defense will be the X-Factor though. If they can slow down Baker, Georgia will come out on top. If not, the Bulldogs will be on the field A LOT trying to slow him down.


      1. Dylan- Alabama vs. Clemson. It’s definitely between the two playoff games, but these teams match up once again and it should be another thriller.
    1. What team exceeded your expectations?


  • Jason- Miami. I was very shocked to see the season they had. I thought Clemson and Florida State would be the two dominant forces. Obviously, we know what FSU did, but Miami did not disappoint. Great season by Coach Richt and the Miami Hurricanes.


      1. Dylan- Georgia. They are so balanced and have a great offense and defense. They were so consistent on both sides of the ball all year long and are led by a freshman QB who only had 5 picks on the season! We knew Georgia would be good, but not playoff good.
    1. What team underwhelmed this season?


  • Jason- Oklahoma State. Florida State is the obvious pick, but I knew Dylan would roll with them. Oklahoma State had college football playoff aspirations going into the season and now are not even in a New Year’s Six bowl. I can’t comprehend how Mike Gundy got a raise and extension after that disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, Gundy is a fantastic coach, I just do not understand the timing.


      1. Dylan- There are plenty of teams to pick from, but I have to go with Florida State. They were projected to go to the playoff preseason but lost Deondre Francois in game 1.  It just went downhill from there, and now Jimbo Fisher is gone. What a slide for the Seminoles.
    1. Who’s the best team in the NFC?


  • Jason- The Eagles. The Rams and Vikings are not too far off though. My only concern with the Eagles is that they could crumble in big games. We saw it against the Seahawks and it’s reason to be concerned in the playoffs. But for now, I’m still rolling with Philly.


      1. Dylan- It’s still the Eagles. They were just a few big plays away from being right in that Sunday night game against the Seahawks. However, the NFC is very tight (all playoff teams range from 10-2 to 8-4) so the hottest team around playoff team will be the one to make it to the Super Bowl.
    1. What are your thoughts on the Gronk suspension?


  • Jason- It does not make sense. The consistency in the NFL with the suspensions is just non-existent. I cannot justify this hit, that is one of the dirtiest plays in the last 5 years, as being better than two guys chasing each other for a chain. It just is not consistent at all. It should have been a 4 game suspension, and then at best appealed down to 2 games. Crabtree and Talib started at 2 and got reduced to 1… They need to give us some kind of benchmark that accurately shows how these suspensions are given.


      1. Dylan- It was fair. Gronk deserved it. I believe him when he says he doesn’t stand for these things. Gronk is a good guy overall. But he let his emotions get the best of him. A one-game suspension is a fair punishment.
    1. Has the Steelers-Bengals rivalry gone too far?


  • Jason- Not yet. It is getting close. I understand it’s football, but that goes to a certain extent. Antonio Brown’s comments after the game, “Karma”, is not okay and they need to monitor this. Retaliation is already beginning and it needs to be put to an end.


      1. Dylan- No, it’s football. Everyone who had an illegal hit was properly punished. Everyone knows the consequences of a dirty hit, if they want to do it it’s their choice.
    1. Are the Chargers legit?


  • Jason- No. They are good enough to compete in the sorry AFC West, but not past that. They are clearly the worst of the 4 division winners, if they win it, and would not advance past the Divisional round even if they hit their stride. The offense is playing well, but they have had too many issues over the last year and a half for me to be comfortable.


      1. Dylan- Yes they are. They finally figured out how to win close games and dominated their last 3. Their defense has only given up over 21 points once over the last 7 weeks and Phillip Rivers is catching fire. The Chargers will win the AFC West.
    1. Can the Jags offense take them far enough with the amazing defense?


  • Jason- The Jaguars are good enough to go to the AFC championship… just not this year. They are too young. They have the 2nd most talent in the AFC. The inexperience will catch up to them in the playoffs, but this could be the beginning of a dynasty. I don’t want to hear the hate on Bortles. He is definitely not a top 10 QB, but he has proved this season he is a good enough QB to get them there. This is just one year early for a Jaguars run in the playoffs. Divisional round at best.


    1. Dylan- The Jags are definitely a playoff team and might even win a game in the playoffs with how bad the bottom 4 seeds in the AFC might be. To say they are real contenders to come out of the AFC is a joke though. They have losses to the Jets and Cardinals and are 1-2 vs. 8-4 or better teams. Not to mention, Blake Bortles has seen snowfall one time in his life. Imagine him traveling to Pittsburgh or New England for a playoff game.

10 Questions–Basketball 11/30-12/6

This is my new series “10 Questions” that I will be doing ideally every week! There will be a football and a basketball one each week. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you want to see anything else!


  1. What’s next for the Ball family?


Lonzo will keep doing what he’s doing with the Lakers. The latest development with LiAngelo will not alter his status. For the other brothers, obviously, LiAngelo is most affected. According to Lavar, he will not be transferring to another school, so that begs the question as to what his other options are? Well, he can go overseas and play for a living in Europe. He could also train here with his own people and get ready for the draft. The only issue with that is that he was only a 3-star prospect, so he was not as highly touted as some people think. He will have to improve tremendously in order to have a legitimate chance to get drafted. Mitchell Robinson is also not going to college and preparing for the draft, but the difference is he was a 5-star and a top center in his class. For LaMelo, his eligibility is definitely in question. The Ball’s will have to prove he did not receive any compensation from Big Baller Brand, but more importantly from his signature shoe. He is also helping set up “pop-up shops” with Lavar, so with all the money and deals swirling around him, they will have to prove his eligibility. If he is eligible the plan, as of now, is for LaMelo to still attend UCLA.

2. Which Arizona team is legit?



Who knows at this point? We do know they have the talent to run the table. Allonzo Trier and Deandre Ayton are top 25 players in the nation and they have good surrounding pieces. The confusing part of the Wildcats is just consistency. They are coming off a huge win over the #7 team in the country in the Texas A&M Aggies. Only Allonzo Trier only took 7 shots and 7 points. Yet, Dusan Ristic had 13 points and was a big reason Arizona stayed in the game. On the flipside, when the Wildcats played NC State and lost in the 1st round of the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament, Trier was on fire. He had 27 points and 5 rebounds. Ristic had 11 points and 6 rebounds, so not a bad game but still was not as dominant. We know Ayton will be the leader of the team, but why is Trier not producing in wins? That’s the confusing part. Arizona will still be an elite 8 team come March, but it’s definitely a storyline that needs to be watched.

3. What’s the ceiling for the Michigan State Spartans?



Michigan State comes in 7-1 and their only loss coming to the #1 team in the country Duke. As conference play begins, they routed Nebraska and got by Rutgers. This team has some ironing out to do, but this might be the most talented team in East Lansing since the infamous Flintstones. Jaren Jackson is a stud defensively and is finding his role in the offense. Miles Bridges is a superstar and one of the most fun players to watch in college basketball. Cassius Winston and Nick Ward being two of the most underrated players in the country, is a reason the Spartans are a legitimate contender to the Blue Devils and Jayhawks come tournament time. They could win the title.

4. How big is the gap between Duke and everyone else?



Every team goes through growing pains this early in the season. We’ve seen it with Arizona, Kentucky, Michigan State, Notre Dame and others. What’s the difference with Duke then? They find ways to win. Look at the Texas game… they did not play well in that and were down by 16 at one point. The difference is three people that are unlike any other in college basketball. Marvin Bagley III. Grayson Allen. Mike Krzyzewski. Bagley is the best freshman in the country and can take over games. Grayson Allen is the best senior in the country and has four years of success, heartbreak and growing pains to use as a base. Coach Krzyzewski is the best coach in college basketball. All of those three things add up as to why Duke is far and ahead the best team in college basketball.

5. What college basketball game are you most excited for this week?



Oklahoma vs. USC. Trae Young is leading Oklahoma with 28.7 points per game and a win over USC could be what Boomer Sooner needs to get rolling going into conference play. USC has extremely high expectations on them and this game will be a big one to help them move up the rankings if they can take down the Sooners.

6. Which player surprised the most so far?



Aaron Gordon. Who expected this? Aaron has had multiple 40 point games already and is surprising everyone. His points average is up 7 points and is shooting a better percentage. The Magic got off to a hot start and a lot of that is due to Gordon. The Magic might have found a true gem in the draft that just took some time to develop.

7. What to make of all the injuries?



Gordon Hayward, D’Angelo Russell, Zach Lavine, Derrick Rose, Nikola Jokic, Paul Millsap, Danilo Gallinari, Blake Griffin, Mike Conley, Hassan Whiteside, Jabari Parker, Anthony Davis, Kristaps Porzingis, Markelle Fultz, Jonathan Isaac, Kawhi Leonard, Rodney Hood, John Wall, Stephen Curry, Devin Booker… That list is a list of better than average players who have missed a significant amount of time. I probably missed a few as well… The injuries really have piled up and depleted some teams AKA Clippers. When these guys get back, the league will only get better.

8. Are the Rockets the best team in the West?


The Rockets are 7-0 since Chris Paul returned, and they’ve led by as many as 20 points in each of those seven wins… they have been unstoppable. CP3 and Harden are gelling and the team is forming around them. D’Antoni’s system is now in its 2nd year and coming together. The Rockets are finally putting pieces in place to rival the Warriors… They need one more addition and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a star but they just need one more solid piece to truly compete with the Warriors.

9. Who won the Pacers-Thunder trade looking back?


I don’t think either team won or lost. It was a great trade for both teams. I was one of the big believers in the Pacers got swindled. But looking back, both teams got what they needed. The Thunder got Paul George, which put them in the race for the West. Oladipo and Sabonis were not going to get them there. The Thunder have crunch time issues, but they wouldn’t be in crunch time without PG-13. The Pacers got youth and scorers. Sabonis is in his 2nd year in the NBA and Oladipo is a scoring machine. He is averaging more points than Paul George did for the Pacers. I know it’s early, but Oladipo could be an instrumental part of the return to greatness in Indiana. Both teams got better and are in a good position.

10. Is Bradley Beal enough to keep the Wizards competitive?



Bradley Beal DESTROYED the Trail Blazers Tuesday night and dropped 51. The night before Beal and the Wizards got DESTROYED by the Jazz and lost by 47. So which Beal is the real one and can he get the Wizards going? Well, we knew Beal needed to pick it up when John Wall got hurt and was sidelined for two weeks. I don’t think we should expect to see 50+ points from him a game, but 25-35 a night isn’t unrealistic. He was the #3 pick in the draft for the reason, and it’s now or never for him to fulfill that potential and keep the Wizards in the top 5 while Wall is sidelined.

Sportz Sermon Update

We have decided to take a break from the Sportz Sermon. We are planning on starting again in the Summer, but for now, the everyday posts are coming to a close. Dan, Zach and Dylan will be taking a break and Jason will be writing once a week or so on here to still provide content. The group is not breaking up but instead taking a leave of absence. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read our articles, we appreciate your support!


Dan, Dylan, Jason and Zach