NFL Predictions Week 6

Thursday, October 12th

Eagles @ Panthers

Jason- Panthers 31-28

Dan- Eagles 38-35

Dylan- Panthers 27-20

Zach- Eagles 31-28

Sunday, October 15th

Dolphins @ Falcons

Jason- Falcons 29-13

Dan- Falcons 42-34

Dylan- Falcons 30-10

Zach- Falcons 31-20

Packers @ Vikings

Jason- Packers 34-23

Dan- Packers 31-21

Dylan- Packers 28-13

Zach- Packers 30-23

Lions @ Saints

Jason- Saints 31-27

Dan- Lions 34-28

Dylan- Lions 35-31

Zach- Lions 28-27

Patriots @ Jets

Jason- Patriots 27-19

Dan- Patriots 38-17

Dylan- Patriots 31-14

Zach- Patriots 35-17

49ers @ Redskins

Jason- 49ers 13-7

Dan- Redskins 28-24

Dylan- Redskins 31-17

Zach- Redskins 27-17

Bears @ Ravens

Jason- Ravens 27-10

Dan- Ravens 31-21

Dylan- Ravens 21-13

Zach- Bears 20-17

Browns @ Texans

Jason- Texans 24-21

Dan- Texans 38-27

Dylan- Texans 38-20

Zach- Texans 34-17

Rams @ Jaguars

Jason- Rams 22-16

Dan- Jaguars 28-24

Dylan- Rams 26-19

Zach- Jaguars 28-13

Buccaneers @ Cardinals

Jason- Buccaneers 34-21

Dan- Buccaneers 31-27

Dylan- Bucs 34-17

Zach- Buccaneers 30-20

Chargers @ Raiders

Jason- Chargers 17-13

Dan- Raiders 35-31

Dylan- Raiders 27-17

Zach- Chargers 24-21

Steelers @ Chiefs

Jason- Steelers 37-17

Dan- Chiefs 35-34

Dylan- Chiefs 34-20

Zach- Chiefs 31-24

Giants @ Broncos

Jason- Broncos 13-6

Dan- Broncos 24-13

Dylan- Broncos 20-3

Zach- Broncos 24-14


Monday, October 16th

Colts @ Titans

Jason- Titans 31-10

Dan- Titans 28-21

Dylan- Titans 24-20

Zach- Colts 27-24




Player of the Week:

    Jason- Ben Roethlisberger

Dan- Tom Brady

Dylan- Matt Ryan

Zach- DeShaun Watson

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Mike Evans

Dan- Isaiah Crowell

Dylan- Kirk Cousins

Zach- TY Hilton

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Kirk Cousins

Dan- Le’veon Bell

Dylan- Carson Wentz

Zach- Jared Goff


NFL Takeaways Week 5

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- The Patriots and the Bills are the only contenders. Let’s not get too high on the Jets.

Dylan- In any other division, I’d be worried about the Patriots. Not in the AFC East.

Dan- Out of all the surprises, the Jets being 3-2 and tied with New England is by far the biggest.

Zach- Jay Cutler robbed the Dolphins of $10 million.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- The Steelers have some major holes… one might be their QB.

Dylan- The Bengals are right back in the race. Only 1 GB and the Steelers and Ravens have major holes

Dan- The Steelers have way too much talent to not win this division. These early season hiccups won’t affect much.

Zach- Ben Roethlisberger should have retired last offseason. As they say, once you think about retirement, you are already retired.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- The Jaguars defense is good off and on paper. (@Dylan… check out our podcasts on YouTube)

Dylan- This division is a crazy. I don’t believe the Jags are a playoff team. Deshaun Watson has a couple of tough games @Seattle and @LA coming up. The Titans and Colts are hanging on.

Dan- I don’t see the Colts winning the division even with Luck.

Zach- DeShaun Watson is going to give Kareem Hunt a run for his money for Rookie of the Year.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Raiders are one more game (before the bye) away from threatening to fail to make the playoffs.

Dylan- The Raiders are falling behind but should still be able to secure a playoff spot. No other team besides the division leaders and the Broncos are more talented.

Dan- Kansas City is for real but don’t be surprised to see them lose in the next few weeks. No NFL team is consistent.

Zach- The Raiders are not making the playoffs this year.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- The Cowboys are from out of it. They are playing well and it’s just a matter of time. They have a ton more talent than the Eagles.

Dylan- The Eagles are pulling away. If they beat the Panthers Thursday, they are here to stay.

Dan- Carson Wentz is proving why he is the best QB from his draft class.

Zach- Welcome to New York Josh Rosen!

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- Trubisky was shaky… but optimism is there in Chicago and that’s more than they’ve had in a while

Dylan- A big road win for the Packers and loss for the Lions has the Packers pulling away. The Vikings are lucky to be in the race. Expect them to fall off quickly.

Dan- Trubisky wasn’t terrible and that is normally good enough for Chicago when it comes to quarterbacks. They haven’t had a solid one in forever.

Zach- Although Trubisky didn’t play the best and threw a bad interception late in the game, there were definitely positives to pull away from it.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- The Bucs are playing good, but cannot wait much longer to start piling up wins.

Dylan- A couple of tough road wins put the Panthers at the top of the NFC South. If they can survive the next 4 weeks (Eagles, @Bears, @Bucs, Falcons), it’s easy riding for the rest of the way.

Dan- There were many flashbacks to MVP Cam these past two weeks.

Zach- I was hating on Cam earlier in the season, but the way he continues to win games is impressing me.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- I’m still not certain the Rams are for real.

Dylan- The Rams lose a tough one that would have gave them a huge cushion in the NFC West. With the Jags, Cardinals, and Giants next, they should bounce back quickly.

Dan- Peterson is still washed up. He will not come close to making up for Johnson.

Zach- It’s about time we see a little regression from Jared Goff’s amazing start to the season. He’s played unreal this year.

Player of the Week

Jason- Aaron Rodgers

Dylan- AJ Green

Dan- Leonard Fournette

Zach- Carson Wentz

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Ben Roethlisberger

Dylan- Aaron Jones

Dan- Marlon Mack

Zach- Davante Adams (played amazing after a horrific injury last week)

Bold Prediction

Jason- The Texans and Jags battle it out and take 2 playoff spots while the Raiders, Ravens, Bills etc. look on from the outside

Dylan- None of the current AFC Division leaders win their division

Dan- Houston finishes 9-7.

Zach- The Eagles finish 13-3.

NFL Week 4

Thursday, September 28th

Bears @ Packers

Jason- Packers 31-17

Dylan- Packers 27-21

Dan- Packers 35-13

Zach- Packers 31-20

Sunday, October 1st

Saints @ Dolphins

Jason- Dolphins 27-21

Dylan- Dolphins 21-17

Dan- Saints 31-17

Zach- Dolphins 27-24

Bills @ Falcons

Jason- Falcons 34-10

Dylan- Falcons 50-3

Dan- Falcons 41-14

Zach- Falcons 35-20

Bengals @ Browns

Jason- Bengals 17-14

Dylan- Bengals 24-14

Dan- Browns 24-21

Zach- Bengals 20-17

Rams @ Cowboys

Jason- Cowboys 37-21

Dylan- Cowboys 20-17

Dan- Cowboys 38-31

Zach- Cowboys 35-27

Lions @ Vikings

Jason- Vikings 28-24

Dylan- Lions 30-24

Dan- Vikings 27-24

Zach- Lions 30-27

Panthers @ Patriots

Jason- Patriots 31-10

Dylan- Patriots 27-10

Dan- Patriots 41-10

Zach- Patriots 35-13

Jaguars @ Jets

Jason- Jets 23-13

Dylan- Jaguars 20-6

Dan- Jaguars 34-21

Zach- Jaguars 27-17

Steelers @ Ravens

Jason- Steelers 31-23

Dylan- Steelers 21-17

Dan- Ravens 28-27

Zach- Steelers 31-17

Titans @ Texans

Jason- Titans 27-20

Dylan- Titans 30-24

Dan- Texans 31-27

Zach- Titans 28-21

49ers @ Cardinals

Jason- Cardinals 24-14

Dylan- Cardinals 35-13

Dan- Cardinals 28-17

Zach- Cardinals 31-17

Eagles @ Chargers

Jason- Chargers 30-23

Dylan- Eagles 24-20

Dan- Eagles 28-20

Zach- Eagles 28-24

Giants @ Buccaneers

Jason- Buccaneers 34-21

Dylan- Giants 30-21

Dan- Buccaneers 38-21

Zach- Buccaneers 31-28

Raiders @ Broncos

Jason- Raiders 48-20

Dylan- Broncos 30-24

Dan- Raiders 31-17

Zach- Broncos 24-21

Colts @ Seahawks

Jason- Seahawks 31-3

Dylan- Colts 28-24

Dan- Seahawks 34-17

Zach- Seahawks 38-21

Monday, October 2nd

Redskins @ Chiefs

Jason- Chiefs 27-10

Dylan- Chiefs 30-20

Dan- Chiefs 41-10

Zach- Chiefs 34-24


Player of the Week

    Jason- Derek Carr

Dylan- Eli Manning

Dan- Leonard Fournette

Zach- Kareem Hunt

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Chris Carson

Dylan- CJ Anderson

Dan- Mohamed Sanu

Zach- DeVante Parker

Fantasy Dud:

Jason- Terrelle Pryor

Dylan- Chris Carson

Dan- Jordan Howard

Zach- Amari Cooper

NFL Week 1 Predictions!

Thursday September 7th

  1. Chiefs @ Patriots
    1. Dylan- Patriots 31-10
    2. Jason- Patriots 27-10
    3. Munson- Patriots 31-20
    4. Dan- Patriots 28-13

Sunday September 10th

  1. Raiders @ Titans
    1. Dylan- Titans 38-30
    2. Jason- Titans 31-27
    3. Munson- Titans 35-31
    4. Dan- Raiders 34-31
  2. Jets @ Bills
    1. Dylan- Bills 14-9
    2. Jason- Bills 17-10
    3. Munson- Bills 17-13
    4. Dan- Bills 20-7
  3. Falcons @ Bears
    1. Dylan- Falcons 35-17
    2. Jason- Falcons 34-10
    3. Munson- Falcons 38-10
    4. Dan- Falcons 41-20
  4. Ravens @ Bengals
    1. Dylan- Bengals 20-14
    2. Jason- Bengals 24-14
    3. Munson- Bengals 27-21
    4. Dan- Bengals 28-27
  5. Steelers @ Browns
    1. Dylan- Steelers 27-10
    2. Jason- Steelers 38-3
    3. Munson- Steelers 38-10
    4. Dan- Steelers 48-13
  6. Cardinals @ Lions
    1. Dylan- Lions 31-28
    2. Jason- Cardinals 24-21
    3. Munson- Lions 35-28
    4. Dan- Cardinals 31-27
  7. Jaguars @ Texans
    1. Dylan- Texans 24-20
    2. Jason- Jaguars 21-10
    3. Munson- Texans 17-14
    4. Dan- Texans 28-24
  8. Eagles @ Redskins
    1. Dylan- Eagles 34-24
    2. Jason- Eagles 24-20
    3. Munson- Redskins 28-24
    4. Dan- Redskins 21-20
  9. Colts @ Rams
    1. Dylan- Rams 24-19
    2. Jason- Rams 21-6
    3. Munson- Rams 24-9
    4. Dan- Rams 13-7
  10. Seahawks @ Packers
    1. Dylan- Packers 30-27
    2. Jason- Packers 35-31
    3. Munson- Packers 38-35
    4. Dan- Packers 34-21
  11. Panthers @ 49ers
    1. Dylan- Panthers 34-10
    2. Jason- Panthers 34-13
    3. Munson- Panthers 38-13
    4. Dan- Panthers 48-17
  12. Giants @ Cowboys
    1. Dylan- Cowboys 27-17
    2. Jason- Cowboys 17-14
    3. Munson- Cowboys 27-24
    4. Dan- Giants 16-14

Monday September 11th

  1. Saints @ Vikings
    1. Dylan- Vikings 30-24
    2. Jason- Saints 24-17
    3. Munson- Saints 24-20
    4. Dan- Vikings 17-13
  2. Chargers @ Broncos
    1. Dylan- Broncos 21-14
    2. Jason- Chargers 24-20
    3. Munson- Broncos 20-17
    4. Dan- Broncos 28-13



  1. Player of the Week:
    1. Dylan- Cam Newton
    2. Jason- Ben Roethlisberger
    3. Munson- Marcus Mariota
    4. Dan- Antonio Brown
  2. Fantasy Stud:
    1. Dylan- Julio Jones
    2. Jason- Todd Gurley
    3. Munson- Marcus Mariota
    4. Dan- LeGarrette Blount
  3. Fantasy Dud:
    1. Dylan- Anyone on the Bills or Jets (besides Lesean McCoy)
    2. Jason- Davante Adams
    3. Munson- Dak Prescott
    4. Dan- Melvin Gordon

2017 NFL QB Tier Rankings

By Jason Gandhi


You may have seen the latest ESPN article on QB tiers. I did my own rankings and tiers but with the same meaning for each level! There are four tiers and 36 QB’s. I used the same list of QB’s that ESPN used as well as their format just with my own spots for own QB’s. Feel free to reply and let me know what you think!

Tier 1: A Tier 1 quarterback can carry his team each week. The team wins because of him. Expertly handles pure-pass situations.


  1. Tom Brady

  2. Aaron Rodgers

  3. Drew Brees

Tier 2: A Tier 2 quarterback can carry his team sometimes, but not as consistently. Can handle pure-pass situations in doses or possesses other dimensions that are special enough to elevate him above Tier 3. Has a hole or two in his game.

4. Ben Roethlisberger

5. Matt Ryan

6. Derek Carr

7. Andrew Luck

8. Russell Wilson

9. Philip Rivers

10. Cam Newton

11. Kirk Cousins

12. Matthew Stafford

Tier 3: A Tier 3 quarterback is a legitimate starter, but needs a heavier run game and/or defense to win. A lower-volume pass offense makes his job easier.

13. Eli Manning

14. Jameis Winston

15. Joe Flacco

16. Marcus Mariota

17. Dak Prescott

18. Carson Palmer

19. Andy Dalton

20. Carson Wentz

21. Ryan Tannehill

22. Tyrod Taylor

23. Alex Smith

24. Trevor Siemian

25. Sam Bradford

Tier 4: A Tier 4 quarterback could be an unproven player with some upside, or a veteran that is ultimately best suited as a backup. Teams might not want these guys starting all 16 games.

26. Colin Kaepernick

27. Blake Bortles

28. Jay Cutler

29. Brian Hoyer

30. Mike Glennon

31. Jared Goff

32. Tom Savage

33. Paxton Lynch

34. Brock Osweiler

35. Josh McCown

36. Cody Kessler


NFL Mock Draft 2017… The Last One

Here is our final mock draft! Dylan, Dan and Jason have come together to put our thoughts on where everyone will go. Enjoy!


  1. Cleveland Browns-

Jason- Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M

Dylan- Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M

Apparently Mitchell Trubisky is still in play here, but I think the Browns are bluffing to try to get a crazy trade from a team in exchange for Pick #1. There is no reason the Browns should pass on the best athlete and best defensive talent in the draft. The Browns need an upgrade at literally every position, and Myles Garrett is the best player available. There is no reason to pass on him, and they won’t.

Dan- Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M

2. San Francisco 49ers-

Jason- Jamal Adams, S LSU

The 49ers front office led by John Lynch have been trying to trade down all week. They believe that there is not too much of a gap in talent from picks 2-12. If they are unable to trade, I think they go Jamal Adams. He is a plug-the-gap type safety who can really make a difference on the 49ers and be a cornerstone of the rebuild. What better way to start a rebuild than to draft a guy who gets comparisons to the GM of your franchise.

Dylan- Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford

Dan- Jamal Adams, S LSU

3. Chicago Bears-

Jason- Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford

Dylan-  Jamal Adams, S LSU

Dan- Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State

4. Jacksonville Jaguars-

Jason- Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

Dylan-  Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

With the three best defensive players off the board and the first three picks and no glaring holes (at least on paper) in the Jags defense, they go with possibly the best offensive talent in the draft at #4. The Jags have a hole at the RB position with T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory underperforming, so Leonard Fournette seems like a good fit at 4. Jonathan Allen or a reach for O.J. Howard or Mike Williams are still in play for the Jaguars, but Fournette makes the most sense.

Dan- Leonard Fournette, RB LSU

5. Tennessee Titans (via Rams)-

Jason- Mike Williams, WR Clemson

Dylan-  Mike Williams, WR Clemson

Dan- Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford

Many predict Thomas to go to Chicago with the third pick. It’ll be hard for them to pass on him, but if Thomas is here for the titans at 5, there is no doubt they will take him. They need help on the defensive line and he would be perfect in their plan for the future.

6. New York Jets-

Jason- Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State

Dylan- Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

Dan- O.J. Howard, TE Alabama

Many experts have the Jets taking a QB with this pick, but OJ Howard might be too hard to pass on for New York. He is gifted athletically and has the tools to be one of the top TEs in the league.

7. Los Angeles Chargers-

Jason- Malik Hooker, S Ohio State

Dylan-  Malik Hooker, S Ohio State

The Chargers need some help in the secondary on a team that could come back and have a nice season this year. With Mike Williams off the board and no offensive linemen worthy of the #7 selection, the Chargers will decide to get help in the secondary and get good value for Hooker at #7.

Dan- Malik Hooker, S Ohio State

8. Carolina Panthers-

Jason- Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford

The Panthers took a major step back last year, after reaching the Super Bowl. Their secondary needs a lot of work, but with Jonathan Stewart constantly banged up, they need a new young running back. McCaffrey’s ability to catch out of the backfield is intriguing to teams and it seems like a perfect fit for Cam and McCaffrey to help lead the Panthers back to the playoffs.

Dylan- Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford

Dan- Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford

9. Cincinnati Bengals-

Jason- Jonathan Allen, DE Alabama

Dylan- Jonathan Allen, DE Alabama

Dan- Reuben Foster, LB Alabama


10. Buffalo Bills-

Jason- Haason Reddick, LB Temple

Haason Reddick is one of the best stories in this year’s draft. Walked on to Temple after playing just one season of high school football, and now will be a 1st round pick. He can play either as a LB or DE depending on the scheme, and Reddick would help bolster the Bills d-line.

Dylan-  John Ross, WR Washington

Dan- Mike Williams, WR Clemson

11. New Orleans Saints-

Jason-  Reuben Foster, LB Alabama

Foster was regarded as a top 5 pick by some before the combine. After the off-field concerns, some teams are still willing to take the risk, and some are hesitant. We really don’t know how the Saints feel about him, but if he is still there at 11, he is worth the risk. Great value, and possibly a great player.

Dylan- Haason Reddick, LB Temple

Dan- Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama
New Orleans could use help in the secondary, and Humphrey could be big for them. He is a great athlete and is excellent in coverage. There’s a good chance the Saints will pick him up at 11.

12. Cleveland Browns (via Eagles)-

Jason- Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

As Dylan mentioned, Trubisky is in play for the #1 pick and even the #6 pick to the Jets. I think the Browns get their ideal scenario and are able to snag Trubisky at 12. I would not be surprised if the Browns trade up to be certain they get their guy, but I think no matter what, Trubisky becomes a Brown.

Dylan- O.J. Howard, TE Alabama

Dan- Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina

13. Arizona Cardinals-

Jason- Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson

Dylan- Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson

Arizona could go defense at #13 to fill the holes left from Calais Campbell and Tony Jefferson, but I think they take their QB of the future. Carson Palmer had a pretty bad year in 2016 after his best year ever in 2015. If he struggles again, Bruce Arians could throw the National Champion in at QB this year, the first of many successful ones for Watson.

Dan- Patrick Mahomes II, QB Texas Tech

14. Philadelphia Eagles (via Vikings)-

Jason- Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama

Dylan- Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama

Dan- John Ross, WR Washington

15. Indianapolis Colts-

Jason- Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

Dylan- Reuben Foster, LB Alabama

Dan- Jonathan Allen, DE Alabama

Allen is maybe a top 5 prospect in the draft, but there are questions about his shoulder problems that teams don’t want to risk with a top pick. Now if he falls, a team will be lucky to find this much talent this late in the draft.

16. Baltimore Ravens-

Jason- O.J. Howard, TE Alabama

Dylan-  Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan

Dan- Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan

With a glaring need at WR, the Ravens seem inclined to sit back and take the best available of the three WRs: Williams, Ross, or Davis. With Williams and Ross already gone, the Ravens go with the consistent WR from Western Michigan who can contribute right away.

17. Washington Redskins-

Jason- Charles Harris, LB Missouri

Dylan- Charles Harris, LB Missouri

Dan- Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

Barnett became a standout at Tennessee as he was the first freshman to ever start on the line for the Vols. Washington will need him to fill a whole at DE.

18. Tennessee Titans-

Jason- Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan

Dylan- Chidobe Awuzie, CB Colorado

The Titans reach a little bit at 18 for Awuzie, but he has the potential to pay off. With some dangerous weapons in the division such as T.Y. Hilton and Deandre Hopkins, the Titans go with the athletic corner from Colorado.

Dan- Charles Harris, LB Missouri

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

Jason- Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State

Dalvin Cook, similar to Reuben Foster, has off-field concerns that has caused his stock to fall. Some think he might fall out of the 1st round, but I think that if he is there at 19 for the Bucs, pairing Jameis with his former teammate could be a deadly combination.

Dylan- Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State

Dan- Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State

20. Denver Broncos-

Jason- Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconsin

Dylan- Cam Robinson, T Alabama

Dan- Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconsin

Ramczyk is arguably the best OL in the class. He is the perfect fit for Denver and will use his size and strength to be great at the next level.

21. Detroit Lions-

Jason- Takkarist McKinley- DE UCLA

McKinley is someone who’s draft stock is constantly fluctuating. He could go anywhere from 15 to the Colts all the way down to a early 2nd-rounder. He had back surgery this offseason which led to scouts not being able to see him workout for them. The Lions could be a good fit because the Lions need someone who can help Stafford not have to carry the team on offense.

Dylan- Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee

Dan- Jarrad Davis, LB Florida

22. Miami Dolphins-

Jason- Forrest Lamp, G Western Kentucky

The Dolphins took Laremy Tunsil last year, and once again are in the offensive line market. Tannehill got knocked around last year, and if they want to go back to the playoffs, they need to protect him Lamp can do that.

Dylan- Forrest Lamp, G Western Kentucky

Dan- Forrest Lamp, G Western Kentucky

23. New York Giants-

Jason- Patrick Mahomes II, QB Texas Tech

Mahomes has been one of the biggest risers of the draft class since the season has ended. Teams including the Chiefs, Steelers, and Giants have all expressed interest in Mahomes. The Giants have the #23 pick and can snag him before the other teams do, so Mahomes is now the Manning successor.

Dylan- David Njoku, TE Miami

The Giants continue to fill out their array of weapons, bringing in an athletic TE in Njoku to complement OBJ and Brandon Marshall. Njoku will fit well and the Giants will have a very dangerous passing game this year.

Dan- David Njoku, TE Miami

24. Oakland Raiders-

Jason- Jarrad Davis, LB Florida

The Raiders have all the pieces they need on offense. Defensively, they are a mess. Karl Joseph, Bruce Irvin and Khalil Mack are the only cornerstones of the defense. Jarrad Davis would fit in nicely in the Silver and Black and he could be a good middle linebacker to help take some pressure of Mack.

Dylan-  Kevin King, CB Washington

Dan- Haason Reddick, LB Temple

25. Houston Texans-

Jason- Cam Robinson, T Alabama

Dylan- Patrick Mahomes II, QB Texas Tech

Dan- Cam Robinson, T Alabama

26. Seattle Seahawks-

Jason- Garret Bolles, OT Utah

Dylan- Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconsin

Dan- Garret Bolles, OT Utah

Seattle’s top need is at OT right now. Bolles could fill that perfectly with his great footwork and athletic ability. If he is here, they will take him.

27. Kansas City Chiefs-

Jason- Kevin King, CB Washington

Dylan-  Taco Charlton, DE Michigan

The Man, The Myth, The Taco. Although Charlton was inconsistent at times at Michigan, he will provide some much-needed pass rushing to the Chiefs to go along with their great secondary. Lots of potential from him- the Chiefs see it and pull the trigger at 27.

Dan- Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson

28. Dallas Cowboys-

Jason- Taco Charlton, DE Michigan

Dylan- Adoree Jackson, CB USC

Dan-  Gareon Conley, CB Ohio State

There are many questions with Conley as he is now a part of a sexual assault case. A lot of analysts are reporting that he could fall to the third round, but I still have Dallas picking him up at 28.

29. Green Bay Packers-

Jason- Tyus Bowser, LB Houston

Dylan-  TJ Watt, LB Wisconsin

Green Bay will find a fan favorite in Watt. The man from Wisconsin has a lot of potential with his brother as one of the best players in the league right now. He even put up better numbers in the combine then JJ. The Pack might’ve found themselves a steal this late in the round.

Dan- TJ Watt, LB Wisconsin

30. Pittsburgh Steelers-

Jason- David Njoku, TE Miami

Dylan-  Obi Melinfonwu, S UCONN

I don’t know what kind of training they do over at UCONN, but they’re doing something right after the combines put on by Byron Jones and Obi Melifonwu. Melifonwu could easily slide into the end of the first round, and I think the Steelers are the team that snags the 6’4 athletic freak to help fix an atrocious secondary.

Dan- Evan Engram, TE Ole Miss

31.Atlanta Falcons-

Jason- Adoree Jackson, CB USC

The Falcons won the Super Bowl…. Oh wait. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots crushed the Falcons dreams last year, but the Falcons are looking to be  back again. Adoree Jackson can help lead that charge as he is someone who can defend in the slot, outside or even return kicks if needed.

Dylan- Takkarist McKinley- DE UCLA

Dan- Taco Charlton, DE Michigan

32. New Orleans Saints-

Jason- John Ross, WR Washington

Ross is a prospect others are much higher on than myself. He could realistically go anywhere from 10 – early 2nd round. He has got unbelievable speed (obviously) and he can really stretch the field for an offense. Brees could love him in this offense.

Dylan- Jarrad Davis, LB Florida

Dan- Adoree Jackson, CB USC

NFL Mock Draft 7.0

One. Day. Away. Everyone is getting ready for their final mock draft tomorrow, so here is our 2nd to last mock draft. Enjoy!


  1. Cleveland Browns- Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M
  2. San Francisco 49ers- Jamal Adams, S LSU
  3. Chicago Bears- Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars- Leonard Fournette, RB LSU
  5. Tennessee Titans (via Rams)- Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State
  6. New York Jets- O.J. Howard, TE Alabama
  7. Los Angeles Chargers- Malik Hooker, S Ohio State
  8. Carolina Panthers- Christian McCaffrey, RB Stanford
  9. Cincinnati Bengals- Jonathan Allen, DE Alabama
  10. Buffalo Bills- Mike Williams, WR Clemson
  11. New Orleans Saints- Haason Reddick, LB Temple
  12. Cleveland Browns (via Eagles)- Mitchell Trubisky, QB North Carolina
  13. Arizona Cardinals- Patrick Mahomes II, QB Texas Tech
  14. Philadelphia Eagles (via Vikings)- Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama
  15. Indianapolis Colts- Reuben Foster, LB Alabama
  16. Baltimore Ravens- Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan
  17. Washington Redskins- Derek Barnett, DE Tennessee
  18. Tennessee Titans- John Ross, WR Washington
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Dalvin Cook, RB Florida State
  20. Denver Broncos- Ryan Ramczyk, OT Wisconsin
  21. Detroit Lions- Charles Harris, OLB Missouri
  22. Miami Dolphins- Forrest Lamp, G Western Kentucky
  23. New York Giants- Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson
  24. Oakland Raiders- Gareon Conley, CB Ohio State
  25. Houston Texans- Garret Bolles, OT Utah
  26. Seattle Seahawks- Cam Robinson, T Alabama
  27. Kansas City Chiefs- Takkarist McKinley- DE UCLA
  28. Dallas Cowboys- Taco Charlton, DE Michigan
  29. Green Bay Packers- Tyus Bowser, LB Houston
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jarrad Davis, LB Florida
  31. Atlanta Falcons- Kevin King, CB Washington
  32. New Orleans Saints- Adoree Jackson, CB USC