NBA Week 2

Biggest Takeaway in the Atlantic Division

Jason- Ben Simmons finally showed why he was the #1 pick a year ago.

Dan- There have been a lot of surprises so far, but the Nets being 3-2 is by far the biggest except to Jason.

Zach- The Raptors’ bench is playing amazing and will be a problem for other teams.

Biggest Takeaway in the Central Division

Jason- It’s time to jump on the Giannis train!

Dan- Cleveland goes through this every year trying to figure things out in the regular season… Just wait till the playoffs.

Zach- Andre Drummond is actually making free throws.

Biggest Takeaway in the Southeast Division

Jason- Don’t buy the John Collins hype… it’s early.

Dan- John Collins might’ve been the steal of the draft.

Zach- Frank Kaminsky’s contribution off the bench has been very impressive. The Hornets will need that moving forward.

Biggest Takeaway in the Pacific Division

Jason- If the Lakers lock in on defense consistently, they could be a playoff team

Dan- Great week for Lonzo! He is now 4th in the league in assists.

Zach- The Suns are a complete mess. Hopefully Bledsoe’s trade value hasn’t already been decimated. It was time for them the Suns to move on from Earl Watson.

Biggest Takeaway in the Southwest Division

Jason- I couldn’t tell you how… but the Grizzlies are clicking on all cylinders

Dan- Marc Gasol is single handedly winning games for Memphis with a little help from Conley.

Zach- Lamarcus Aldridge has been a BEAST this year. He has stepped up in the absence of Kawhi.

Biggest Takeaway in the Northwest Division

Jason- The Thunder seem to have no issues as to who gets the ball when… YET

Dan- Melo is learning to take his role and that should scare Warriors fans.

Zach- Russell Westbrook has adjusted very nicely to the addition of PG and Melo. He is still getting triple doubles while taking around 8 less shots per game.

Player of the Week

Jason- Demarcus Cousins

Dan- Giannis Antetokounmpo

Zach- Lamarcus Aldridge

Game of the Week

Jason- Rockets vs 76ers

Dan- Thunder vs Timberwolves

Zach- Rockets vs 76ers

Bold Prediction

Jason- Demarcus Cousins finishes top 5 in MVP voting.

Dan- Ben Simmons averages a double-double on the season.

Zach- Victor Oladipo will win Most Improved Player of the Year.

NFL Week 8

Thursday, October 26th

Dolphins @ Ravens

Jason- Dolphins 17-13

Dan- Dolphins 28-20

Dylan- Ravens 24-13

Zach- Dolphins 20-17

Sunday, October 29th

Vikings @ Browns

Jason- Vikings 23-7

Dan- Vikings 27-10

Dylan- Vikings 37-13

Zach- Vikings 28-13

Raiders @ Bills

Jason- Raiders 27-17

Dan- Bills 24-21

Dylan- Raiders 20-13

Zach- Raiders 27-20

Colts @ Bengals

Jason- Bengals 33-10

Dan- Bengals 28-17

Dylan- Bengals 30-13

Zach- Bengals 31-17

Chargers @ Patriots

Jason- Patriots 26-13

Dan- Patriots 31-27

Dylan- Patriots 34-13

Zach- Patriots 31-21

Bears @ Saints

Jason- Bears 23-17

Dan- Saints 17-10

Dylan- Saints 23-13

Zach- Saints 31-20

Falcons @ Jets

Jason- Falcons 34-13

Dan- Jets 21-13

Dylan- Falcons 28-13

Zach- Falcons 34-24

49ers @ Eagles

Jason- Eagles 41-10

Dan- Eagles 35-9

Dylan- Eagles 31-13

Zach- Eagles 38-10

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Jason- Bucs 31-23

Dan- Bucs 28-24

Dylan- Bucs 24-13

Zach- Panthers 28-27

Texans @ Seahawks

Jason- Seahawks 24-13

Dan- Texans 24-20

Dylan- Seahawks 21-13

Zach- Seahawks 30-17

Cowboys @ Redskins

Jason- Cowboys 21-10

Dan- Redskins 31-24

Dylan- Cowboys 38-30

Zach- Cowboys 27-24

Steelers @ Lions

Jason- Steelers 31-17

Dan- Steelers 34-27

Dylan- Steelers 30-20

Zach- Steelers 35-28

Monday October 30th

Broncos @ Chiefs

Jason- Chiefs 31-13

Dan- Chiefs 31-20

Dylan- Chiefs 27-13

Zach- Chiefs 28-20

Player of the Week

    Jason- Matt Ryan

Dan- Carson Wentz

Dylan- Ezekiel Elliott

Zach- Le’Veon Bell

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Joe Mixon

Dan- Adam Thielen

Dylan- Julio Jones

Zach- Joe Mixon

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- Matthew Stafford

Dan- Mark Ingram

Dylan- Deshaun Watson

Zach- Mike Gillislee

Greatness Measured by Championships… Not So Fast

By: Jason Gandhi

Many sports debates, when debating which player was better, have the quote “Well he has more championships” thrown in the mix somewhere. Think about it. Kobe vs. MJ, Brady vs. Montana, Magic vs. Bird, and so many others! The debates will never cease, but the argument about championships definitely should.

Championships are important. There is no denying that championships are the ultimate goal for every team every year. With that being said it cannot be the benchmark for individual success. Look at some of the NBA players and how they stack up if it were purely based on championships. Allen Iverson has 0 rings, while Ron Harper has 3 rings and Derek Fisher has 5 rings. Is Derek Fisher better than Allen Iverson? Common sense can tell you that one. This is just one example of how individual success cannot be measured by championships. Here are the top 10 players of all time based on championships.


  1. Bill Russell
  2. Sam Jones
  3. Tom Heinsohn
  4. K.C. Jones
  5. Tom Sanders
  6. John Havlicek
  7. Jim Loscutoff
  8. Frank Ramsey
  9. Robert Horry
  10. Bob Cousy


No Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Shaq etc. Championships are important for teams, but not for individual success.


NFL Week 3 Predictions


By: Jason Gandhi


Rough week for my football knowledge. I finished 1/5 in my fantasy leagues last week, so I was not too happy. What did we find out during Week 2 though? The Browns forgot what it feels like to win a game, and blew a 20-pt lead. Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott look like the real deal, and Garoppolo was balling until an injury. Maybe the ship has sailed on Romo and Brady? Week 3 is upon us, and it should be a fun one! Jacoby Brissett and Cody Kessler will be making their first NFL starts, barring any breaking news, and Todd Gurley looks to rush for more than 51 rushing yards. This will be an interesting week to say the least! Enjoy!


Week 2 Predictions: 8-8

Week 2 Start Em: Travis Benjamin (6 rec 115 yds 2 TD 23 Fantasy Points)

Week 2 Sit Em: T.Y. Hilton (4 rec 41 yds 4 Fantasy Points)

Week 2 Bold Predictions: 0-2


Week 3 Predictions:

Texans @ Patriots 8:25 THU- Texans

Raiders @ Titans 1:00- Raiders

Cardinals @ Bills 1:00- Cardinals

Browns @ Dolphins 1:00- Dolphins

Ravens @ Jaguars 1:00- Jags

Lions @ Packers 1:00- Packers

Broncos @ Bengals 1:00- Bengals

Vikings @ Panthers 1:00- Panthers

Redskins @ Giants 1:00- Redskins

Rams @ Bucs 4:05- Bucs

49ers @ Seahawks 4:05- Seahawks

Jets @ Chiefs 4:25- Chiefs

Chargers @ Colts 4:25- Colts

Steelers @ Eagles 4:25- Steelers

Bears @ Cowboys 8:30- Cowboys

Falcons @ Saints 8:30 MON- Falcons



Start Em: Melvin Gordon

Sit Em: Golden Tate



Bold Predictions:

  1. Dak Prescott throws his 1st interception BUT throws 3 TD’s and leads the Cowboys to a victory on SNF
  2.  Jacoby Brissett shows promise and throws 2 TD’s while leading the Pats over the Texans

NFL Week 2 Predictions

Well… Week 1 was rough for my bold predicitons to say the least. RG3 got hurt and is now on the IR, as well as Kaepernick just sat the entire game… Yes it was intended. So, Week 2 is here and Garoppolo and Wentz looked like the real deal. Will it carry over? Seahawks, Colts and Panthers underwhelmed. Can they turn it around? For all who listened to me about Spencer Ware… you are welcome. Here are my Week 2 predictions. Enjoy!


Week 1: 10-5 (did not do Thursday night)



Jets @ Bills 8:30 (THU)- Jets

Bengals @ Steelers 1:00- Steelers

Titans @ Lions 1:00- Lions

Ravens @ Browns 1:00- Ravens

Cowboys @ Redskins 1:00- Redskins

Saints @ Giants 1:00- Giants

49ers @ Panthers 1:00- Panthers

Dolphins @ Patriots 1:00- Patriots

Chiefs @ Texans 1:00- Texans

Seahawks @ Rams 4:05- Seahawks

Bucs @ Cardinals 4:05- Bucs

Falcons @ Raiders 4:25- Raiders

Jaguars @ Chargers 4:25- Jaguars

Colts @ Broncos 4:25- Broncos

Packers @ Vikings 8:30- Packers

Eagles @ Bears 8:30 (MON)- Bears


Start Em: Travis Benjamin WR- SD

Sit Em: T.Y. Hilton WR IND


Bold Predictions:

1. Saints and Giants both score at least 35 points each

2. Gabbert and Hyde shock the Panthers and start off 2-0 for the first time since 2012 (team lost in Super Bowl).


College Football Week 3 Predictions

By: Dan Magers

Week 2 Record: 21-2


No. 1 Alabama at No. 19 Ole Miss



Game of the Week: No. 2 Florida St at No. 10 Louisville



No. 3 Ohio St at No. 14 Oklahoma



Colorado at No. 4 Michigan



South Carolina St at No. 5 Clemson



No. 6 Houston at Cincinnati



Upset of the Week: USC at No. 7 Stanford



Portland St at No. 8 Washington



Georgia St at No. 9 Wisconsin



No. 11 Texas at California



No. 12 Michigan St at No. 18 Notre Dame

Notre Dame


North Dakota St at No. 13 Iowa



Ohio at No. 15 Tennessee



No. 16 Georgia at Missouri



No. 17 Texas A&M at Auburn



Mississippi St at No. 20 LSU



No. 21 Baylor at Rice



No. 22 Oregon at Nebraska



North Texas at No. 23 Florida



Texas St at No. 24 Arkansas



No. 25 Miami at Appalachian St


NFL Week 1 Predictions

By: Jason Gandhi

Each week I will predict the winner of every game, as well as one Start Em and one Sit Em and finally 2 bold predictions. This is week 1 so do not expect this to be perfect. Enjoy!



Raiders @ Saints 1:00: Saints

Packers @ Jaguars 1:00: Packers

Bills @ Ravens 1:00: Ravens

Bears @ Texans 1:00: Texans

Browns @ Eagles 1:00: Browns

Buccaneers @ Falcons 1:00: Bucs

Vikings @ Titans 1:00: Titans

Bengals @ Jets 1:00: Bengals

Chargers @ Chiefs 1:00: Chiefs

Dolphins @ Seahawks 4:05: Seahawks

Lions @ Colts 4:25: Lions

Giants @ Cowboys 4:25: Giants

Patriots @ Cardinals 8:30: Cardinals

Steelers @ Redskins 7:10 MON: Steelers

Rams @ 49ers 10:20  MON: Rams




Start Em- Spencer Ware, RB Chiefs

Sit Em- Dolphins RB- Arian Foster, Jay Ajayi, Kenyan Drake etc.

Bold Predictions:

  1. Kaepernick starts in the 2nd half.
  2. Browns defeat the Eagles and RG3 looks like the old RG3.