NFL Takeaways Week 12

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC East

Jason- The Bills don’t need to win but they got a HUGE win against the Chiefs.

Dan- Not many teams go from getting blown out by a team with a losing record to beating a pretty solid team. Start Tyrod!

Zach- Tom Brady is in a league of his own right now.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC North

Jason- The Ravens got a crucial to BARELY stay in the playoff race.

Dan- Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers the league has ever seen.

Zach- FINALLY Joe Mixon has his coming out party. I’ve been waiting on this for the entire season.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC South

Jason- The Jags gave away a game they NEEDED to win… now they have to beat the Titans down the road to get even.

Dan- The Titans and Jags will fight for the division until the last week

Zach- Once again, the best case scenario for the Colts. They competed and lost in a close game. One more step to a higher draft pick.

Biggest Takeaway in the AFC West

Jason- The Chiefs are known for starting slow and then rattling off a ton of wins… now they flipped it. Started off FAST but are not slowing down…

Dan- The Chargers have an easy end of the year schedule. They are making the playoffs.

Zach- Another classic Chiefs season. Start out super hot, then cool down to become an average team.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC East

Jason- The Redskins might be the most average team in the NFL.

Dan- The Giants benching Manning is very disrespectful.

Zach- The loss of Sean Lee was huge, but it does not excuse the poor play from Dak Prescott. Losing one player should not destroy a season.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC North

Jason- The Vikings should win this division by 2-3 games.

Dan- Minnesota is one of the few consistent teams this year.

Zach- The Vikings have established themselves as a serious championships contender.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC South

Jason- The Bucs have continued to disappoint me week in and week out.

Dan- Alvin Kamara’s breakout game wasn’t enough for New Orleans this week.

Zach- The Saints finally lost a game. They are still one of the NFL’s most dangerous teams.

Biggest Takeaway in the NFC West

Jason- The Rams just prove me wrong every week and now it is almost must-watch TV.

Dan- Another great game for Goff… another win for the Rams.

Zach- The Rams picked up a huge win over the Saints. They surprised me with how great they played. Cooper Kupp is needed for Rams to continue to be great.

Player of the Week

Jason- Julio Jones

Dan- Antonio Brown

Zach- Julio Jones

Surprise Player of the Week

Jason- Sammy Watkins

Dan- Alvin Kamara

Zach- Joe Mixon

Bold Prediction

Jason- I said this in the preseason. The NFC South get 3 teams in the playoffs.

Dan- The Vikings win the NFC.

Zach- The NFC South gets three teams in the playoffs.


College Football Week 13 Takeaways

Biggest Takeaway in the SEC

Jason- Alabama does not deserve to be in… but I won’t be surprised if they are

Dan- The committee has a lot of work to do figuring out where Alabama should be. I think the whole country would say that they are a better team than Wisconsin in terms of the eye test, but who is more worthy of making it?

Zach- Auburn is the hottest team in the nation right now. Based on the eye test, they should be ranked #1. However, they will end up probably being #3. Alabama should not be in the top 5.


Biggest Takeaway in the Pac-12

Jason- I thought the firing of Todd Graham would come midseason… it’s about time.

Dan- Khalil Tate will forever be known as the one month wonder. He was no doubt the best player in football in October but hasn’t been able to get back to that elite status.

Zach- I do not agree with Arizona State firing their Head Coach. Washington State is not a very good football team whatsoever. USC has a slim chance of making the CFP, but virtually none at all.


Biggest Takeaway in the ACC + ND

Jason- Wimbush is not and will never be good enough to carry Notre Dame far.

Dan- Brian Kelly will never be able to get Notre Dame to the playoff. He will never win a big game on the road.

Zach- I don’t think Miami is a very good team. They are getting tons of credit for beating ND, but ND is such a one-dimensional team. Notre Dame needs to move on from Wimbush. He lacks an arm and confidence.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 12

Jason- TCU is very undermatched against Oklahoma… but I’m not counting out Gary Patterson

Dan- Kyler Murray is the best backup in college football.

Zach- Oklahoma will beat TCU…and it won’t even be close.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 10

Jason- Wisconsin wins out… they are in. Enough said.

Dan- Wisconsin needs to hope the committee likes them this week.

Zach- The great play from Haskins proves that JT Barrett is not the great QB that people think he is.


Bold Prediction for the Season

Dan: Wisconsin doesn’t make the playoff.

Jason: Clemson wins out by a margin of 10+

Zach: Clemson blows out Miami by over 20.


Player of the Week

Dan: Myles Gaskin

Jason: Gus Malzahn (Coach of the Week)

Zach: Kerryon Johnson


Surprise Player of the Week

Dan: Markell Jones

Jason: Kyler Murray

Zach: Dwayne Haskins


Heisman Prediction

Dan: Baker Mayfield

Jason: Baker Mayfield

Zach: Baker Mayfield

College Football Playoff Rankings (This Week)


  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Auburn
  4. Alabama
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Georgia



  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Auburn
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Alabama
  6. Miami



  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Auburn
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Alabama
  6. Georgia


College Football Playoff Prediction (End of Season)


  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Auburn
  4. Alabama

First Two Out: Ohio State and Penn State

Champion: Alabama



  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State

First Two Out: Alabama and Miami

Champion: Clemson



  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Auburn
  4. Wisconsin

First Two Out: Alabama and Miami

Champion: Oklahoma

NBA Week 5

Biggest Takeaway in the Atlantic Division

Jason- Kyrie Irving is playing like the 3rd best player in the league. (He’s not, just right now he looks like it)

Dan- If Tim Hardaway Jr can keep playing like this, the New York might’ve found another piece of the puzzle.

Zach- Ben Simmons might already be the best young star in the NBA…through 17 games.

Biggest Takeaway in the Central Division

Jason- The Pistons are beginning to come back to earth. They are finally cooling off.

Dan- Great week for the Cavs. Make Lebron take over.

Zach- The Pacers are one of the most exciting teams to watch. They play unselfish and play for each other.

Biggest Takeaway in the Southeast Division

Jason- The combo of Dragic and Waiters PLUS Whiteside should make the Heat competitive with the Raptors and Wizards.

Dan- Kemba and Howard have played great together these past three games. We’ll see if they can keep it up.

Zach- The Magic are finally returning to reality.

Biggest Takeaway in the Pacific Division

Jason- I’m writing this after the Nuggets game on Sunday… This was the Zo and Randle we Laker fans have been dying for. Personally, I start Randle and let Kuz and Clarkson DESTROY benches.

Dan- What does it take to beat the Warriors? Three guys with double doubles and three guys with 20+ points. Good luck!

Zach- TJ Warren should be in contention for Most Improved Player.

Biggest Takeaway in the Southwest Division

Jason- The Mavericks need to turn this around… call me crazy but DSJ will get tired of losing FAST.

Dan- Very solid week for the Mavs, beating the leading MVP candidate, almost ending Boston’s losing streak, and picking up another win against Memphis. It looks like when Barnes plays well, the team plays well.

Zach- The Grizzlies need to turn their season around after losing 6 straight games.

Biggest Takeaway in the Northwest Division

Jason- The Thunder finally looked legit against the Warriors Wednesday night. If they play like this, the Western Conference Finals will be one heck of a series.

Dan- IF the Thunder play that well in a 7 game series, then they could win the Finals, but I don’t see a way they can play like that every night.

Zach- The Thunder finally proved that they are a legitimate Finals contender and can beat anybody.

Player of the Week

Jason- Joel Embiid

Dan- Tim Hardaway Jr

Zach- Russell Westbrook

Game of the Week

Jason- Pistons @ Timberwolves

Dan- Celtics @ Mavericks

Zach- Warriors @ Thunder

Bold Prediction

Jason- The Lakers get the #8 seed in the playoffs

Dan- The Cavs go on a 12 game winning streak.

Zach- The Pacers get the #5 seed in the playoffs.

College Basketball Takeaways Week 2

Biggest Takeaway in the SEC

Jason- Tennessee is a true sleeper in the SEC… they will emerge as a legit #2 in the SEC with Florida.

Dan- I need to see Florida get tested first before I say how great or bad they are.

Zach- Egor Koulechov is one of the best shooters in the nation.


Biggest Takeaway in the Pac-12

Jason- Jordan McLaughlin is legit and is helping USC to one of the most hyped college basketball seasons USC has had in awhile.

Dan- Trier and Ayton are obviously not enough for Arizona. You can’t give up 90 points in a game and expect to win.

Zach- Deandre Ayton is the real deal and will have a prosperous NBA career. But what is happening to Arizona right now? I’m not too worried…they have too much talent to not be great.


Biggest Takeaway in the ACC

Jason- It took Duke up until the last 10 minutes of the game to put Portland State away… I’m not worried but it still means something.

Dan- Never count the Irish out. Bonzie is one of the best players in the country with great guys around him. I don’t expect a blowout against Michigan State.

Zach- With a huge win over Wichita State, Notre Dame is proving itself to be a legit championship contender. Matt Farrell is one of the most underrated players in the nation.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 12

Jason- I don’t think Trae Young is going to be enough to carry the Sooners into legit contention.

Dan- Kansas is the only team to be tested so far in the Big 12. We’ll find more out this next week.

Zach- Texas’ defense was outstanding holding Butler to 48 points. Mo Bamba has been impressing me with his versatility.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 10

Jason- Nick Ward doesn’t get any attention because of the hype around Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson Jr., but he is one of the best big men in college basketball.

Dan- Michigan State is the only legit team so far in the Big Ten. Purdue did not look good this past week, and we will find out more about Minnesota with two top 25 games coming up.

Zach- That boy Musa Jallow is the real deal. He’s now a starter and has been a huge bright spot for the Buckeyes.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big East

Jason- Creighton’s loss to Baylor shouldn’t overshadow their big wins over UCLA and Northwestern.

Dan- This is one of the best conferences in the nation with a lot of basketball yet to play.

Zach- The top dogs in the Big East, Villanova and Xavier, have done their job and held serve thus far.


Bold Prediction for the Season

Dan: Bonzie Colson wins the Wooden Award.

Jason: Minnesota goes to the Big Ten Championship

Zach: Purdue finishes outside the top 4 in the Big Ten.


Player of the Week

Dan: Bonzie Colson

Jason: Deontae North

Zach: Deandre Ayton


Surprise Player of the Week

Dan: Allerik Freeman

Jason: Deandre Ayton

Zach: Tremont Waters


Game of the Week

Dan: Wichita State vs Notre Dame

Jason: Wisconsin vs UCLA

Zach: Wichita State vs Notre Dame

NFL Week 12

Thursday, November 23rd

Vikings @ Lions

Jason- Vikings 31-23

Dan- Vikings 28-20

Zach- Vikings 27-24

Chargers @ Cowboys

Jason- Chargers 23-16

Dan- Chargers 31-21

Zach- Cowboys 30-24

Giants @ Redskins

Jason- Redskins 27-16

Dan- Redskins 34-17

Zach- Giants 34-31

Sunday, November 26th

Buccaneers @ Falcons

Jason- Falcons 27-10

Dan- Falcons 31-10

Zach- Falcons 35-17

Browns @ Bengals

Jason- Bengals 29-21

Dan- Bengals 28-24

Zach- Bengals 33-14

Titans @ Colts

Jason- Titans 33-17

Dan- Titans 27-13

Zach- Titans 31-24

Bills @ Chiefs

Jason- Chiefs 31-27

Dan- Chiefs 31-20

Zach- Chiefs 28-27

Dolphins @ Patriots

Jason- Patriots 37-23

Dan- Patriots 35-20

Zach- Patriots 38-21

Panthers @ Jets

Jason- Panthers 24-15

Dan- Panthers 34-28

Zach- Panthers 31-27

Bears @ Eagles

Jason- Eagles 35-18

Dan- Eagles 31-10

Zach- Eagles 38-13

Seahawks @ 49ers

Jason- 49ers 17-9

Dan- Seahawks 35-10

Zach- Seahawks 34-14

Saints @ Rams

Jason- Rams 31-19

Dan- Saints 28-17

Zach- Saints 35-31

Broncos @ Raiders

Jason- Raiders 21-14

Dan- Broncos 21-13

Zach- Raiders 30-27

Jaguars @ Cardinals

Jason- Jaguars 24-17

Dan- Cardinals 24-20

Zach- Jaguars 31-17

Packers @ Steelers

Jason- Steelers 35-24

Dan- Steelers 31-24

Zach- Steelers 35-20

Monday, November 27th

Texans @ Ravens

Jason- Texans 31-17

Dan- Texans 28-17

Zach- Ravens 31-21

Player of the Week

    Jason- Leonard Fournette

Dan- Antonio Brown

Zach- Todd Gurley

Fantasy Stud:

    Jason- Vernon Davis

Dan- Chris Thompson

Zach- Alvin Kamara

Fantasy Dud:

    Jason- CJ Anderson

Dan- Marvin Jones

Zach- Isaiah Crowell

College Football Predictions Week 13

Thursday November 23rd

  • Ole Miss @ #14 Mississippi State
    • Jason- Mississippi State 27-13
    • Dan- Mississippi State 28-13
    • Zach- Mississippi State 30-17

Friday November 24th

  • Baylor @ #12 TCU
    • Jason- TCU 37-13
    • Dan- TCU 41-17
    • Zach- TCU 38-18
  • #2 Miami @ Pitt
    • Jason- Miami 34-27
    • Dan- Miami 34-20
    • Zach- Miami 34-17
  • USF @ #15 UCF
    • Jason- UCF 35-27
    • Dan- UCF 38-35
    • Zach- UCF 34-31
  • #25 Virginia Tech @ Virginia
    • Jason- Virginia Tech 27-20
    • Dan- Virginia 27-21
    • Zach- Virginia 24-20

Saturday November 25th

  • #7 Georgia @ Georgia Tech
    • Jason- Georgia 21-10
    • Dan- Georgia Tech 21-20
    • Zach- Georgia 27-24
  • Florida State @ Florida
    • Jason- Florida 33-17
    • Dan- Florida State 20-17
    • Zach- Florida State 38-14
  • Louisville @ Kentucky
    • Jason- Louisville 35-21
    • Dan- Louisville 28-21
    • Zach- Louisville 35-20
  • Indiana @ Purdue
    • Jason- Purdue 31-17
    • Dan- Purdue 24-17
    • Zach- Indiana 31-28
  • Kansas @ #19 Oklahoma State
    • Jason- Oklahoma State 63-13
    • Dan- Oklahoma State 42-0
    • Zach- Oklahoma State 49-7
  • #9 Ohio State @ Michigan
    • Jason- Ohio State 42-17
    • Dan- Ohio State 35-10
    • Zach- Ohio State 38-10
  • East Carolina @ #20 Memphis
    • Jason- Memphis 24-7
    • Dan- Memphis 31-24
    • Zach- Memphis 35-7
  • #1 Alabama @ #6 Auburn
    • Jason- Alabama 34-28
    • Dan- Alabama 31-28
    • Zach- Alabama 34-31
  • Iowa State @ Kansas State
    • Jason- Iowa State 31-28
    • Dan- Kansas State 31-20
    • Zach- Iowa State 28-27
  • #10 Penn State @ Maryland
    • Jason- Penn State 35-10
    • Dan- Penn State 38-10
    • Zach- Penn State 35-9
  • #5 Wisconsin @ Minnesota
    • Jason- Wisconsin 38-24
    • Dan- Wisconsin 28-24
    • Zach- Wisconsin 38-17
  • #23 Boise State @ Fresno State
    • Jason- Boise State 34-30
    • Dan- Boise State 34-27
    • Zach- Boise State 30-27
  • West Virginia @ #4 Oklahoma
    • Jason- Oklahoma 38-27
    • Dan- Oklahoma 35-21
    • Zach- Oklahoma 45-31
  • #22 Northwestern @ Illinois
    • Jason- Northwestern 34-10
    • Dan- Northwestern 27-10
    • Zach- Northwestern 34-13
  • #16 Michigan State @ Rutgers
    • Jason- Michigan State 37-31
    • Dan- Michigan State 34-0
    • Zach- Michigan State 27-14
  • Arizona @ Arizona State
    • Jason- Arizona 38-27
    • Dan- Arizona State 31-27
    • Zach- Arizona 38-35
  • Texas A&M @ #18 LSU
    • Jason- LSU 28-10
    • Dan- LSU 35-7
    • Zach- LSU 28-17
  • #3 Clemson @ #24 South Carolina
    • Jason- Clemson 31-10
    • Dan- Clemson 28-24
    • Zach- Clemson 31-27
  • #8 Notre Dame @ #21 Stanford
    • Jason- Stanford 23-16
    • Dan- Stanford 35-31
    • Zach- Notre Dame 38-35
  • #13 Washington State @ #17 Washington
    • Jason- Washington 34-24
    • Dan- Washington 31-24
    • Zach- Washington State 34-31

Upset of the Week

Jason- Stanford over ND

Dan- Georgia Tech over Georgia

Zach- Washington State over Washington

Player of the Week

Jason- Bryce Love

Dan- Myles Gaskin

Zach- Baker Mayfield

College Football Takeaways Week 12

Biggest Takeaway in the SEC

Jason- They all played FCS teams or less than stellar SEC teams… Next week can’t come soon enough

Dan- There could be a lot of craziness in the SEC these last two weeks. There are multiple scenarios and one has two from this conference represented in the playoff.

Zach- Typical of these teams to play trash teams ahead of rivalry week. I can’t wait for the Iron Bowl.


Biggest Takeaway in the Pac-12

Jason- Josh Rosen showed why he is the better QB than Darnold, he just doesn’t have nearly the talent around him.

Dan- Darnold won the game, but Rosen won the QB battle.

Zach- Josh Rosen outplayed Darnold. FINALLY Khalil Tate slowed down and showed he was human.


Biggest Takeaway in the ACC + ND

Jason- Classic Dan holding on to his preseason picks! NC State isn’t and wasn’t legit!

Dan- That is now two games that NC State has been screwed on. Still a great year for the Wolfpack!

Zach- I was very surprised to see Miami struggle so much against Virginia. I think they will rebound and play better next week.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 12

Jason- Oklahoma is the only consistent force in the conference

Dan- Wow! If KANSAS can get under Mayfield’s skin that easily, I can’t imagine how he deals with the pros.

Zach- I love Baker Mayfield’s demeanor. His competitiveness is one of a kind and rallies the team around him to play better.


Biggest Takeaway in the Big 10

Jason- I don’t like Michigan as much as the next guy, but WOW, the Michigan hate from Dan just doesn’t stop.

Dan- Michigan’s record is so deceiving. They’re sitting at 8-3 and haven’t beat a team with a winning record. Wisconsin still doesn’t have a quality win and doesn’t deserve to be in… yet. Also Ohio State will have a case to get in the playoff in a lot of different scenarios. (btw this is only the 2nd time I have hated on Michigan. The only other time was week 1 about Speight… and I was right)

Zach- Although I don’t think Michigan is a good team, it was nice to see Wisconsin play well back to back weeks. If Wisconsin wins out they are in Dan!!


Bold Prediction for the Season

Dan: Ohio State gets in with two losses.

Jason: Alabama does not make the CFP.

Zach: Auburn and Alabama both make the CFP.


Player of the Week

Dan: Justin Jackson

Jason: Saquon Barkley

Zach: Saquon Barkley


Surprise Player of the Week

Dan: Byron Pringle

Jason: Kurt Benkert

Zach: Byron Pringle


Heisman Prediction

Dan: Baker Mayfield

Jason: Baker Mayfield

Zach: Baker Mayfield


College Football Playoff Rankings (This Week)


  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Miami
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Auburn



  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Miami
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Auburn



  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Miami
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Auburn


College Football Playoff Prediction (End of Season)


  1. Alabama
  2. Miami
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Ohio State

First Two Out: Clemson and Notre Dame




  1. Clemson
  2. Georgia
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Wisconsin

First Two Out: Alabama and Miami

Champion: Clemson



  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Wisconsin

First Two Out: Miami and Notre Dame

Champion: Alabama